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By Cowboy

submitted October 29, 1998

Categories: Sex On The Ranch

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Billy was my best friend's fiancée. I thought of him as a brother, a really hot brother but a brother. we were gone for three days to the neighboring town and stopped at a to bathe.

"I can't reach my back" said Billy who didn't know I was gay, "can you get it?"


Can you believe it?! As I scrubbed his well developed back, I noticed my cock, swelling, I couldn't help it.

"Say, Billy," I said, "Ever had one of them European health cleanings?"

"European? What is it?"

"The whole deal. massage, colon cleaning, shampoo."

"I don't know"

"Come on , I had one last week, I feel great!"

"I guess, if you did it." he said reluctantly, "Alright."

Yes! he agreed! I started with the massage, which I think he enjoyed. When I was done, I told him I was going to do the colon cleaning next. I made up a story about using a tool to clean his colon and told him to prepare. My mind was racing and I was harder than ever, just thinking about that tan, hard ass. When he told me to go ahead, I spread his ass checks and grabbed his hips. Slowly, I brought my straining 7" cock to his hole and started to push it through.

"Woah" he said "I don't know about this."

"Trust me" I said with a smile, and pushed the rest of the way in. He relaxed a little but I could tell he was still uneasy. I slowly began to thrust in and out and he started to calm down, maybe even enjoy it. As I quickened my pace, I thought I felt something on my hand which had moved around to his inner thigh to "get a better grip". Just then, he let out a revealing groan and I knew he was enjoying this as much a I was.

When I neared me climax, I tried to hold it off just a little bit longer, until I felt his balls tighten. At the same time, we both shot out a load of hot cum, me into Billy and Billy into the waiting .

When it was over, we cleaned up and got dressed. You know, I don't think he noticed that I forgot the shampoo!

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