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Reluctant Sex

By Joaquin

submitted January 4, 2002

Categories: Best Friends

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This story is actually a continuation of a story first listed in Erotic Stories some time ago, called “The Boss and the Protégé.”

Don was actually 10 years my junior and had actually finished his training. We had worked together for 4 years and I was his boss. During one of the conferences we attended abroad, we shared a room. He had not had sex for the past year and he was a straight guy, married with kids.

On our first night, I couldn't help myself and tried to rekindle old memories by trying to seduce him. He refused all attempts but finally said he would agree only if it didn't involve him having an orgasm. I reluctantly agreed. While he was asleep, I started inserting an index finger into his asshole, initially caressing and playing with the pubic hair and gradually inserting two then 3 fingers. He was sound asleep and didn't seem to be responding at all, but this was giving me a great hard-on. Not able to control myself, I removed his shorts and started tongue-fucking his bung hole.

He awoke and said it was a great sensation. I then gave him a massage using a lemon grass based oil and asked if I could see his cock. He obliged and I massaged his inner thighs, carefully avoiding his cock and balls. He said he couldn't hide it anymore and showed his 7-inch cock. I kissed it. I stimulated it only to a point but did not cause him to ejaculate. He easily gets turned on with minimal stimulation. But I went home, frustrated at not being able to do more.

In the next few months we maintained contact but saw each other only seldom. One time I asked if I could see him and we parked in a dimly lit parking place in a deluxe hotel in the city. We talked about what had happened.

While he was on his cell phone, I dared to put my hand under his shirt and into his pants and started rubbing his ass. He hesitated at first but couldn't put down the phone. I then boldly pulled down his zipper and eased his cock out and started masturbating him with my left hand. The car had dark tinted glass, so even the roving guards could hardly see anything inside. He quickly got aroused and said he was about to cum. He asked if I had tissue so he wouldn't spray his cum all over my car and I fumbled around the car but decided instead to use my handkerchief. He started moaning and said, "Use your mouth,” and I quickly obliged.

After a few sucks with my mouth and licking the underside of his cock, he came with a shudder and I tried to swallow as much of his sweet cum as possible. Some dribbled out of my mouth and I wiped his man fluid with my hankie. I used that hankie to turn myself on and masturbated for several days after that by sniffing the smell of his cum.

We have not had sex since that time and we vowed it would be the last, but I still fantasize about fucking him in the ass and him sucking my dick.

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