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Shahrukh Khan Enjoys Sex With Boys

By Rahul Arora

submitted August 8, 2000

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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I am just 19 years old. Ever since I used to watch Shahrukh on silver screen I used to get horny and always dreamt of having sex with him one day. Especially when I used to see his clean-shaven chest I used to pre-cum.

Once I was on a trip to Bangalore and had made my stay at Maurya Sheraton Hotel. To my surprise I came to know that Shahrukh had also come to Bangalore and was staying in the same hotel. The security was tight near his room and it was actually impossible to make a move towards his room. But some how I managed to reach the room.

I slowly knocked on the door. When the door opened, I was just stunned. It was Shahrukh standing in front of me. My cock was erect and could be easily seen from my tight fit Lee Jeans. He said, “Yes! What’s the matter?” I said,” Please!!! I am a big fan of yours and had always wanted to meet you. I would be highly honored if you could spare 5 minutes of your time.” and I again begged, “Please just 5 minutes.” He smiled and said, “OK !!! Just 5 minutes, Right?” I agreed.

As I entered he closed the door from inside. He was wearing a Nike T-shirt that was tugged inside his tight fitting Levi’s Jeans.

He then pulled out a chair and asked me to have a seat. He then pulled out another chair and sat down and said,” Yes! How can I help you.” I said that, “I am a great fan of yours and when I heard that you are here staying in the same hotel then I couldn’t control myself and rushed to your room.”

I asked, “Are you all alone in this room?” He said, “Yes! I am on a 2 days shooting here and missing my wife very much and especially at night” I whispered, “Can I be your companion for the night?”

Shahrukh stood up from the chair and came besides me and said, “Sure” I stood up from my chair and bent on my knees.

Then I slowly unzipped his Levi’s Jeans and then his Jockey underwear. His cock was erect and 6” long. I slowly took it in my mouth and Shahrukh moaned. I started to move it up and down in my mouth. It was lovely. I was enjoying every moment of that. Then Shahrukh took off his T-shirt. On seeing his clean-shaven chest, I started to suck his cock harder ‘n harder. He kept moaning in pleasure. He was totally nude now. He then lifted me up and undressed my Levi’s jeans and took off my undergarments. Then he threw me on the bed on my stomach. He then started to lick my ass. I enjoyed every part of it and kept moaning in pleasure.

Then slowly he pressed his cock inside me. I moaned in pain and pleasure but he moved it in harder ‘n’ harder. He went up ‘n down for a while then he laid straight on the bed with his cock up and I knew that what was I supposed to do. I slowly pressed my ass on his 6” erect cock He pumped me up ‘n’ down ‘n’ up ‘n’ down. I kept moaning but he didn’t care for it. His one hand was pumping my cock and other slapping my ass.

He then turned back and invited me in his ass. I slowly injected my 6.5” cock in his ass. The moment was really enjoyable. Both were moaning in pain but the experience was out of the world. Both my hands were busy pressing his tits. I was really pressing his tits tightly and each time I pressed them he moaned.

Then I again bent down to suck his cock. Now I was sucking it harder. He was moaning loudly but I didn’t care. Ultimately he cummed. Then I lay on the bed and he sucked my cock and after a few moments of moaning I also cummed.

After that I put on my clothes and before leaving thanked Shahrukh for making my….. DREAM CUM TRUE !!!