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Overtime Surprise, Part 1

By hotrod

submitted April 10, 2001

Categories: Men At Work

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I work for a small tech company in an old warehouse that's being renovated. The construction crew is there all the time, and there are some really hot guys, but there's this one guy who really makes my shorts tight. Let me tell about how I got him where I needed him.

There’s this carpenter who works at my office building - he's hot - solid, about 185 lbs, 5'10", short hair, frequently unshaven with a rough dark stubble, wears worn jeans and tight sleeveless t-shirts that show off his firm upper body. He’s seen me looking at him, and I have to fight not to stare--here's what happened.

So, I get paged in on Sunday afternoon to deal with some problems, and I'm the last to leave around 7pm or so, when I turn a corner and see my favorite stud as he enters the bathroom. I can't believe my luck, and I follow him in and take a spot a couple of urinals away - fortunately there are no dividers.

"I didn't think there was anybody else here" he says.

"I think we're the only ones" I reply.

He takes a slight step back from the urinal and I think, "YES! Show me that meat!". Tonight he's wearing a buttoned long sleeve shirt, with the top few buttons undone, and sleeves rolled up on his hairy, muscular forearms.

I say "Hey - working overtime?"

"Just checking on a few things" he says. I try to scan his crotch without him catching me, but he sees me and kind of smirks. At least I think that was a smirk. My cock stirs in my hands, hoping against hope. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "Wrapping up some details - I'm done though, I was about to head out". "Me too."

We're both done pissing, but nobody's putting their dick away, just kind of hanging out. I shake mine a few times and look over and see him watching me. He's definitely massaging his cock and I'm getting a view of most of it. I lick my lips and he smiles.

He turns and faces me, shaking his stiffening dick at me. It's a thick beautiful sausage of a cock - at least 8 inches, cut, and starting to throb.

"You want this, don't you? I see the way you stare at me --you want my cock --admit it!"

"It's more than want - I fucking need your cock man - let me suck it for you. I'm good man, let me give you head." I approach him, and wrap my hand around his growing, throbbing meat. He grinds his hips in a fucking motion up to meet me and kind of growls "Get on your knees cocksucker! "

I gladly drop to my knees and squeeze his cock really hard, the head swells as I squeeze him, and I inspect his prize. I open my mouth and lick the tip of his shaft - he shudders and tries to force his cock in my mouth, but I have him where I want him now and I'm going to make him work for it. I reach under his shirt and start to grope his hairy, firm chest, twisting his nipples as I start to lick his shaft up and down. Mmmmmm. He moans in appreciation. I say, "Let's go somewhere more private", and then deep throat him just to tease, and then pull off and squeeze his cock really hard.

It takes him a minute to catch on to what I said, and then he says, "OK, there's a room in the basement that I have the key to - let's go."

We stuff our stiff cocks back in our pants and I follow him downstairs. We get in the room, there's a couch and some chairs. He says, "Strip!" as he starts to remove his shirt. "Strip I said! I want your ass naked". His chest is even better than I imagine and he's out of his clothes in an instant. I throw my clothes on the floor, and now we're both buck-naked. He's got a nice body - not too built up, but solid muscle, and hairy. Best of all, he's got muscular legs - I dig a guy with muscular legs - I love to watch their leg and butt muscles flex as they fuck another guy.

He’s shaking his stiff dick at me as he approaches and says, "I am so fucking horny - I sure hope you're not in a hurry."

"Don't worry pal - I'll take it as many times as you can give it to me."

We reach out for each other and he grabs in his strong powerful arms and pulls me close. He's solid, all man, kind of sweaty, hairy, and his cock is so hard it's throbbing. Our cocks are rubbing against each other while we start playing with each other's nipples. He starts real gentle, which surprises me, then starts to gently pinch my nips as I do the same to him.

"Oh yeah buddy - I like that."

"You are so fucking handsome!" I say to him. He smiles, and leans forward to me. Our lips graze each other, and then he pulls me tight and kisses me hard, his tongue forcing his way into my mouth. We hungrily tongue kiss - I'm groping his hairy muscular body and he's grabbing my ass and starts to probe my tender hole. I moan and he says "Yeah - that's what we both want - isn't it? Admit it buddy - you want my big dick in there, don't you. You want me.”

"Ohhhh" is all I can say as he starts to kiss and lick my neck, his rough beard stubble feels so erotic as he travels down to my chest and starts to lick and tongue my nipples. I'm rubbing his muscular arms and shoulders as he continues down to my throbbing, dripping prick. I don't believe it - this stud is on his knees in front of me and gently caressing my cock and balls. I sit back on the couch so I don't fall over and spread my legs as he starts to lick my hairy nut sac - oh yeah. He takes 1 ball in his mouth and slurps it around while he's stroking my cock. Then, he moves to the base of my throbbing shaft and starts to lick it. I look down at this hairy, muscular guy who I've fantasized about as he's licking my prick and I just smile.

I say "Man, I've fantasized about getting my hands on you."

He replies, "I could tell, just by the way you look at me." He licks all the way up to the top of my cock, and then swallows my meat all the way, as he starts to gently play with my ass. He pulls off, stands up and grins, and starts flexing in front of me, and says, "So, am I living up to your fantasy?"

"Oh yeah, man - like you would not believe! But I need to get more of this now" I say, grabbing his beautiful thick cock. "Lie back buddy - let me make you glad you're a man"

We switch spots, he lies back on the couch and I get on top of him, our cocks touching. He pulls me close to him again and we kiss, our tongues hungrily exploring each other while he's grabbing my butt and humping up against me. I move down his muscular neck to his chest and start licking his nipples - this drives him wild and he starts to moan and grind against me, talking dirty, telling me how he wants me to suck him, to swallow his cum, how he wants me to lick his asshole, how he wants to trade fucks with me. I move down to his now drooling cock and rub his pre-cum on that sensitive spot just under the head (you know the spot - you're rubbing it now as you're reading this - you're hard now, admit it, hard with the thought of sucking another man's cock and swallowing his hot cum). While I start to suck him, I start fingering his puckered hole. He groans in appreciation.

"Oh yeah man, finger fuck me while you blow me. Yeah buddy, take that meat all the way. You got a man's cock in your mouth now - how do you like it?" He pulls his cock out of my mouth and slaps me in the face with it a few times, which I love. He grabs me by the back of the head and forces his dick into my mouth roughly starting to face fuck me. "Oh yeah baby, you're finally getting my cock - keep it up pal, and you'll be getting my cream too!"

I pull off, lick a couple of fingers, and start to probe him more deeply as I take him back in my mouth. I've got 2 fingers in and he starts to buck a bit and his muscular body flexes under me. With my other hand I roughly grab his right nipple while I suck and finger fuck him. He starts to growl and really hump my face and then groans out "oh fuck yeah man eat my cum - take my fucking load you cocksucker - yeah, yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhhh" and he spews shot after shot of his hot juice into my willing mouth and then collapses. I continue to finger him and lick him, taking him down real slow, while he moans and rubs his hairy upper body. I finally pull off his cock (and take my fingers out of his now lubed hole, hoping I'll get something else in there soon) and give him a kiss, feeding him back some of his own cum.

"MMMM, I love to taste my cum from another guy’s mouth. Man, you are one great cock sucker."

"Hey, my pleasure - now, I wouldn't mind giving you a taste of my own cum"

"Just what I had in mind - lie back and get ready for it man"

(more to cum)

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