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Scoutmaster's Special Merit Badge

By Brian

submitted April 29, 2002

Categories: Older/younger

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I have known that I was gay since I was 10 years old, when I used to check out my friends in the locker room of the CYO swimming pool.

I was good at hiding my preferences, and no one even suspected that I was gay, but I took every opportunity to check out the underwear preferences and physical attributes of every guy that I could.

When I was 18 and had just graduated from high school, the Scoutmaster of my Boy Scout troop (I had been a member of the troop since I was 10 1/2) talked me into spending two weeks with him at Boy Scout Summer Camp in the Pocono Mountains. Our Troop sent 15 boys to camp that summer, and they ranged in age from 11 - 17, and I was to serve as one of the Assistant Scoutmasters for those two weeks.

During the first week, most of the troop went on an Outpost Camping Trip. They left our site after lunch, and would not be back for two nights. Two of the other assistants went with them, and I stayed behind with the Scoutmaster and about 4 of our Scouts.

On the first night, I was in my tent alone, as my tentmate went on the Outpost. I was lying on top of my sleeping bag in just my Hanes white briefs, as it was very warm that night. At about midnight, the Scoutmaster knocked on the tent pole, and asked if I was all right. I told him I was fine, but he asked if he could come in.

He sat on the bunk across from me, and I leaned over on my side, so I was facing him naked on top, and just my pure white briefs. We talked for a bit about how the camp was going, and some of the funny events of the first few days.

After a few minutes, the Scoutmaster reached over and brushed his hand across the front of my briefs. I recoiled a bit, and he said there was a bug on the fly of my briefs.

"We don't want to try and explain a bug bite there," he said with laughter in his voice. I agreed.

We talked some more, and then he reached across again, only this time with the front of his hand and grabbed the little bulge in my briefs. He started to massage my dick and balls through the white cotton. I hardened immediately.

He knelt on the floor, and pushed me to my back while continuing to massage my mid-section. It didn't take me long; I came within a few minutes. My cum was all over the inside of my briefs.

The Scoutmaster then lifted my butt, and slid my underpants down and took them off. He then wiped the cum from my shrinking uncut penis, and cleaned all around my balls. He told me that he was going in to do laundry the next day, and that he would clean my underwear so the cum stains wouldn't have a chance to set.

He went into my footlocker, and got me a fresh pair of briefs (Hanes, of course).

We talked a bit about what happened, and I told him that I was okay with it, but still not telling him that I was gay.

He asked if I ever shot twice in a short time, and I told him no. He then started to rub my dick again. As I started to get hard, he bent over, and placed his tongue between my foreskin and penis. He licked the inside of my foreskin, and a tingling feeling swept my body. I never had anyone ever lick the inside of my foreskin.

He then proceeded to tongue the entire length of my shaft (not a big deal, only 5 inches with a raging hard-on). Down to the base, around my balls, under my balls. He then took each of my nuts into his mouth and massaged them with his hot and hungry tongue. My limbs were trembling by this time, and I knew that I couldn't keep from exploding another load from the tip of my dick.

I told him that I was going to shoot again, and he moved his mouth to cover my dick. Within a few short strokes with his tongue, a smaller, but just as potent, load of young cum filled his hungry mouth. He swallowed every drop.

He kissed me, and left my tent.

On the second night, he came into the tent. Before he sat on the bunk across from me, he slipped out of his Scout Shorts. He was wearing a crisp white pair of Jockey "Y" fronts. He had a huge package.

We moved the bunks closer together. No "bug" pretense tonight. He reached right over, and started to rub my dick. This time, however, I did the same for him. He was huge: about 8 inches, and thick. He had the most perfect circumcised dick I had ever seen. It was straight, pretty purplish head, some loose skin under the head. I made love to his penis. We did a "69" and I shot first. He held out as long as possible, and shot a stream that filled my mouth and almost made me gag. I swallowed him, as he did me.

We jerked each other to completion for our second round, and he let me fuck him for my third shot. What a night, what a camp, what a Scoutmaster!!

We still see each other on a regular basis. He loves to fuck me, and although there is some initial pain with his huge dick, his deep thrusts are gentle, and I can feel the warm spurts of fluid he shoots into the condom.

I am working on the CockSucking Merit Badge, which has 69 separate requirements!

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