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Sex With Sir, Part 2

By Ross the Boss

submitted August 29, 2000

Categories: Tales From School

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As I leaned against the wall I heard the shower get turned on. Jones stood directly behind me and whispered in my ear: 'Shower first. Sex second.' He led me to the shower gently holding my erection. Mark was already in the shower & soaping up, his cock stiff, the soapy lather collecting around his cock & balls. Jones put his arms around my chest and lifted me into the shower. Jones positioned me under the jet of water told me to raise my hands over my head and to stand still. Mark stood behind me and began to soap my back & butt. Jones soaped his hands and said: 'A shampoo is in order Si.' Instead of going for my head, his hands went down to my groin. Jones gently caressed the soap around my pubes, gently coating my balls. I quivered. 'I thought you’d like this!' Jones laughed. After five minutes of this I thought my cock would explode, it was throbbing with ecstasy.

Mark pushed my head forward and bent me over. He spread my cheeks and fingered my quim. 'Mmmmmm...Clean ass!' Mark then stuck a finger straight up my hole. Jones held my head down as I struggled to get up. My guts churned as Mark rotated his finger. 'He's ready for cock now sir! ''Good!' Jones replied. He turned off the shower jet, and motioned me out. Jones & Mark then got 2 towels and dried me off, then themselves. 'Now down to business.' Jones said excitedly. 'Mark. Si's cock needs sucking!' Mark knelt down in front of me and pulled my foreskin back then engulfed my cock sucking slowly and gently. 'Make him cum!' Jones ordered. Jones began to jack himself off. He stood behind me, putting a forearm across my throat. He presses his stiffy onto my left butt cheek. 'This'll make your eyes water Si.' Jones then thrust his cock right up my ass. I squealed, shaking from the pleasure. Jones increased the pressure on my throat and kissed the back of my head with each thrust. All this while Mark was working magic with his tongue on my shaft. I could feel my balls throbbing -ready to erupt.

Sure enough-I came. Mark swallowed each spurt, then making sure he sucked all the cum up, he made his way to my mouth kissing as he went up my body. Looking into my eyes he said: 'Your mine!' He kneed me straight in the balls. I jerked up in pain the air going out of my lungs. Struggling for breath I could feel Jones inhale, then a current of hot-cum shot right into me. Jones relaxed his thrusting, fucking me gently, released my throat, and put his hands on my shoulders. 'Si's nuts are still tight Sir.' Mark said. 'loosen them then.' Jones replied. Mark knelt down and started groping my balls. I screamed in pain. They both laughed. Jones whispered in my ear: 'This is only the beginning tight-nuts!'