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Shower Fun At The YMCA

By 18YrOld

submitted September 1, 1998

Categories: Tales From The Locker Room

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Rob was a rather attractive 18 year old. He had nice, firm biceps, rock-hard abs, well-defined pecs, and an enticing 6" cock. His smooth body was firm and built.

One day, after he finished his weight lifting workout at the YMCA, he went to the locker room. He removed his shirt, then his pants, then his sweaty jockstrap. He put his clothes in his locker, wrapped a towel around his waist, and headed for the showers.

When he arrived at the shower area, he unwrapped the towel from around his waist, revealing his flaccid piece of manhood. He noticed there was a rather attractive man in the shower area. He looked to be about 35 or 40 years old. He had brown hair, a flat although not washboard stomach, and a thick, 6 and 1/2 inch cock. Rob couldn't help but notice that his cock was almost as big as the man's thanks to two recent growth spurts he had experienced.

Rob turned on the shower head and began running his bar of soap all over his body. The silky lather felt so good on his member. He glanced over at the other man in the shower, and notice that the man was staring at his cock. Immediately Rob grew very hard. This 40 year old man was standing there, right next to him, admiring his 18 year old boy cock.

The man was surprised as Rob's cock grew erect. He looked Rob straight in the eyes and smiled. He walked over to Rob and began to rub his shoulders. Rob liked this very much and he found that he was strangely aroused by the man's massage. The man let his hands rub all over Rob's smooth body, eventually making their way to his rock-hard penis. He began to stroke Rob's dick very slowly, forming a fist around the penis as if he was jerking himself off. The soap combined with the man's motion sent a sensation through Rob's body that almost drove him wild. Rob let out a loud moan and the man knew he was doing it right. Rob began to buck his hips, signaling the man that he wanted it faster and harder.

The man didn't want the encounter to end so soon. He let go of the boy's cock, making sure his hand was still thoroughly soapy. He made sure his pointer finger was well lubed, reached down, slid his finger down the boys crack, and inserted his finger deep into the boys ass. Rob was now engulfed in pleasure. The man fingered the boy's ass for a few minutes, then he withdrew his finger. He took the boy's bar of soap, used it to lather up his dick, then he jerked his throbbing member in order to make sure it was rock hard. He massaged Rob's chest as he slowly slid his dick in between Rob's crack. The, with one swift motion, he plunged his cock into Rob's tight, virgin ass. He rocked his hips, sending waves of pleasure deep into Rob's ass. Within a few minutes, the man had all he could handle and he shot his warm, large load into Rob's ass. He had never experienced someone with an ass this tight.

The man quickly repositioned Rob in order to rinse the soap off of the boy's cock. He rubbed it a few times, causing a few drops of pre-cum to drip out of the head. Once the soap was off of the boy's cock, the man began to lick the very tip of Rob's cock. The he formed a seal around the boy's cock and began to suck like he had never done before. He continued playing with the boy's cock head with his tongue, and the boy quickly reached orgasm. His load shot all over the man's face, and the man quickly licked off what he could and rinsed off the rest.

The encounter soon ended, but every now and again if Rob and the man are in the shower's again, they quickly do their best to satisfy each other.

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