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Seeing My Uncle For The First Time!

By Matt

submitted June 9, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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Chapter I

I have always loved my brother nude; I would open the door just a little to see him in the shower and watch his great body move and rub and clean. But my uncle, mmm, I love him probably even more! So it was Saturday morning. My aunt took the two kids to their grandmas in Utah. The only one left was about 2 yrs old.

So anyway he didn't know they left. They left real early. He was walking around in his Hanes white briefs. He walked in my room, scratched his dick, then left the room. He ran downstairs. I ran out to watch his dick bounce up and down. I heard the shower start. So I ran downstairs, and turned on the downstairs bathroom shower.

I remembered that my cousin had used my shampoo in the master bedroom's Shower, so I shut the water off. I walked in the room. On the bed was the Male Athletic Cup and his jockstrap. Oh Shit! I thought, as I remembered that I was wearing it last night before he got home! I got a woody and started to cum in the cup. I hope he didn't see the cum stains. I walked in the bathroom. The shower's glass was completely clear. I got a quick boner, my entire 7 1/2" dick was bulging out of the white briefs that belonged to my brother.

My uncle Lynn was in the shower cleaning his 12" cock! He saw me and said "What are you doing?"

I said, "I need my shampoo." He opened the shower door and said to get it. The shower was kind of small. Kind of like the size of one on a trailer. I was reaching up when his nice strong ass rubbed against my back. It was great! Then he said, "Hey, I saw some sperm stuff in my Jock Cup! Is it yours?"

I said kind of embarrassed, "Well, ya!"

"You like wearing my stuff?" he asked.

"Yes I do, it's fun, I like your figure." Then he acted like he slipped in the shower. He had to grab on something so he grabbed on to me pulling my underwear with him. I stood there wearing only a 7 inch erection. He remarked, "Great figure!"

I said, "Thanks." He said that he was going to get out, and I said okay. I helped him up and he opened the door and got out. I went down to pick up the shampoo on the ground. OH MY GOD! I felt something go up my ass! "Ahhhhh", I yelled, looking in the mirror to see what was in my asshole, but that 12" cock of my uncle Lynn! I let out another yell. Then he yelled harder, harder...

Chapter II

I groaned really loudly, "Yes, your dick, shove it in me." As he was shoving it up me, I was hitting my head on the shower wall. The hot water still cascading off me. He pulled his large boner out of my ass, and all of a sudden I felt some "thick water". Oh damn he yelled I let my load all over you.

,Then I turned around he was sitting on the shower floor. While I was standing, I let my load all over Lynn's face. He yelled, "God man, you let more cum then I did!" I heard him slurp it down. He said, 'Fuck me really hard, Matt!"

First I told him to stay down. I bent over and started sucking on his 12" stem! It was great! Then he cummed again. I loved it as I guzzled it down my throat! "Oh god yess, yessss! Suck me harder, ya, harder, bite it, suck it, oh god that fells good!"

I yelled back to him, "Turn around!" I started biting his nice, nude, muscular butt! I licked his asshole in and out! Then I shoved my meat up his tight asshole! "You've never been fucked up the ass by a guy before have you?"

"NO!!!" he moaned. I yelled, "Does that feel good or what?"

"Oh yes, isn't it great? Oh god ya,, ya ya, shove it up me! That feels great you fucker. Oh ya, ya... harder stupid ass, ya, yes, yes.!"

Does it feel good?

"You shit head, ya, ya!"

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