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Pretty White Boy

By cock_luver

submitted November 7, 2000

Categories: Black and Beautiful

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I am 18 years old and a surfer. I do most of my surfing in Daytona Beach where I live. I love to surf. I love the way the water splashes against my hard body and the way the sun turns my white skin a perfect bronze that really brings out my muscles. However, every spring an event takes place that really makes it hard for me to get to the beach to surf. This event draws thousands of black college folks from all over the country to my little beach. They call this event Black College Reunion or BCR. Every BCR is packed and just gets larger every year and makes it that much harder to get around town. I used to hate BCR until last spring when I was taught to enjoy this little reunion.

It was the middle of BCR and I was dying to go surfing. I didn’t care if the beaches were covered with black people; I was going to surf one way or another. So, I hopped in my car and made my way to the beach. As I got closer to my destination I was amazed at the mass of black people that surrounded the streets. All of them partying half naked and dancing to the loud gangsta rap. As I slowly rolled by they all looked at me like I was insane but like I said, I had to surf. I pulled up to my area next to the public showers, and as I got ready to park I noticed a rather large, gangsta’d-out van with 4 rather large black guys piling out of it. I took a deep breath and just acted like they weren’t there. But for some reason I couldn’t help myself. Now, I never have been attracted to men before but for some reason these greased up black men just did it for me. I stared at their shaved heads and finely toned bodies with no shirts on, and slowly made my way down to there waste area and just gazed at their baggy shorts that barely hung on to their waste and the bulge of there package was ever present. I must have been staring too long because one of them yelled, “Hey what the fuck you lookin at pretty boy!” I didn’t respond. I just snapped my head forward and got out of the car like nothing happened. Then I heard some laughing and I knew it was at my expense, but I made no attempt to try at listen to them. I made my way to my trunk and started to pull my board out along with some towels when out of nowhere I felt a massive hand grab my ass. I screamed in protest and turned around to find the four huge black men standing around me. They all laughed at my response to there action. One of them stepped forward real close to me and I was amazed at how he towered over me like I was a kid. He looked at me with a slight grin but with a sarcastic look that would make me think that he might want to beat me up. I tried to back away but they had my back against my car. So I stood there, as he looked me over then his big mouth opened and he said real harshly, “Me and my boys love to fuck white girls. We do it all the time. But seeing your pretty boy ass, we now want to know what it would be like to fuck a . What you think about that bitch?” I kinda mumbled and couldn’t get any words to come out. Then the second one barked out, “ Its alright, you ain’t got a mutha fuckin choice any way. Get in the fuckin van bitch!” They all laughed. So with that being said I made my way to the van and went inside. I was kinda scared but at the same time I was getting really turned on about the whole thing. I had to see how this would play out.

I sat there in the van right on the ground in the center. I heard some real laughing outside among the guys and then finally they piled in real quick. I was surprised at the size of the van; it was huge and comfortably held us all. They surrounded me and as I looked at them. They all looked very similar. All very tall and built. All very black and with shaved heads. As I was making this observation I felt all of them at once grabbing at me. I felt a hand on my ass and hands on my chest and on the back of my neck, and I heard them all saying different things like, “This ass is perfect for fuckin.” And other things like, “I want dat mouth dog.” At this point my dick started to get hard and I think one of them noticed because out of no where I heard, “Unleash that white dick boy, let see what you got bitch!” I did as they said and took my shorts off to reveal my hard 8-inch cut cock. They all looked at me and said “mmmmm” that’s not bad for a .” Then they all took their shorts off to reveal the most perfect semi-hard dicks I have ever seen. They were all about 10 inches long and cut beautifully with a nice fat dark head, and the biggest, shiniest black balls I ever did see. They gathered around me even closer kneeling upright and forced me to sit right on my ass. They all looked at me and one of them said, “You gonna suck these dicks to they is real hard, and you better do a good job to or I am gonna beat your white ass.” I took a deep swallow and took one of the massive cocks in my hand and started to pump it like I would pump mine. Then I dove down on it with my mouth and started to suck, bobbing up and down each time taking more and more of that dick down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face after a while. As he did that I reached over and grabbed 2 more dicks and started pumping them off as hard as I could. I heard them all saying things like, “Fuck yes nigga, and take dat dick you white bitch.” “Ohh yeah, pump my big black dick white boy, feels so fuckin good.” I took turns then just taking each one into my mouth a little bit at a time and before I knew it they were all hard as rocks. 4 big old black dicks floppin around my face ready and waiting for more. Finally, the moment was broken by a deep voice telling me to get on all fours. As I did I felt a head in between my legs licking my balls and then another tongue probing my ass. Just as I was about to moan one of them was kneeling right in front of me and grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock in my mouth with force. And then the sucking and licking me stopped and I felt a cockhead slowly probing my asshole. And before I had time to think about it he shoved it in all the way. I screamed as best a could with a mouth full of dick. And as he started pumping though it was feeling real fuckin good. I started to moan and suck this black stud’s dick harder. The guys behind me were screamin, “ Yeah take it pretty boy take all dat dick.” “You know you love it mutha fucka, I can’t wait to get up in there.” And just then I felt a hot liquid go all over my back, its felt so good. Just then, however, another dick entered me, this one wasn’t as thick but it still felt real good. He was slower and more sensual, but it took him no time at all to come all over my back. Then the last one stepped up and shoved his throbbing cock right in and said, “Are you ready pretty boy?” I moaned a yes as I continued to suck on this guys cock. He fucked long and so hard that my whole body was jolting and I felt his balls slapping against my ass. After a while he screamed I’m gonna cum. And then asked the guy I was suckin if he was ready. And before I knew it I was forced to sit up and once again I was facing two cocks. I shoved them both in my mouth and sucked em off for 2 minutes, and as I felt both of them getting ready to cum I pulled them out of my mouth and jerked them off as they came all over my chest and face. As they finished the other two grabbed my dick and started to suck me off like I have never been sucked off before. It took me no time to spray them both with cum. As we all lay there covered in joy juice one of em looked at me and said, “I bet you love BCR now, huh pretty boy.” I just laughed and nodded, as they all got hard again.

Tell me what you think of my story, lsddrp@aol.com.

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