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Sex with Justin Timberlake: Part 1

By Reese

submitted August 11, 2000

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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It was a dark and gloomy night. The rain was pouring, lightning was flashing, and thunder was growling through the darkness. I was sitting naked in my chair, watching the latest porno flick starring Johan Paulik. My dick was rock hard while I watched some hot guy pound his massive dick up Johnan's tight ass. I was beating off like crazy, stroking my shaft very fast. I was about to blow my load when I heard a knock upon the door. I quickly threw on my clothes over my rock hard body, and turned off the TV. I was wondering who it could possibly be, but when I opened the door, I nearly fainted in shock. The person standing in my doorway was none other than Justin Timberlake. The hot singer from NSync!!

"Oh my God! You're Justin Timberlake!" I cried, as I examined him. He was soaking wet... and threw his soaken white t-shirt I could see his nicely built chest. My dick started to get hard at the sight of this God like creature.

"Yeah, I am! May I come in please?" He asked me nicely.

I quickly let him come in. I had no idea why he was there, or what he wanted. But from looking at him, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to fuck his brains out... He was so damn hot! "So, what do you want? I must say I am really surprised about this," I said nicely, as I continued to gawk at him.

He smiled, and said, "Well, we were on our way to our next gig in Philly, but our bus broke down. I was wondering if I could use your phone so we could call someone to help fix it up."

"Sure!" I practically screamed. I directed him to the phone, and as he spoke to whomever he was speaking to... I imagined porking him... Sucking his massive cock... Swallowing his hot and steamy cum... "Hey, thanks for letting me use your phone," Justin said thankfully.

"Sure! Anytime!" I replied. Just then, he completely caught me off guard by saying, "You know, I've been noticing the way that you've been looking at me... Do you like me or something??"

My face got bright red, and I said defensively, "What... you think I'm gay or something? Of course I wasn't looking at you!" But I was... and I really liked what I saw. I wanted to get with him so badly. But he couldn't know that! He was straight, or at least I thought he was...

"You HAVE been looking me," Justin said with a smile. "You can't deny it."

I sighed, and realized I had to give in. "Yes, I was. I'm sorry if that bothered you...," I said apologetically, but he completely shocked me when he came up to me, and pressed his soft and delicate lips upon mine. I was in complete shock, of course. What the hell was he doing to me? But, I didn't care at all... I knew now that he wanted me... and I wanted him. "I've been looking at you, too," Justin said seductively.

"And if you don't mind... I'd really like to have some fun with you..." "Go ahead," I said, as the blood began to pump through my veins at the speed of light. Justin quickly tore away his soaken clothes, revealing his God like body. His chest was so solid and wet... and his massive cock sprung out. It had to be at least 7 inches long.

"Suck my shaft, baby... Suck it hard," Justin cried.

By then, all my clothes were off my body. I got down on my knees, and then ran my tongue up and down Justin's shaft. He placed his hands upon my head, and then forced his whole cock inside my mouth. I sucked that dick nice and hard. Justin began to thrust his hips back and forth... and pretty soon he was fucking my face at full force. "Oh yeah... Oh yeah, baby!" Justin cried in ecstasy as he pounded his manhood further and further down my throat. I placed my hands upon his firm and muscular ass, and guided my finger to his nice tight hole. I stuck my finger far up his ass, and finger fucked the hell outta him. "I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" Justin cried, and then he shot a huge load of hot and steamy cum down my throat.

Oh, it tasted so damn good... I swallowed every last bit of that juicy cum... "I want you up the ass, Justin," I said, after I stopped giving him oral pleasure. Justin grinned mischievously. He bent over as I went behind him. I placed my hands firmly upon his hips, and then guided my erect dick to his nice tight ass.

"Fuck my pussy, baby... Fuck it hard!" Justin pleaded. I shoved my dick far up his ass. Justin cried out in pain at first, but then his cries turned into moans of pleasure. I thrusted in and out of him at the speed of light, and as hard as I could. It felt so good up his ass... so very good. Within moments, I blew a huge load of cum up his *pussy*.

"Your ass feels so good, baby!" I yelled as I continued to fuck him hard. He screamed in delight, but we both stopped instantly when we heard the front door open. There in the doorway was JC...