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Pantyhose Masturbation

By Eric Connely

submitted September 24, 2002

Categories: Bathroom Tales

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Within my passion for life, lies an uncontrollable masturbation fetish. All I want to do in every moment of my spare time is to wear suntan pantyhose, while spastically jacking my swollen cock off into them - Resulting with a rather large mess of frothy white Cum coating my entire right fist & sometimes gluing both my own eyes shut!

Being such an avid stroker, I just have to pump and jack my shaft the very first thing when I wake-up in the morning, and the last thing before falling asleep at night. This night, however, was different, due to the radically intense orgasm that I had induced while inside the steam room at the gym just two hours before.

For about the past 10 years, I've had a secret desire / fantasy that some day I wanted to masturbate in, or around a very busy public place. However, be able to do it within the confines of an out-of-the-way or hidden space. My normal beat-off method is fuelled by my love for wearing 100% nylon briefs over a pair of Suntan sheer to waist Pantyhose.

Another difference about this night, was that before leaving to run errands, being in a hurry, I inadvertently grabbed my personal/private cum soaked briefs--the same ones that I cum into (twice) every day. Consequently, my thoughts about breathing that sweet smell of my cum, just made my dick ooze a bunch of pre-cum. Perfect timing, as the management was just walking by. I decided to seize the moment, as the last guy out of a big group of trannies had just exited the sauna / steam room.

I started by getting on my knees with my thighs spread wide, then I grabbed and pulled the waist-band of my pantyhose, and opened it about 8 inches, so the hose formed a "Cum Basket". I then started rubbing and petting my silky bulge at about 10:00 pm. And before I knew it, it was 11:00 o'clock. Just being in that sauna heat for that hour, I knew that I had to take care of business soon, if I was to walk out of there under my own power.

I continued to rub and fondle my cock when my conscience FINALLY overwhelms me, as I really start to go-for-it, and start pumping and pumping and jacking my very thick, swollen penis. At that moment, I looked up to see three trannies with their noses to the door glass (1 foot square in center of door). I must say, that the look on all of their faces changed when I suddenly and uncontrollably started ejaculating and spurting so much cum. I just stood there; knees bent about 35 degrees and pumped my purple dick, for what seemed like nearly five minutes.

Since I've been stretching, I can bend down and touch both hands (palms) flat on the ground. After about a 10-minute rest, I reached up and again firmly grabbed my snake. Well, son-of-a-gun, to my surprise, and so soon after my orgasm and mess made just minutes ago, I totally lost-it and completely glazed my entire face and doused my hair with an even bigger load.

Just imagine my hose-covered crotch: just a solid white blanket of thick, white, gooey Cum. (I'm blessed with the ability to shoot like Peter North -- aka Matt Ramsey -- and with sometimes even greater force).

Soaked, & smelling like bleach,

Eric Connely