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My Night With Les Stine

By D.B. Reed

submitted August 12, 1997

Categories: Porn Star Fantasy

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Just about the time I graduated from college and got my first job the video industry had pretty much perfected the VHS tape. What a good deal for me!

I think I must've spent half my first year's salary on porno tapes, and one of my favorite male sex flick stars was a guy named Les Stine.

Les looked to be in his early twenties and he loved to be fucked. In some of his videos he appeared with his body clean shaven, but my favorite videos of him show him with a very hairy body. Even his back has patches of dark hair on some of them, and he's got one of the hairiest asses in all of gay porn.

Some guys shave their butts but not their chest. Les evidently did all or nothing during the heyday of his career.

One of his most memorable flicks has him paired with a very muscular Vladimir Correa (I'm not sure of his nationality but he's very buff and I've never seen his body any way other than smooth).

Anyhow, the shot starts out with the two of them naked on a bed and making out. I love to watch two guys kissing, especially when they do lots of heavy-duty tongue action like these two did.

With Les stroking his cock, the other guy starts playing with Les's hairy ass, gradually slipping his long middle finger up into the furry chute. The camera shows plenty of Les's hairy belly as he presses down to meet the upward thrust of Vladimir's probing finger.

All the while they're still kissing, sucking one another's tongue, and you can see Les mouth the words "Fuck me" to his sex partner.

Unfortunately in this particular flick they don't get around to fucking, but Les rolls over so that they can do '69' and you get a really good look at his hairy back.

Neither of these guys is hugely hung (I'm bigger than both of them in that regard) but I've pumped out dozens of loads fantasizing about what it would be like to feel Les's hairy shoulders and chest and belly and bury my tongue up his furry butt-hole while running my hand across his thickly coated back.

Alas, as porn stars often seem to do, Les either quit the business or moved behind the camera or (for all I knew) died of AIDS. Hell, I saw him get fucked on film enough times without benefit of condoms to put him into a "high-risk" group.

Over the years I've sort of "weeded out" my collection of porn videos, but I've always kept that timeless copy of Les Stine.

In my current professional capacity I often am required to travel for a few days at a time. Just recently I was sent to South Florida for a few days and was able to make the trip coincide with a long weekend immediately after.

Strolling down the white beach on my first morning of "vacation" I saw something that caught my eye right away. Down the way there was a guy sprawled out on a blanket, wearing a very small bikini type suit that exposed most of a really hairy ass to the sun (and the population).

As I got closer I could see that the guy's back was also densely covered with brown hair. Hell, it went up all the way to his shoulders and his fairly completely bald head.

I was within just a couple of feet of him when he rolled over on the blanket and I recognized him. "Holy shit! You're Les Stine!" I said, and he admitted that he used to be, though that wasn't his real name.

"I'm a big fan of yours" I said, and he looked straight at my distended front and said "Yeah I can see that!"

"Could I have your autograph!?" I asked, feeling sort of stupid once I'd said it. Of course neither he nor I had a piece of paper nor anything to write with.

"Hey" he said "that's my house right up on the road there. Wanna' go up and I'll give you more than an autograph?"

"You mean it?" I said, hardly able to believe my own ears. "Oh hell yeah, I'd love to!"

The years have been kind to Les Stein (or whatever his real name is). He may have lost some of the hair on his head (it was thinning already back when he was younger) but the hair on his body has certainly not let up at all. No shit, this guy is about as furry as a bear, and once we got into his beach house bedroom he proved himself to be like a bear in heat.

Laying there naked on his bed we recreated the scene from my favorite porno flick of his -- we spend a long time kissing and tonguing one another and I allowed my finger to slip into the crack of his hairy ass-hole. I couldn't see his butt as well as I had in the movie, but I could FEEL how fucking hairy he was, and as we lay there I saw him silently mouth the words "Fuck me".

It hadn't happened in the film I occasionally watch him in, but it happened that night at his house. In fact it happened several times. As he does in every one of his fuck films Les moaned and groaned and whimpered as I slammed into his hairy ass, and when he game in my mouth it was oh-so-much better than watching him on screen ever was.

I left his place with a belly full of Les Stine's come and a dozen glossy photos of him back in the days he was performing on film. Oh, there was one more thing I left his place with.....an invitation to come back whenever I was in town.

You can bet that I will!

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