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My Step-Dad, The Mechanic, Part 1

By Scott MacDonald

submitted June 3, 1998

Categories: Interracial

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I was a cute kid. Short at 5 foot 6 130 pounds, blond with a tight little body. My best assets were my great large standup nipples, my tuned up bubble butt and my almost hairless cock and balls which were well endowed by any standard given my slight build.

My Mom had remarried when I was 11 to Charlie a mechanic. I was an only child and Charlie didn't have any kids. Needless to say, I was spoiled. Charlie was not accepted well in our family as it was the first inter-racial marriage.

Next to me, Charlie was quite a contrast. At 6 foot 4 he towered over me and his large frame weighing in at 260 pounds diminished me. Charlie was as black as I was white. Everyone just look at us kind of weird when they found out we were father and son. Charlie had a huge chest and the most gorgeous butt you've ever seen. He shaves his head and gets lots of looks from women and men.

He treated me so well. I never really thought of him in a way other than as a father. When I turned 18 and graduated from high school my parents said I could have a small loft off campus while going to university. I was thrilled at the prospect, since I would be on my own and able to explore all the feelings I was having towards men.

I moved on a Wednesday and as luck would have it, my car broke down on Thursday. With classes to start Monday, I needed it fixed. I had the tow truck take it to Charlie's shop and he told me he'd have it ready that night, and to come over around 9 PM to pick it up. Mom was away and he would be working late and would only have time to fix my car last.

When I arrived at the shop a little after 9, it appeared to be in darkness and locked. I could see a slight glimmer of light in one of the pits. I headed around back to find the back door ajar. There was Charlie in the pit working on my car. That was the first time I had really noticed how hot he was. He was in the pit with a couple of hanging lights and had his work covers unzipped, and the top was hanging around his waist.

His complete upper body was exposed and glistening with sweat from the heat. His chest and big black nipples were incredible. What I also couldn't believe was the sight of the coveralls just above his pubic hair and ass. If his hard big bubble butt wasn't so well developed, they would have fallen down.

When he heard me, he turned around and said' " C'mon down Scott, I'm almost finished." When I got down in the pit the coveralls inched down slightly more as he reached up to finish working on my car. Man he was hot. He asked me to grab the towel and wipe his forehead, which I did. I asked if he wanted the rest of his body wiped off, and he said "Sure son." I wiped off his chest, feeling his massive pecs and hard stomach, reaching just down to the top of his crotch. While I thought I saw a slight growth in his coveralls, I wasn't sure.

When I got to his back, I let my hands slip under his coveralls to feel his sweaty hard butt cheeks. They were massive and Charlie moved his legs slightly further apart. I didn't know what he was doing, but I couldn't take my hands off them. Reaching around, I unzipped his coveralls letting them fall off his ass. I continued wiping it down, letting my fingers slip into his sweating hot crack. Then again, Charlie moved his legs further apart and I could see his big hot black fuck hole. I started to finger it and got on my knees to take a closer look. As I did, Charlie pulled his cheeks apart with his hands and said, "Go ahead son, taste it". I let my tongue slip into Charlie's hole and was at once turned on by the bitter taste of his sweat and dirt. I pushed my tongue in further and loved the dry taste of his shit on his ass lining.

I had had no idea that men ate each other's asses. I only ever thought about sucking and fucking. Now that Charlie's ass was in my face, it was a totally new thought and experience, one I was getting right into. I licked out his shit hole, letting the little pieces swirl in my mouth. Charlie asked if I like his hole and then squeezed out a small piece of shit. I readily swallowed it asking for more. This time it was an entire piece of shit, and I threw up as soon as I had swallowed it. I was embarrassed but Charlie said it would take getting used to.

I pushed my face into his waiting ass again begging him not to stop and soon another piece of shit came out. This time I chewed it and swallowed it in several pieces. The taste was dry and bitter, but I managed to eat the whole thing. I then begged for more and got a huge piece in my mouth which I swallowed whole. While I gagged a lot it stayed down.

Charlie said enough, that he had something even tastier for me. When he spun around I could believe the sight. This massive black cock at eye level. I now know it is only 8 inches long but at 9 inches around it is very intimidating at first. His balls were the size of lemons. I knew I couldn't swallow his meat. When he said open up, I wasn't ready for the incredibly hot spray of piss that landed in my mouth. It was perfect after eating his shit and I readily drank every drop he offered. Without even thinking, I plunged my lips on his cock when he finished and Charlie pushed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. Again, I started gagging.

Charlie said we'll try that again later. Lifting me up, he turned me around and pushed my back down and started lubing my hole with mechanic's grease. The next thing I knew, his monster cock was probing my virgin butt-hole and prying its way in. I started screaming and crying in pain and Charlie started slapping my ass uncontrollably and alternating it with whips using his mechanic's belt. The stinging of his beatings took away the pain of his brutal fucking.

I knew he was all the way in and my ass was to be his forever. He fucked me ferociously, and when he came it felt as though his cock had grown to twice its size.

Withdrawing, Charlie ordered me to stay put, not to move. I don't think I could have even if I wanted to. And that makes for the next chapter of our first time together. Stay tuned.