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Never Say Never

By Jizzman

submitted March 19, 1998

Categories: Cops

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Rich, Jeff and I had been buddies since childhood. Our parents lived on the same block and we grew up going to the same junior high and high schools. We played sports together, and for a while even formed our own rock band.

As we grew up, got married and each started a family, we always found time to spend together. We had an annual vacation in the summer where just the three of us went camping. We always loved the outdoors and couldn't wait to go to our favorite camp site where we could do some fishing and canoeing.

These annual trips were a welcome break from the stress and tedium of our jobs. Rich is a cop. He has been on the force for over 10 years. He has had some close calls, but fortunately has never been seriously injured. Jeff is an insurance agent. He specializes in life insurance. I'm a stock broker on Wall Street. When the market is going well, everyone is happy. But when its down, you have a lot of unhappy clients.

During the 18 years the three of us had known each other, there rarely has been a cross word between us. The only incident that I can ever recall that threatened to shatter this friendship, occurred about 8 years ago.

At that time Jeff's younger sister Betty had been raped by her boyfriend. Rich for some reason, only known to him, was not especially supportive during this time. In fact, he held to the belief that anyone who was raped had asked for it. He went on to tell me that he thought that if an individual wanted to prevent being raped they could stop it. I was surprised by Rich's reaction. But I realized it was hopeless to change Rich's mind. One thing about Rich--once he made up his mind there was no changing it. Fortunately, Jeff never heard about these remarks, but there certainly was a coldness between Jeff and Rich at that time.

That was over eight years ago, and time has a way of making one forget. Or at least I thought so.

At four thirty in the morning, I waited outside the front door of my house for Rich and Jeff to come along. They soon arrived with the van packed with our gear and picked me up. We drove about 8 hours until we reached a spot in the wilderness that we thought no one else had yet discovered.

We set up camp, pitched our sleeping tents, made a warm campfire and went to sleep. Tomorrow, we'd have a full day of fishing.

We started off early the next morning after a quick breakfast to head for our own private fishing spot. For the next few hours things were pretty quiet. The fish weren't really biting, but just relaxing with your best buds was still fun.

It couldn't have been later than 10:30 when the peaceful atmosphere of our trip was suddenly disrupted. It happened so fast, I can't even to this day remember how it began.

The three of us were watching the river ahead when before we realized it, three guys were standing behind us. They held shotguns and questioned us as to what we were doing and why we were on their property. We tried to reason with them by explaining that we were fishing and that we had no idea that we were on private property. Of course with hindsight, I now realize that reasoning with three rednecks was useless.

They told us in a loud voice to stand up, and we did what we were told. They then ordered us to each march to different trees, where they tied us up facing the tree with arms wrapped around the tree trunk.

I don't know how Rich and Jeff felt at the time, but I can tell you I was scared shitless. I didn't think any of us would get out of there alive.

We were now completely at the mercy of these goons. They removed the wallets from the back pockets of our pants. When they learned that Rich was a cop, they started to cackle. The one who took Rich's wallet yelled to his two friends, "Guess what we got here?" He then went on, "We got us a real live pig and you know what we do with pigs, don't you boys? We make them squeal!"

In all the years I had known Rich, his face had never shown real fear, that is until now. I could see that even Rich understood the seriousness of the situation.

The other two guys now joined their friend a few feet from where Rich was tied to the tree. One of them grabbed his ass and started to rub it. He then said, "What a nice pig, let's see just how tasty a pig you are."

He then quickly reached around Rich's waist and after fumbling to get Rich's belt opened, soon had Rich's pants down to the ground. He didn't waste anytime ripping Rich's jockey shorts completely off. He then rubbed Rich's bare ass and started grabbing his cock that was surprisingly aroused and had swollen rock hard. He continued to ridicule Rich by yelling at him, "You sure have a small porker, don't you boy? You'll soon see what a real one looks like." His two partners who were watching complained that for a pig, Rich's ass wasn't pink enough.

The guy who had stripped Rich then said, "I know how to make it red. Just give me that thick branch over there." The third guy brought it over and we watched as they swatted Rich's bare ass with the long branch until his ass was a bright red and one of the guys then said, "Now that's a fine pig's ass."

Rich was already whimpering from the pain, when the three goons decided that he was now ready for some real pig squealing. One of the guys moved very close to Rich. He then opened his fly and let his large hard dick escape. Even from 10 feet away I could see that it was a good 8 in. long and real thick. He then said to Rich, "Now here's a real porker to enjoy."

Rich was by now pleading for the guys to stop. This only made them more determined. Within a few seconds I could see the guy holding Rich's hips as he started to plow his big manhood up Rich's ass. Rich's howling made me nauseous. It seemed like forever as Jeff and I watched Rich being savagely raped.

I caught a quick glimpse of Jeff as this was going on, and was surprised by how calm his facial expression looked. If I didn't know better I'd think he was enjoying watching Rich get fucked.

The goon then grabbed Rich by both ears started to yell at him, "Soo-eeey!! Soo-eeey!", mimicking the sound a pig rancher would call to his pigs as he continued to push his large dick in and out until he had Rich squealing loudly.

When he finally removed his cock from Rich's ravaged ass, you could see that he had released his man juice inside Rich, who was totally humiliated.

Rich's ordeal wasn't over. The other two wanted him also. They had him and they didn't finish until they shot their load up his ass as the first goon had done. Rich's ass was now raw inside and dripping with their redneck cum.

Jeff and I had hopelessly watched, unable to help. We also had been prepared for a similar brutalizing. But somehow, these guys seem to have had their needs satisfied by just raping Rich. Who knows, maybe raping a stockbroker or an insurance agent just isn't as satisfying as raping a cop. Whatever the reason, the three goons left us after they had finished with Rich.

After about an hour we were able to break free from the ropes that had bound us. We got dressed and headed back to town. Hardly a word was said between us as we drove back. What could anyone say? Of course as I looked at Jeff and saw what I thought was a slight grin on his face, I couldn't help but wonder if he was thinking about 8 years ago and Rich's attitude when his sister Betty had been raped. Could Jeff have actually enjoyed seeing Rich being taught a lesson? Or worse, could Jeff had set Rich up? The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that these three goons just didn't come upon us by coincidence. I'm now sure Jeff wanted Rich to learn a lesson the hard way.

No doubt, Rich as stubborn as he is, would now have to admit that there are circumstances where you really can't avoid being raped against your will.

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