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Sex With A Stranger

By Dany

submitted January 7, 2002

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I read about Alvin in gay websites. One day I contacted him and we agreed to meet. Alvin was a masseur who offered extra services. When I wrote him, I made it clear I was interested more in having sex with him than having a massage.

We met at a hamburger joint and checked in at a nearby hotel. At first we engaged in small talk. Then after a few minutes, I told him I was taking a shower. I invited him to join me. I stripped off all of my clothes and was soaping my body when he came in and joined me.

He had a nice trimmed body, although his cock then was flaccid. He stayed under the shower for a few minutes and then offered to soap my body. He started with my back, moved to my chest, and then to my butt. Then he moved his naked body close to mine and I could feel his rising erection against my butt. Alvin then proceeded to soap my cock, which was also starting to rise. He asked me if it was my first time having sex with another man. I told him it wasn’t.

I began to soap his body, starting with his chest, moving to his back and then to his firm, tight ass. Then I soaped his cocked, which had by then become quite hard. I stroked it with my hands and he asked me to take his cock in my mouth. I knelt down and took his stiff rod in my hands. Slowly I took the shaft first and swallowed his entire rod. Alvin moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes, I invited him to go to bed.

We dried each other's body and moved to the bedroom. Alvin asked me if I wanted a massage; I said no, I'd rather have sex. With that I lay on top of him and kissed him on the neck. He reciprocated by kissing my neck and my ears. Then my lips started to work from his neck down to his chest, to his nipples and his abdomen. His dick was again flaccid, so I held it in my hands and began to tongue his balls. I sucked it and even tried to rim his ass, but he asked me to suck his dick, which had become stiff again.

"You have the hottest mouth," he complimented me as I sucked on his dick, slowly licking the head, alternately taking everything in my mouth and then kissing the rest of his body. Still he didn't cum and my mouth was getting tired. I proceeded to kiss his upper body again, and as I moved up I could feel his hard cock touch my ass. "Do you want to sit on it?" he asked me. I said, "I thought you don't do anal sex." He replied, “If you have a condom we can.” "I don't have any,” I told him. “It's okay. Let's just have oral sex."

He stood up and asked me to kneel down and suck him again. I willingly complied. As he fucked my mouth, my hands were stroking his tight and round masculine ass. They felt so good. It seems he was about to cum, but my mouth was getting tired. Then he asked me to lie down with my head jutting out of the bed and him standing. With that position I was able to suck him with less pressure on my mouth, at the same time stroke his balls as he fucked my mouth. In a few second, he came in my mouth and I swallowed all his cum.

Then he lay down beside me and kissed my nipples and to masturbate my penis. To arouse me further, he got some spit and used it to lubricate my cock, which was getting harder in his hands. Slowly my hips were moving along with his hands, which were jerking off my cock, until after a few seconds, I could feel my sperm rising from my nuts. In a few seconds, it spurted out, and he continued to jack me off, squeezing my cock until every precious drop of juice was out. He then took a towel, wiped me off as well as his hands.

I went to the shower to wash off and we spent a few more hours naked in bed, just talking about ourselves.

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