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My Straight Sleeping Buddy, Benny

By Danny

submitted May 17, 2000

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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My best friend, Benny and I had been out all day and all night, drinking and carousing. We came back to my house and had a few more beers. At about 4:30 in the morning I noticed that Benny had fallen asleep. As I stared at him and watched him sleeping, I got to wondering what it would be like to have sex with my best buddy. He wasn't that good looking but all the girls seemed to want to go to bed with him.

He was 6', medium build, nothing really special but he had the biggest blue eyes I'd ever seen on a guy. I had heard several girls talking about his nice ass and as I looked at him laying on his stomach I too noticed what nice firm globes they were. An idea crossed my mind and I grabbed his butt and pretended I was trying to wake him. He didn't stir. I left my hand on his ass for a while and sort of massaged it.

I got this stirring in my groin and realized that I was getting a boner. Just then he shifted around and was laying on his back. One leg had fallen off the couch which made his legs spread and I found myself staring at his crotch. I hadn't noticed before but his bulge in his pants was huge. Maybe that's what turned all the girls on. I listened for a while to his steady breathing to make sure he was still sound asleep. My curiosity got the best of me and I reached my hand out to feel his bulge.

I felt the warmth of his body through his jeans before I felt anything else. It seemed like it was on fire. As my hand touched the rough denim, I stared at his face for any sign of him waking up. He didn't. I slowly started massaging this huge mound under my hand. At the same time, the bulge in my pants was starting to hurt. I moved to adjust myself and decided to get on my knees next to the couch to get a better view of my sleeping buddy.

I decided to get braver and unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans. Still no movement from Benny so I proceeded to unzip his fly. When it was open I noticed that he was wearing boxers and I could see his pubic hair through the opening. My heart started beating faster as I reached my hand in the opening and felt for his cock. I found the object of my desire resting against his left thigh. It was strange actually touching my friend's dick. It felt like my own dick but much larger and heavier.

I slowly pulled it out of the opening to get a better look at it. It was dark in the living room except for the glow from the TV. It looked as big as it felt. It was about 5 inches long and soft. I could only imagine how big it got when erect. As I knelt beside him staring at this huge piece of meat the urge to put it in my mouth was overwhelming. I slowly lowered my head toward it and noticed the sweet smell of laundered shorts mixed with the personal man smell coming from this most private part of Benny. I licked the head of it. It didn't taste funny like I imagined it would.

I proceeded to put my mouth over the head and suddenly felt it growing in size. I pulled off and looked at Benny's face. He was still sound asleep. I went back to my quest. I slowly licked around the head and then all the way down to his thick patch of pubic hair. When I came back up I tried to put it all the way in my mouth. By now it was growing in length as well as girth. If I had been able to put the whole thing down my throat at first, I was now only able to get the first few inches in. I swallowed the head and started stroking the length with my left hand.

With my right hand I started unbuttoning his shirt and playing with his pecs. He had a nice patch of hair across both pecs and a trailing down his abs to the thick patch of his pubes. I tweaked one of his nipples and Benny started moaning. I stopped everything and waited to see what was going to happen. He moved a bit and his hand moved down his stomach and rubbed all the way down to his cock. He rub his dick for a second and then left it resting on his stomach. By now my raging hard on was killing me so I unzipped my pants and released my little 6 incher.

I rubbed it on the back of his hand and then turned his hand over and laid it in the palm. I then closed his hand around my throbbing member and started slowly moving it in and out. I went back to licking his cock which now had lost some of it's erection. I could get the whole thing in my mouth this time. I reached down in his jeans and cupped his hairy nut sac. His balls were heavy and I rolled them around in my hand. His erection started coming back again and I started to gag. I finally started to relax and found I could get it most of the way down my throat. I was past the point of no return now.

I started stroking the shaft as I slid it in and out of my mouth. Benny started to breathlessly moan as I increased the speed and suction on his dick. His hips seemed to involuntarily buck against my sucking. His hand that was holding my dick started sliding up and down my cock and my hips were keeping the rhythm with it. His breathing started getting louder and the head of his dick became too large for me to take in my mouth. Just as I pulled off to keep from gagging, Benny's dick erupted in a massive orgasm. His grip on my dick increased and I let go with pent up sexual release and shot a huge wad across his leg.

I kept up the stroking pace on his tool until he had shot about 5 volleys into the air and onto his stomach. His breathing returned to normal and he seemed to settle down. I had done it. I had given my best buddy a blowjob and he slept right through it. I had come this far and decided to go all the way. I dabbed my finger in one of the pools of cum on his stomach and brought it to my lips. It was sticky and tastless except for a little salty. About that time, Benny stirred and rolled over onto his side facing the back of the couch. I wanted to roll him back over and zip him back up but decided to leave well enough alone.

As I kneeled next to him I stared in disbelief about what had just occurred. How was I going to explain this to him in the morning? I decided to try to sleep and come up with something when he woke up. I couldn't sleep thinking about what I had done. I felt guilty for taking advantage of my best friend but I was also excited about the prospect of finding a time to do it again.

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