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My White Thug

By I me I

submitted February 14, 2002

Categories: Crush

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I worked at a restaurant a year ago, and was constantly under pressure because of my sexual preference. A couple of people knew and didn't care; but mostly I got teased for liking guys.

A couple weeks before I left a new guy started working at the restaurant. His name was Brian; he stood about 6'2” and was muscular as all hell. He had short faded hair, and dressed typically in Nike and Fila (I have a fetish for thugs).

He and I hit it off immediately. We hung out a couple times outside of the restaurant and got drunk. One particular time we were hanging out at a friend of ours house and I was pretty smashed. He leaned over to me at one point and whispered real seductively in my ear, "I haven't had sex in a year." Of course my boner rose as I heard that and asked him what he meant. He just smiled and continued drinking, looking at me. I smiled back and knew that this would be my night.

Later on we got in his car to go home. I was pretty plastered and he wasn't buzzing anymore when he turned to me and asked me what it was like to be with a guy. He blinked and looked kind of embarrassed by this question and I could tell he was reaching some conclusion.

I looked over at him as he was driving and smiled. "It's...cool." Lack of words to say and I looked down, kind of shyly. There was a couple of moments of hesitation and silence when finally he spoke up again, kind of quietly: "What if I asked you to have sex with me?"

I turned my head towards him again and smiled, "Brian, I've liked you since you started working with me...I have a huge attraction for thugs and jocks and you definitely fit." He smiled again and laughed (I love that laugh). "Are you serious dude? I've liked you too!" he said and looked into my eyes: the way they shined, I knew he was serious.

We pulled into his driveway and I made a phone call to my home, telling them not to expect me to be home that night. I sat down on Brian’s couch and he sat down next to me. We sat side by side for a while until he finally looked over at me again and said, "Shawn, what do we do first?"

I was shocked he was being so straightforward and my face turned red as I tried to explain. "Well, I could start by doing this..." and started rubbing his leg up and down by his crotch and in between. He looked down at this and began doing it back nice and soft. He ran his hand over the top of my already growing bulge.

"That's nice Brian, mmm," I said and began rubbing over his growing tent: by the looks of it, he was pretty well equipped. I pushed his hand away and leaned down over him and began to mouth at his bulge, making sure to lick his tent. "Oh Shawn...god..." he said, getting really excited. I could tell he was getting hot because he was sweating and we hadn't done anything yet!

I started to unzip his pants and they slid down easily because they were so baggy. He looked down at me and began talking dirty to me: "Lick that cock; suck it." I looked at the huge bulge in his boxers -- he had to have been at least 9 inches -- and began mouthing it again, this time rubbing his balls. He began to grunt loudly. "Shawn, please take it out and suck it...mmm your mouth is so hot," he said moaning and closing his eyes. This was too good to be true: I was sucking off ‘The Poker’! Brian!

I pulled down his boxers and his big cock slapped against his tight abs. I took a moment to enjoy his body, and looked at his cock again oozing with precum. I put my mouth over the head to lick off the extra precum and Brian mouthed a moan and breathed in deeply. I began licking the head and put my mouth over it. He began moaning and gyrating his hips up and down trying to get me to put more of it in my mouth. "Yeah suck it…all the way down. Come on, Shawn, yeah..." he said getting into it more. I put as much of his cock in my mouth as my mouth could stand and began licking and sucking on it, slowly at first then faster and faster. He began moaning deeper and harder: "Yes, Shawn, please...suck it...come on man...yeah baby boy..." His cock kept growing in my mouth and began pulsating.

His cock slid in and out of my mouth almost going as far as the base. I deep-throated it once, and he moaned deeply. "Fuck, yeah…"

I stopped sucking and looked up at him; he looked at me with absolute love as I told him to fuck me.

He turned me around and started lubing up his dick. Sitting down, I got on top of his cock, first letting his dick rub against my asshole to get a feel and then finally slipping a couple of inches inside. "Oh god your ass is so tight," he said pumping it inside me. I could only moan a "yeah" as this stud’s cock pumped inside me, his balls bouncing off my ass. He was getting closer and closer and his sweaty body looked so good in the light, he began moaning lighter and getting out of breath..."Shawn I'm gonna cum real soon…"

I jumped off his cock and slid down between his legs and got it in my mouth again...this time faster...and forced him to cum. "Oh god yeah...I'm cumming man...yeah...fuck yeah!" and he came inside my mouth. I drank every last drop of that delicious seed.

He calmed down and looked at me. "Man I could get used to having sex wit'chu," and kissed my lips for the first time. I was in heaven.