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My Hot Brother-In-Law

By Tim A

submitted July 10, 2002

Categories: Family Fun

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I had always had the hots for my brother-in-law, often fantasized about having sex with him, and took every possible opportunity to be around when he and my sister were visiting.

He wasn't a gym junky, but liked to keep himself fit. He did a fair bit of labouring work, so had a hard, suntanned body. He had short-cropped dark hair, and gray eyes that just screamed 'come-to-bed', and were, according to Joanna, the way he had managed to get her. Even mum said he had sexy eyes.

My sister had gone away on business for a week, and because he was a pretty inept cook, Alex had been invited to stay at our place for a week. This also happened to coincide with a week I was taking off work, so I suggested to Alex (I am never one to pass up an opportunity!) that we could do things together during the day, to which he readily agreed.

On the first day he stayed over, I suggested that we go to the beach. The weather had been beautiful, and was perfect for swimming. He suggested a private place that he and my sister often went to during summer, and though I had never heard of it, I agreed.

He had already started off the day by giving me a hard-on when he wandered from the shower to his room -- naked. He had the hottest body, with well-defined pecs, prominent pointed nipples, a firm, tight stomach, and a bubble-butt that would have given a marble statue a hard-on. Though he moved too quickly for me to really get a good look at his cock, I could see his balls swinging between his legs as he stooped to pick up the towel he dropped on the way to his room. If his cock was anything like those balls, it was going to be worth the wait to see it, which would happen sometime over the coming week.

I wandered into the laundry to collect my Speedos, which had been hanging on the line to dry. As I unpegged them from the line, I noticed a jockstrap sitting on a pile of Alex's clothes, which had been tossed next to the washing machine. I knew it had to be his, as no one in our household wore them (well, I did, but my mother never got to wash them). He had been to the gym that morning, and also for a short jog, and these must have been the clothes he had on.

I peeked out the door to make sure no one was watching, then quickly shut it and picked up the jockstrap. It was quite old and worn, with one corner of the pouch starting to come away from the elastic. I stretched the pouch open, and noticed two holes in it. It was stained, though not from anything current -- just from old age. It was also soaked in Alex's sweat, and I could smell the maleness coming off it. My own cock was rock hard, and I brought the pouch up to my nose and breathed in the odour. I stripped down my shorts, slipped my legs into the jock, and pulled the sweaty pouch up over my erect cock. Even though the head of my cock stuck up over the waistband, I could see that with a cock in the non-erect position, the holes would line up with Alex's left ball and head, giving just a glimpse of each. I was pre-cumming through the pouch, and was about to have a quick wank in it when Alex called out.

'Hey John, you ready to go yet?'

I pulled the jockstrap off, and stuffed it back onto the pile of laundry. I would make use of it later.

'Just a minute. I'm getting my Speedos,' I called out from the door. I pulled the Speedos on, but my erect cock wouldn't fit neatly into them. 'I'll meet you outside in a minute. I've just got to finish getting ready.'

'Okay, I'll meet you in the car,' Alex called back.

As I heard the backdoor slam, I headed to the bedroom, managed to finally get my cock down, and got into my swimmers, a pair of shorts and a singlet. I couldn't wait to get back home.

The trip to the secluded beach took us about an hour. It was a difficult drive for me, as Alex had on a pair of shorts that did nothing to hide the bulge between his legs, and a white cotton singlet that caused his nipples to poke out prominently through the fabric. I could hardly take my eyes off him for the entire trip. We arrived finally, and after a 20-minute stroll through the scrub, arrived at this tiny beach in the middle of nowhere. Being a weekday, it was totally empty except for us.

Alex spread his towel out on the sand, and pulled his singlet over his head, giving me a good look at his tight stomach and pecs as he stretched to remove it. He turned around to face the water, and pulled off his shorts. He had on a pair of very old nylon Speedos. I could just glimpse a couple of small holes on the cheeks. He had a butt that was every bit as hot as the rest of him, and throwing his shorts to one side, he yelled 'Beat you into the water!' to me over his shoulder, and sprinted down the beach and into the water. I followed close behind, deciding it was best to be quick, as the sight of his butt and the two small holes in his Speedos had started to give me another hard-on.

We skylarked around together for about 30 minutes, Alex doing nothing to help my erection to go down. He would grab me around the waist, and after grinding his cock into my arse as he wrestled me down, would dunk me. He grabbed me between the legs at one stage, and upending me, dropped me back into the water. He finally had enough, and I followed him as he bounded back up the beach to his towel, and threw himself down on his stomach on it. His butt was gorgeous. Being old, pale blue Speedos, they were now almost transparent, and his cheeks were visible through the nylon. Being wet, they had glued themselves into the ridge of his cheeks, so that they were moulded tightly over each butt cheek. He turned around, smiled at me, then passed me a bottle of suntan lotion.

'Oil me up, will you mate?' he asked, as he spread himself out along the towel. I put a leg on each side of his butt, then poured some oil over his back.

'You'll find that a lot easier if you just sit on me,' he suggested. I gave a little gasp, and watched as my cock went to full attention, straining against the nylon of my own green Speedos. Without trying to poke my hard-on into his back, I crouched down so that my butt rested on his upper thighs. In this position, my erect cock was even with the crack of his arse, and I felt a drop of cum ooze out of my cock, and shone on the edge of my Speedos. I leant forward, and started to massage the oil into his back. He was so hard and male that it made matters worse, and it was only a matter of minutes before a constant stream of pre-cum was oozing out through the swimmers, and some was being deposited right on his arse when I stooped forward to push the oil up his back.

Suddenly, with no warning, he turned over. I moved back a little, and was suddenly confronted by the bulge of his cock almost touching mine. His Speedos were still wet, and were moulded over his cock and balls, making a very prominent display. His cock was partially erect, and with his balls bulging through the damp nylon, the size of his cock was evident. He smiled. And looked straight at my crotch. 'Looks like somebody's got a bit worked up,' he said, as he slowly reached out his hand, and cupped the head of my cock between his fingers. He rubbed it for a second, then removed them, and rubbed them together,

'Getting a bit runny, are we mate?' he said, still smiling. I noticed that his cock had now risen to a full erection. He reached down with his own hand, and adjusted it to run directly up towards the waistband of his swimmers. He seemed totally unconcerned that he was on a beach with his sister’s brother, and that both of us had hard-ons. He reached up a hand, and ran it down my chest, then back up again, giving my nipples a quick tweak. 'You've got a nice little body, John. I've always thought that. Even thought about having sex with you if an opportunity presented itself, and it looks as though it has. I almost got sprung with a hard-on in my jockstrap at gym this morning, just thinking about this situation happening here today!'

I was too stunned to say anything. To think that he had the hots for me as long as I've had the hots for him came as quite a shock.

'I've got off with guys before, but don't let your sister know that. I love her, but really get off on the raunchiness of sex with guys. I often get off with guys I meet at the gym, so don't be too shocked, and don't think you're the first!'

He reached forward, and grabbed my now totally hard cock through the Speedos. He started to pull me down towards him, making sure that our erect cocks rammed into each other as he pulled me on top of him. He tongue kissed me, gently moulding my buns with his hands as he deep-throated me. I pushed away from him for a second, and managed to catch a glimpse of the head of his cock now poking over the top of his Speedo waistband.

I bent forward, and licked the tip of his cock. He groaned, and a small dribble of pre-cum oozed out, mixing with the salt taste of his erect cock and swimmers. I licked the tip, the gently sucked the shaft through the nylon swimmers, slowly working my way down to his balls. I gently sucked them through the nylon, listening to him gasp at each lick and suck. He reached a hand down, lifting the leg of his Speedos to release a ball, which I then took into my mouth. The mixture of salt and male nearly drove me mad.

He worked my cock out of the top of my Speedos, and started to wank me with a small amount of suntan cream. 'I want to bite your butt,' I whispered to him, and he turned over, pushing his butt up to meet my face. I tongue kissed his arse through the small holes in the nylon, then buried my face into the crevice. I leaned forward, pushing my nylon encased erection against the nylon moulded crevice of his cheeks, rubbing slowly up and down leaving a small trail of cum as I went.

'And I want to fuck that tight little arse of yours,' he mumbled to me, as he turned back around onto his back. He slowly worked his swimmers down, totally freeing his beautiful hard cock. It was about 8" in length, and thick and hard. The head shone with a sheen of cum, and I leant forward and took the whole length in my mouth, pushing the shaft down my throat and sucking. His cock was as horny as he was. I felt him pulling down the back of my Speedos, and felt a gently probing finger entering my hole. He worked it around as I sucked on his cock; then he whispered, 'Use some of that cream to lube me up. I'm going to blow in a minute, and I want all my cum up your arse.’

I squeezed a small amount of lotion into the palm of my hand, and ran it up the length of his shaft. I felt it throb as I reached the head. I slowly raised myself up, positioned the hard head of his cock at the entrance to my arse, and slowly lowered myself down. I could feel the full length of him sliding into me, and the next thing I knew, he threw me on my back and started to ream his cock into me. His tight, hairless chest swung to view over my face, and I nibbled at his nipples as he swept down, pushing himself hard into me. Reaching between his legs with my hands, I could feel his balls swinging up against my groin, and slapping as he lunged backward and forward.

It only took a minute, but I felt him tremble, give a loud gasp, them the warm flood of his cum shooting into me. He collapsed onto my chest, rolled onto his back, then knelt, pushed my legs apart, and started to lick the cum that had run out of my arse after he withdrew.

'Wank me with it!' I gasped, as I felt his tongue probing my hole. I felt his fingers go in, then watched as he withdrew a small amount of cum, and rubbed it up my cock shaft. He wiped the excess on his cock onto his palm, then started to slowly wank my cock.

'No, grab it hard, and really wank it. No girly stuff,' I yelled as I felt the explosion starting to build.

'Let me know when you're going to cum,' he said, as he looked down at me, 'I want to swallow it!"

'Then get ready about now,' I gasped, and felt his warm mouth clamp over my cock as my cum exploded out the tip. I watched him swallow my whole cock, then he leant forward and kissed me with some of my own cum on his mouth.

'Feel better now?' he asked, as he lay next to me. 'These are my favourite Speedos. They belong to a guy from my gym whom I have the hots for. He doesn't know I've got them, or the fun I've just had in them. I have one of his jockstraps at home too. I must make sure I get it out of the laundry before your mother washes it. I may have to visit you in it tonight. If you get this horny over a pair of swimmers, I can't wait to see what happens with a jockstrap.'

'Well, I guess I'd better warn you that I've started to cum up the pouch on the jock already. I thought it belonged to you, and was about to get off in it when you yelled at me to go. I might go home, finish off what I started, then leave a hot pool of cum ready in that pouch for you to put on tonight. I reckon you'd like that. However, before we get onto that, can we go for another swim? I want to check out your butt and cock in those Speedos again, only this time, I want you to know you're being admired.'

Alex smiled at me, reached over for his Speedos, and slowly slipped them back on, making sure he made a show of getting his balls and cock back into them.

This was going to be one hot week!

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