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Paper Boy Is Caught Red-Handed

By Roger

submitted May 20, 1998

Categories: Caught In the Act

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"Hi Billy, c'mon in while I get my purse," Mrs. Hanson said, holding the door open for the paperboy.

Billy Walker tipped his bicycle against the brick wall of the Hanson's home and followed her into the front hall. The bulge in the front of the eighteen-year-old's shorts grew slightly as he leered at the young housewife walking upstairs -- her pert ass wiggling temptingly under her skirt -- looking upward, the muscular boy caught a flash of lace panties as she reached the top of the stairs, and his dick hardened even more. Damn, I'd like ta get a piece of her ass, Billy thought as he waited in the hall. Actually, Billy would've liked to get a piece of ANY ass - he was a virgin. The few girls at the small Nebraska town's high school were too straight laced to go "all the way," and even checking out the housewives on his paper route for jack-off fantasies later had been a waste of time until the Hansons moved to town -- the rest of the women were frumpy, fat, or old.

Billy would have been shocked to know that, upstairs in her bedroom getting her purse, Charlotte Hanson was having remarkably similar notions. Joe, her husband, seemed like everything a woman could want -- young, strong, great body, handsome as a movie star, and hung like a bull -- trouble was, he hardly ever touched her. What as waste of that big cock, Charlotte thought. But that boy downstairs -- sure he's young, but I'm only twenty- nine myself, she thought. The woman felt her pussy start to grow wet as she pictured Billy's wide shoulders, his cute boyish face with those big blue eyes under the curl of blonde hair that was forever falling across his forehead. She grew even moister remembering the sight of Billy pedaling away from the door, his narrow hips and muscular thighs driving the bicycle forward, his tight round ass in the air. Joe wouldn't be home for hours -- maybe, just maybe -- Charlotte thought, picking up her purse and heading for the stairs.

The paper boy slouched against the wall, smiling at Mrs. Hanson as she came down the stairs. "You look like you're awfully happy about something, Billy," the woman remarked as she counted out that week's subscription due. Charlotte was amused to see the boy blush as he stammered, "Oh, j-just feelin' good today, Mrs. Hanson." "Is that so, Billy?" she asked, moving close to the handsome boy, "Well, here's your money," she said, slipping the folded bills into the pocket of his white T-shirt -- and making sure to slide the edge of the bills across Billy's nipple beneath the shirt. The boy gasped slightly but audibly, and Charlotte smiled to see the bulge at his crotch grow even further. "I'm sorry but my husband left me a little short, Billy, I'm afraid I don't have enough for a tip for you," she said, still standing close.

"Oh, t-that's okay, Mrs. Hanson, no problem," the paper boy said, hoping desperately the pretty housewife wouldn't notice the major woody in his shorts. "But I sure would like to give you a little something, Billy," the woman whispered, and the handsome youth stiffened in shock as he felt her hand come down to cup his aching hardon through the tight denim shorts. This is TOO cool, I can't believe this!, Billy thought as Mrs. Hanson began to massage his hard cock through the fabric. "C'mon upstairs, why don't you Billy?"

"B-but what about your husband?" the boy asked, still unsure if this was all a joke or for real. "Joe's at work at the bank, Billy -- and I won't tell if you don't tell," Charlotte said with a smile as she began to walk up the stairs. In a flash, Billy was right behind her. He followed the attractive housewife into her bedroom and stood uncertainly next to the bed as she closed the door.

"I'll bet this is your first time, isn't it Billy?" Charlotte said as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

"No, Mrs. Hanson, no way, I've been around," the handsome boy bluffed, but he gulped in surprise as the woman slipped her blouse off to reveal her firm, full breasts cupped in a white lace brassiere. "Oh, c'mon, Billy, you can be honest with me," she said. "Well..." the youth said sheepishly, staring as the woman unhooked her bra and exposed her lush breasts, the pink nipples standing out hard. "It's okay Billy, every boy's got to have a first time," Charlotte coaxed, unzipping her skirt and stepping out of it so she stood naked except for her white lace panties.

"Well, yeah, it is, M-Mrs. Hanson," the paperboy admitted, his cock straining wildly against his denim shorts as he stared at the beautiful, practically-nude young woman. "Call me Charlotte, Billy, won't you?" she said, walking forward and embracing the boy, pressing her full breasts to his heaving chest. She took hold of Billy's T-shirt behind, pulled it out of the waistband of his shorts, and pulled the shirt upward, the boy raising his arms so Charlotte could take the shirt off him.

"Ohhh...Charlotte..." the youth moaned as she ran her nails gently down his hairless chest, delicately toying with the hard red nipples that crowned Billy's bulging pectorals. He reached out and cupped the woman's firm breasts, the ache in his groin burning hotter as he caressed that silky flesh. Her hand moved lower as she licked the boy's earlobe, unsnapping and unzipping his shorts so they fell to the floor. The young housewife kissed Billy, slipping her tongue into his mouth, and he moaned again and stepped out of his shorts to push his burning bulge against her soft body. Charlotte slipped her hand down the front of the boy's tight white jockey shorts, and his body stiffened again as she wrapped her fingers around his rock-hard dick and squeezed the aching meat. The woman moaned in anticipation and delight, feeling the big thick hard cock that was far too large for such a boy -- but she wouldn't complain!

"C'mon Billy, c'mon," the woman panted, lying down on the bed and slipping off her panties to reveal the tufted mound of slick dark hair at her crotch. The paperboy quickly slid his briefs off and mounted the bed, in his eagerness not even removing his high-topped basketball sneakers and white athletic socks. "Oh, Billy, oh, give me that big cock of yours..." Charlotte moaned, taking hold of the youth's rigid cock and putting the fat hot head against the slippery wet lips of her pussy...

WHAAAAM!!! Billy and Charlotte flew apart in startled surprise as the bedroom door slammed open -- and there stood Joe Hanson in his security guard's uniform, red faced with rage, pointing his pistol at the naked pair on his bed!

"You whore, you stinking whore," the tall man spat through clenched teeth, "And with a fucking KID!" He strode forward and slapped his wife across the face, while Billy cowered back in terror. "Get out, you lousy cunt, get out NOW before I kill you!" Joe Hanson yelled at Charlotte, waving the heavy pistol at her. Sobbing, the young housewife began frantically scrambling into her clothes. Billy rolled off the bed and started to reach for his briefs, but the enraged Joe swiveled toward him and roared, "Don't fucking MOVE, you little bastard, or you're dead!"

Billy dropped the jockey shorts, his mouth dry with terror, sweat pouring from his armpits. Oh holy Jesus, please don't kill me! the horrified youth thought. Charlotte, her skirt on backwards, grabbed her purse and ran through the bedroom door. In a moment, Billy heard the front door open and slam shut, then the sound of a car starting and driving away at high speed -- Charlotte was gone!

"Alright you little bastard, what the hell do you think you're doin' fuckin' my wife, huh?" Joe demanded, his lips white with anger.

"M-Mister Hanson, please, I swear to God, it was her idea! Please!" the naked boy begged.

"Yeah, and she really twisted your arm, huh? Couldn't even wait ta take off your goddamn shoes ta fuck her!" the tall man shouted, kicking the bottom of Billy's sneaker.

The paperboy began sobbing. "P-p-please, PLEASE M-mister Hanson! I'm sorry, I'm s-sorry, it w-was my f-first t-time!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Joe mocked. "You'll be fuckin' sorry if I blow a hole in that pretty-boy face of yours, punk!"

Furious though he was with his wife, Joe Hanson had to admit she'd handed him the perfect opportunity. He'd married Charlotte to please his parents, not because he wanted her -- no, Joe liked young men, cute guys in their late teens or early twenties. And he'd checked out this paperboy before when he passed Billy bicycling along his paper route. Cute and built -- and now he had the kid naked and at his mercy. And the little fucker was a virgin! Well, he wouldn't be showing any mercy today!

"You stupid fuckin' kid, Christ you're just a baby! What the fuck would you have done if I shot first and asked questions later, you little jerkoff?" the husky man demanded.

"P- please, p-please, don't kill m-me," Billy sobbed, "P-please Mister H-hanson, I'll do anyth- thing!"

"Is that so?" the muscular man jeered, "Well, that's real good Billy! So ya think shooting you's a little too harsh, huh?"

"Please, p-please don't!" the young man bawled.

"Well, I think you oughta be punished somehow, don'tcha think so Billy?" Joe demanded.

"Y-yeah, I g-guess so," Billy wept, but his terror was waning as he realized the man wasn't going to kill him after all.

"Ever had a good bare-assed whippin', Billy? Your old man ever beat your ass?" the husky man hissed

"N-no, never!" the boy said, shocked and frightened -- a beating! -- on his bare ass!

"Well, you're gonna get one today, punk -- or maybe I oughta just throw ya out in the street naked, how'd that be, huh?" Joe snarled.

"Please, n-no! You c-can whip m-me, don't throw m-me outside l-like this!" Billy begged.

"That's a smart boy, Billy," the uniformed man mocked as he tossed the bed pillows into a pile in the center of the mattress. "Get your ass up here and bend over those pillows! Face down!" he roared. Frightened of the pain he knew was coming, but even more frightened of the man's rage, the paperboy climbed onto the bed and lay face down with his hips on top of the pile of pillows, his bare bottom up thrust. "Don't fucking move!" Joe snapped. The husky man opened a dresser drawer and removed a fistful of the navy-blue neckties he wore with his uniform. He looped the narrow end of a tie around Billy's left ankle and began to knot it...

"Wha-what are you doing?" the boy said, jerking up and looking over his shoulder. WHAACK!!! Joe's hand came down with a loud crack on the paperboy's bare ass. "OW!" Billy yelped.

"You do what the fuck I tell you to do, you little punk!" the husky man shouted, "I'm gonna make sure you stay right where I want you!" Methodically, Joe tied Billy's left ankle to the bedpost, then tied the boy's right leg to the opposite bedpost. Moving to the head of the bed, he knotted the neckties to secure Billy's wrists to each bedpost, leaving the naked youth bound and spread-eagled on the bed.

"Now you're gonna get it, you little shit," the man spat, unbuckling the heavy leather belt and pulling it out of the loops of his uniform pants. He wrapped a couple of turns of the belt around his fist and moved into position behind the trembling boy. Billy's smooth bare ass was round and creamy white below the deep tan of his back; his heavy balls in their gold-furred sack lay on the sheet between his spread legs -- and Joe had an idea. "Just ta make SURE ya don't move around too much...." the man said in a menacing tone.

He took another of the ties and reached between Billy's legs, tugging the youth's balls downward. "HEY!" the paperboy shouted in shock -- his balls were being painfully pulled, and by another guy at that! Joe ignored him, knotting the slender end of the necktie tightly around Billy's scrotum just below the root of the boy's cock.

"OWW! Please!" the youth begged as a sickening ache filled his groin from his bound testicles. The husky man tied the other end of the tie to the crosspiece between the bedposts, tethering Billy to the bed by his balls. Joe moved into position again, and raised the heavy leather belt high.

CRAACCKK!!! "YEOOOWWW!!!" The leather strap whistled down and bit into Billy's bare bottom like a snake with red-hot fangs. A bright scarlet welt rose up on the smooth white skin of the youth's ass, and Joe raised the belt again. CCRRAAAAACCCCKKKK!! "YAAAOOOWWWWW!!!" The paperboy yowled as another blistering line of fire appeared on his naked behind, as he thrashed in his bonds.

CRACCK!! CCRRAAAACCKK!!! CCCRRAACCCKK!!! Again and again the uniformed man welted Billy's ass with his belt, smiling grimly as the youth's naked bottom changed from white to pink to deep burning red, and Billy began to sob and plead between his cries of agony.

"OWWWWOOOWW!! PLEASE, P-PLEASE NO MORE!!! AAAAOOWWWW!!! PLEASE I'LL B-BE G-GOOD!!" Billy wailed as the whipping went on and on, his ass sizzling and burning hotter than fire. CRACK! "You gonna be" CRACK!! "good, are ya" CRAAACK!!! "Billy?" "OWWWWWOOWWW!!! YES YES P-PLEASE OWWW GOD NO M-MORE!!" the paperboy begged, sobbing, his bare ass roasted as the whipping went on past ten minutes. "Well, let's just see," Joe snarled, tossing the strap aside. Billy collapsed, weeping, limp on the pile of pillows, as Joe Hanson slowly stripped out of his clothes. Off came his navy blue shirt, revealing a muscular chest thickly furred in black hair. Down went his uniform trousers and white boxer shorts, baring his thick thighs covered in the same dense black hair, and setting free his bull-sized cock -- ten thick inches crowned with a fat cock head as hard and red as a small apple.

"Looks like you're gonna get your 'first time' after all, Billy boy," Joe mocked as he stood next to the bed, staring down at the weeping youth and savoring the sight of Billy's well-punished, scorchingly red ass. Billy raised his head and turned it to see the muscular man standing next to him stark naked, slowly jacking a long thick cock that looked like it belonged on an animal, not on a man.

"What are you going to do?" the handsome paperboy stammered.

"I'm not gonna do anything, punk -- YOU are!" Joe snapped. "You're gonna suck my dick and you're gonna suck it good, and you're gonna fucking LOVE it," he laughed.

"NO WAY!" Billy shouted, struggling wildly against the neckties that bound him to the bed. Put a guy's dick in his mouth?!?!? Forget it!

"Okay, guess you need some more whippin'," the husky man said with an air of mock resignation, picking up the strap from the floor again.

"WAIT!! PLEASE!!!" the youth yelled. He couldn't take any more of that strap on his bare ass -- his butt still felt as if flames were crackling over it -- but, actually suck another guy's dick?!! Put a COCK in his mouth?!!

"Make up your mind, punk, what's it gonna be?" Joe goaded him. Billy was beaten, and he knew it. New tears filled his eyes and trickled down his smooth cheeks as he said, "Okay, I-I'll suck you....."

"That's better, boy," Joe said, climbing onto the bed and sitting down with his crotch in front of Billy's face and his legs on the boy's arms. "Start with my balls, yeah, lick my balls first..." the muscular man ordered. Weeping with disgust and the sizzling pain in his whipped backside, the paperboy extended his tongue and lapped tentatively at Joe's heavy ball-sack. "Yeah, kid, that's it," the man said, sliding down so his hairy crotch was crushed against the boy's face. "Lick it good or I'll lick you hard!" Joe said, laughing.

Billy's mind was a haze of fear and revulsion -- his nostrils were filled with the heavy male muskiness of the muscular man's crotch, and his stomach crawled as he licked obediently at the loose, salty, hairy flesh of Joe's scrotum. I can't believe I'm licking another guy's balls -- and I have to suck his dick too! the handsome boy thought incredulously. Joe pulled back, letting Billy suck in fresh air, then tipped his stone-hard cock down with one hand and placed the other hand on the back of Billy's blond head.

"Time ta chow down," the powerfully-built man ordered, guiding the fat head of his cock to Billy's smooth lips. Swallowing his nausea at the idea of sucking another guy's dick, Billy resignedly opened his mouth and took in part of the hot head of Joe's cock, his tears of shame and repugnance dripping down onto the rigid blue-veined shaft. "Oh yeah, Billy, that's right, you be a good boy now and I won't hafta whip your ass anymore," the beefy man coaxed as he pushed his cock further into to paperboy's mouth, watching as the youth's cheeks bulged with the strain of taking in the enormous cock head. A tiny spurt of precum dripped out of the head of Joe's cock, and as Billy tasted the salt of the man's juices on his tongue, he began to sob in humiliation, the vibrations of the boy's whimpers on Joe's supersensitive cock head driving the man crazy with wild sensations. As the cock slid further into his mouth, the paperboy gagged, and Joe pulled his cock free of the sobbing youth's lips.

"I'm s-sorry, I c-can't..." Billy whispered through his tears.

"Well, there's more than one way ta take care of this problem, kid," Joe said as he got down off the bed. The kid was punished enough, Joe figured -- but I'm still gonna get what I want, and I'm gonna teach him he ain't such a hot straight stud as he thinks he is. Moving to the foot of the bed, Joe leaned down and began slowly caressing Billy's sore whipped ass. "Hurts, don't it kid?"

"Y-yes, p-please don't whip me anymore, p-PLEASE!" the handsome youth pleaded. "Oh, don't worry -- I got somethin' else in mind," Joe said. He leaned forward between the boy's legs and began gently lapping Billy's swollen, bound scrotum with his tongue. "Uhhhhh!!" the boy tensed, but didn't say anything for fear the whipping might begin again anyway. He felt sick -- this wasn't as gross as having that dick in his mouth, but he didn't want another guy touching him THERE either! Joe slipped the knot, freeing the boy's scrotum, and continued licking more strongly, sliding his tongue up and down the golden-haired skin, rolling the testicles in his mouth. "Uuuuuhhhh...." Joe smiled to himself as Billy grunted again, but the note of the sound was different -- this ball-bath was getting to the boy!

The paperboy went cold with shock as he felt his cock begin to stir and lengthen, while a man licked at his balls! No way! Billy thought; there is no way this is turning me on! But his dick went on lengthening, and he blushed with shame as he involuntarily pushed his body back against that warm lapping tongue. Harder and harder his cock grew until he had a full hardon, pressing hot and solid into his smooth belly. Suddenly that warm lapping stopped. "Kinda like this, dontcha Billy boy?" Joe asked with a smirk.

"No! You're making me do this, I don't like it!" the boy denied the truth.

"Oh yeah?" the muscular man sneered, reaching under Billy to grip the handsome youth's stone-hard cock. "Kinda feels like ya like it to me!"

"Hey, let go, man, no guy touches my dick!" Billy shouted in anger and humiliation.

"Okay, boy, guess I'll hafta try something else," Joe said, releasing the paperboy's erection. "OH!" Billy gasped in surprise -- Joe's hot lapping tongue was dipping between the cheeks of his whipped ass to wetly tickle the youth's asshole! Billy's dick swelled even harder...

"Stop it! Stop!" the boy pleaded, horrified by his body's reaction. Still the husky man went on running his hot wet tongue around and around the tight circle of Billy's asshole, then Joe gently pulled the boy's scarlet, strapped butt-cheeks apart and forced his tongue into the hole!

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh......." Billy moaned helplessly at the incredibly sexy feeling of that wet tongue entering him.

"Thought ya didn't like it," Joe raised his head to jeer for a moment before attacking the boy's virgin hole with his tongue again.

More tears filled Billy's eyes -- this time, tears of shame and mortification -- as his body reacted to the lustful sensations. I don't like it, I don't! the paperboy repeated in his head, as his dick hardened and lengthened even further, throbbing and aching for release. The warm tongue stopped licking his hole, then -- "OWW!" Billy jerked in pain and surprise as the muscular man pushed his index finger up to the first knuckle into the paperboy's tight virgin hole. "Stop, take it out!" the youth pleaded, his hole burning and stinging as Joe pushed the finger in even further.

This is too fuckin' great! Joe thought as he slipped the finger into the paperboy's ass all the way, watching the kid wriggle. The husky man gently twisted the finger inside Billy back and forth, reveling in the almost-unbelievable tightness of the youth's hole. Billy whimpered and wiggled, the finger inside him burning, but his hardon didn't soften in the least. The boy yelped when Joe inserted another finger next to the first and began to twist both fingers deep into Billy's hole.

A stab of hot ecstasy shot through the well-built boy's cock as Joe's fingers found the prostate deep in his virgin ass and began to rub it. The tears in Billy's eyes spilled over in embarrassment as a gush of warm precum spurted from the head of his rigid cock and wet his stomach, and Joe began inserting a third finger in his aching hole. Over and over the muscular man finger-fucked Billy's hole -- then, suddenly, the fingers withdrew, and Billy's face grew hot and red as he realized he wanted Joe to keep those fingers in his ass.

"Well, boy, I ain't got all day here. Ya figured you were gonna get your first time today, and you are -- but you're gonna be on the receivin' end!" Joe laughed. The paperboy tensed in fear as Joe climbed onto the bed and his muscular arms came down on each side of Billy, the man's legs together between the boy's bound, spread legs.

Then Billy felt the hot nudge of the husky man's enormous cock pushing between his sore belted butt cheeks!

"NO! DON'T, NO STOP!!!" the boy shouted, struggling wildly. No way is a guy gonna fuck my ass! Billy thought, I'll die first! But the huge hot cock head, slippery with precum, pushed inexorably between his ass cheeks and rested against his virgin hole. "STOP STOP STOP!!!" the handsome paperboy yelled.

Shaking his head in amusement, Joe slowly let his arms down, letting the weight of his body pry the kid's hole open. Billy clenched his ass cheeks together tightly, squirming violently as he tried to hold his hole shut against the invading cock. "NO! NO! NOOOOOOOO.......!!!" Suddenly the tip of Joe's cock head pushed through the boy's defenses and began sliding slowly in. Billy broke down and began crying loudly, crying like an infant, as the huge cock slowly invaded his body. Oh, it hurt, God it hurt so bad! But the hurt in his ass was nothing compared to the hurt in his ego -- Billy was the tough guy, the big man, the cock's man who was going to fuck every woman he met once he got out of this bullshit town -- and here he was on his belly, with a man's powerful arms against his sides, and a man's rock-hard cock plowing up his virgin ass!

Gently but without hesitation, the muscular man sank his cock into Billy's ass to the root -- he could feel the heat of the boy's glowing whipped behind against his balls as the heavy sack came to rest on the sobbing youth's buttocks.

"Pleeeease, PLEEEEEASE ...stop, t-take it out!" the paperboy bawled.

Joe trembled, sweating, trying with all his strength not to shoot right there and then -- Billy's virgin ass gripped his hardon like a hot wet vise, tighter than anything he'd even imagined. But he wasn't through with this punk yet -- he slipped an arm under the boy's waist, gripped Billy's hardon, and began slowly jacking the kid off as he started gently thrusting his cock back and forth in the youth's tight ass.

The sore ache and burning sting in Billy's hole began to ease as Joe's enormous dick stretched the muscle wide again and again, and the boy's sobs began to be intermixed with grunts and moans. The hand around his cock felt good, rubbing his aching hardon -- panic suddenly blossomed in Billy as he realized he was pushing back to welcome Joe's thrusting cock, sliding his own hardon in the man's jacking hand! "Don't, DON'T! DON'T DO THIS!! PLEASE!!!" the paperboy begged wildly. Joe pulled his cock back until only the head remained inside Billy's tight hole, but he rubbed his thumb over and over on the mass of supersensitive nerves just behind the base of the boy's dripping dick head, making the kid squirm like a fish out of water. "Oh c'mon Billy -- you want it, y'know ya want it -- c'mon, tell me ya want it...."Joe coaxed mockingly.

Billy's balls felt as if they were filled with lead -- hot, heavy, aching -- his twitching cock in the muscular man's grip throbbed and burned for release. I won't say it, I won't say it! the boy thought frantically. But over and over the Joe rubbed at his cock, stopping when he felt Billy getting to the edge of shooting -- teasingly, the man would push his cock a fraction of an inch further into the boy's hole -- then pull back.

Billy was going insane, he had to come, he HAD to come!!! "YES, YES, I WANT IT, PLEASE PLEASE FUCK ME!" the youth screamed, blubbering like a baby, all pretense gone. In an instant, the husky man rammed his cock to the hilt in Billy's virgin ass, jerking wildly at the boy's slippery hard cock, slamming his own enormous dick again and again into the youth, then suddenly Joe felt it begin -- he buried his cock in the boy's tight asshole, grinding his hips against Billy's sore butt cheeks, and with a guttural groan unloaded spurt after spurt of boiling cum into the paperboy.

A final tidal wave of humiliation, disgust, and shame washed over Billy as, weeping, he felt the hot semen splashing inside him, and the hot squirting triggered his own orgasm. "AAAHHH GODI'M COMMMIINNNGGGG!" the boy shrieked, shooting hot sticky jets into Joe's tight grip on his dick and sobbing even through the ecstasy of that release -- he'd cum into a man's hand, with a man's cock up his ass!!!

Joe watched from his bedroom window as Billy pedaled slowly away from the house, tears still running down the boy's face. He felt a twinge of guilt -- then put it aside. That's what happens when you think you're Mister Tough Guy, fuckin' with another guy's wife, Joe thought. Bet little Billy doesn't pull THAT stunt again, he thought with a smile......

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