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Prison Pussy Boy

By Dee Smith

submitted December 12, 2001

Categories: Men In Prison

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I was just arrested for my third D.U.I. and I was looking at 1 to 3 years in prison. I am a white male and I just turned eighteen, so I must admit I was terrified about going to prison. My father and mother passed away when I was twelve so I really didn't have anyone I could turn to besides a so-called public defender.

I was taken to the County jail and booked in. I never felt so humiliated when the guard strip-searched me it was pathetic. I must have stayed there for at least six months in P.C.(protective custody) The day came finally when I would face my punishment, I had no idea the judge would be so hard on me. I never was in trouble before, but he said he was going to make an example out of me. And he did just that!

All I remember were the words, “Mr. Smith, the court finds you guilty of your third offense driving under the influence, and you are hereby sentenced up to 5 years prison. You will serve your time in Mount Olives Correctional Facility.” My God I thought to myself what a sentence!

“That’s an awful long time”, I said to the judge "Your Honor I don't think I can do that much time" And his response was, "Mr. Smith what time you don't think you can do the State of West Virginia will help you"! Well I stayed in P.C. for about a month and then a guard came and got me one day and said it was time for me to be moved. My hands were sweaty and I could only feel my nervousness inside. I was escorted out in handcuffs and shackles and loaded onto a van, which was parked outside.

The correctional officer laughed at me and said, “Son you just might like it where you’re going!” I thought to myself what a fucking smart ass! It took approximately two hours to get the facility I was being taken to, and I slept most of the way. I then noticed the van had stopped and soon I was being manhandled by the big burly son-of-a-bitch. “On your feet asshole!” he roughly said to me. I did as I was told and stepped out of the van. I thought wow this place is fucking huge--kinda like a big ass mall.

I was booked in, given a number (Department of Corrections Number) deloused, and I felt so violated by the second strip search--it was worse than what I had gone through at the county jail. I felt repulsed and sick to my stomach. There were four other guys who rode up with me, and it seemed to me that perhaps they had been here before. Simply for no other reason than the nonchalant way they acted. We were all lined up and the C.O. told us he was taking us to our new home. All the cells seemed so small; since I was the head man in line, I was the first one to be marched down the hall. I heard screams like I have never heard before,” Hey C.O!” one man shouted, “I want that pussy-boy!” I also heard another man yelling, “Just look at that ass!” Never before have I felt so ashamed and scared.

The guard stood at a cell and said, “Smith 785694, this is your cell.” I walked into the cell and stood there as the others who had arrived with me kept walking past. The man in the cell with me was a black man about 6 ft.3. The guard joked as he was walking by, "Take good care of this one Moose!”

Moose! What a name--the man looked like a fucking bull to me! I said nothing and then the Moose came up to me and asked, “What are you in for boy?” and I told him. He sneered at me and said, ”Stupid little prick, you should've known better!” He told me a few things about the place and told me I had the top bunk. He then asked me how old I was and I told him almost nineteen, he laughed at me and told me to go to bed.

I was tired so I didn't mind obliging him. All of a sudden I heard a loud buzzing sound and all the lights went off. I’d heard about some of the things that went on in prison, but I never believed any of that shit. I lay there half asleep when all of a sudden I heard the bed creak below me. Moose stood up and grabbed me by the throat and said to me, “You make one sound and I'll kill you! I eat mother fuckers like you.”

I started to scream and a hand went over my mouth and then I saw what he held in his hand--it looked like a knife of some kind. I noticed by the way he held it at my throat that he wasn't playing games. He took his hand off my mouth and told me if I screamed he would cut my cracker ass. He asked me if I’d ever sucked a dick before. Tears were streaming from my eyes at this point, and I shook my head no. He said, “Well you white piece of shit, you're gonna suck a dick now—motherfucker!”

I pushed him away and he punched me hard in the stomach while I was still lying down. He then took his free hand and shoved something into my mouth; he was naked so I assumed it was his boxer shorts. The smell repulsed me--it smelled like shit. It tasted even worse. He then started beating on me more, my involuntary screams were muffled--nobody could've heard me. He asked me if I’d had enough and unable to talk, I simply shook my head up and down. He said to me, "Look kid, Moosey will be good to you as long as you do what I tell you!”

My mouth was now bleeding and it hurt when I said hesitantly told him “okay”. I then asked, “What do you want?” and he then told me to open my mouth, I did as I was told. He then stuck his piece of coal dick in my mouth. I tried not to gag or vomit, but I couldn't help it. He then made me continue doing it. He told me if I bit him he would kill me or let one of his other friends have me in the morning. Never had I felt so ashamed in my life. This plundering went on for about 20 minutes or so, and he came in my mouth.

It tasted so nasty. I was crying and then he told me to stand up. I did as he told me and without warning he took hold of my jumpsuit and said, “Are you gonna take it off, or do I have to?” I quickly stepped out of it, my legs were shaking and trembling so badly, I pissed right there. He got really mad and hissed, “Alright--clean that up!” I reached for a towel and he knocked me to the floor and added, “With your tongue, asswipe!” I did as I was told. It tasted awful.

He then bent down and started smacking my ass and saying shit like--some pussy boy. He then told me to stand up and I did so. I noticed him reach for a jar of Vaseline and he started putting it on his dick and then said, “You want that pussy fucked don't you white boy?” Now in tears I cried, “No sir! Please don't do this to me!” I knew he had a very big dick and if he wanted to put it in my asshole it probably would hurt like hell—not to mention rip me apart!

He took the underwear that had been in my mouth earlier and wiped some of my remaining piss up off the floor. He then stuck them back into my mouth. Now the excess piss was pouring from the sides of my mouth. He said, “You gonna like dis, white boy!” and he put the head of his enormous cock against my asshole. It hurt like hell and he saw that I was so tight, he took his finger and put it in the jar and stuck it in my ass first. Even his finger was big and the pain was killing me--it burned so bad and stung so bad, I thought I was going to pass out. He then took his dick and shoved it up my ass. I felt my whole insides churning. He fucked me for what seemed like hours. I eventually lost consciousness.

The next morning I woke up and was lying on the floor. Before he could wake, I sat on the toilet. My asshole hurt so bad and my mouth was so sore. There was blood on my rectum and something came out of me as I tried to take a shit. All hell then broke loose. He awoke and came over to me and smacked me in the face and said, “You wasted my seed pussy boy! Now fish it out of the toilet!”

My sore jaw dropped. I didn't know what he meant. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my knees and shoved my head past the ring of the toilet. He then gave me orders to eat his cum out of the water. I did as I was told, trying not to get the blood that came from me in my mouth.

All the while he was making comments like, “That’s my pussy-boy! Lick it good for Moosey!”

I was so sick about all this I didn't eat anything all day, but instead gave Moose all of my food. This was not going to be my day or the way I wanted to spend my time in this place.

Continued soon!