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Showers With My Uncle

By Crazy Ace

submitted December 11, 1997

Categories: Family Fun

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At the time of my story, my Aunt had been married to Mark for about a year and a half. They both lived in a trailer park, and on occasion I would visit them for weekends. Towards the end of their marriage (they eventually got divorced), I got to see my Uncle naked for the first time, and I liked what I saw.

We had been at the public pool, just him and I. He didn't have the most attractive face, but his body more than made up for that. He has dark blond hair, a muscular physique, and blonde hairs covered his chest and ran down to his crotch. After we had finished swimming, we went into the shower area to wash the chlorine off of ourselves, neither of us had brought a change of clothes, since his home had been barely five minutes away.

I finished washing myself off, and went to a bench to wait for him. While I was sitting on the bench, I was checking him out. Suddenly, he took his swimming trunks off. My jaw dropped as I saw his beautiful bubble butt. He turned around and I got a good eye full of his flaccid cock, which dangled limply between his legs. His cock hung over his balls, and was big, despite the fact that it was still flaccid. I had to keep the towel around me to hide my growing hard-on. This was my first taste of seeing his beautiful cock, and I knew I wanted more.

The opportunity didn't present itself until my mother and aunt decided to go and visit my other aunt, who lived two states away. They decided to leave me with my Uncle Mark for a week. I knew this was my opportunity to see him naked, if I played my cards right. My first night there with him alone was pretty boring, we rented some lame movies and he took a shower. The next morning I awoke to hear the shower running again, he was taking another shower. After he got out, he suggested that I take a shower, and gave me a short lecture on hygiene. I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom.

There was only one bathroom in their trailer, and it was small and cramped. The shower was in a bathtub, and the toilet was right next to that. I joked with myself, saying that I'd step out of the shower and my foot would fall into the toilet. About a minute into my shower, it hit my like a ton of bricks. I planned it all, while I finished my shower.

That day, on several different occasions, I played sick, acting like I had the runs (if you know what I mean) and I constantly went to the bathroom and just sat there, then flush and leave. It was the action that started my master plan.

That night when my Uncle went into the shower, I opened the door to the bathroom (it doesn't have a lock) and walked in. His head poked out of the shower curtain, and he asked what I was doing. I said that I had to use the bathroom, and he bought it. I sat there, in disbelief of what I was about to do, then I opened up the small hole I had made in the shower curtain, and peered inside. My uncle's cock was at my eye level, and I watched as the water trickled down his hairy crotch. I watched as his dick swayed back and forth lightly as he moved around to wash himself. My own cock grew, and I lightly stroked it. He then went to wash his cock, and I almost exploded. I sat there entranced until he cut the water off, then I knew I would get caught if he saw me here stroking myself. So I jumped up, pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. Then I left the bathroom quickly. I later jacked off that night, with visions of my uncle's cock in my mind.

This went on for several nights, and sometimes in the morning. I'd fake my illness, and watch him wash himself. It was now Thursday night, and my mother would be returning that Saturday. As usual I walked into the bathroom as he took his shower, and sat down. He didn't say anything, he was probably used to it by then. I took a minute to get myself in the best position on the toilet, then I opened up my peephole. I almost fell off the toilet when I saw my uncle's cock standing at attention. It was large and veiny, and it was thick. I'd estimate it to be around 8 inches long, and it had a big giant head. AND he was stroking it!!! My mouth got dry, and my breath grew shallow as I stroked my dick along with his strokes. I heard him lightly grunt from time to time, and I almost shouted with pleasure. I was about to shoot my load when I caught myself, knowing that I shouldn't do that here, I might get caught, that's when I heard him grunt once and then he shot a large load onto the shower floor. He grunted again and two more spurts came out. I waited until he was completely done, and I quickly snuck out of the bathroom.

That night I jacked off twice, but wondered if he knew I was there or not. Did he hear me enter? Had I caught him in the act? Or did he do it for me? I decided that it was an accident, and went to bed.

The next day was usual, but we decided to go see a movie since it was my last day. We went to a late showing, and got back late. Mark said that he was going to go take a shower, and I jokingly said that I'd join him in the bathroom. Then added that I wasn't feeling well, that the popcorn from the movie must've hit my stomach the wrong way.

He left for the bathroom and I heard the shower start running. I quickly tip-toed towards the bathroom, and the door was slightly ajar. I peered in just in time to see my Uncle's ass as he got into the shower. I waited for a second or two, then entered and took my place on the toilet. I took a second then opened up my little peep hole. I was delighted to see my Uncle stroking his cock again, although I hadn't given him enough time to make it fully hard. I stroked my own cock, which was already hard. I watched my Uncle as he stroked himself.

Then I was surprised when he turned around, his cock facing me. I stopped stroking, and hid my dick the best I could, I just knew that the shower curtain would come flying open. When I turned my attention back to the hole, my uncle's cock was sticking through it. I gasped, but said nothing. I was panic stricken, not believing that this was happening. I jumped when I heard my uncle say in a raspy voice, "Go on, suck it. I want you to!"

I didn't say anything, didn't move. He then starting moving his thick cock back and forth through the peep hole I had made, and commanded, "TAKE IT!" I broke my shock, and slowly, hesitantly took my hand up to his thick cock, and touched the head with my fingers. Uncle Mark moaned, and I wrapped my hand around his thick meat. I slowly jacked his cock in my hand, and I was loving it. The feel of his fleshy hard member in my hand, I had fantasized about this day since the public pool incident. He moaned again, and it was like a permission slip to do what I wanted. I grew braver, and licked his cock head, which already had a bead of precum on it. I licked his head again, and he moved his cock back and forth. I then took his cock head in my mouth, and licked around the head while it was in my warm mouth. He moaned again, this time louder and followed by a low, "Yeeesss."

Completely throwing all inhibitions away, I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth, and sucked the best way I knew how. I had some minor experiences sucking a friend of mine, but his cock was nowhere near this big and thick. My Uncle's moans were my motivation as I sucked his thick cock. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the moment. I suddenly felt a hand on my head, and opened my eyes to see my Uncle's hand from around the curtain.

With his hand, he stopped me from sucking his cock. I almost whimpered as his cock disappeared back into the peephole of the shower curtain, but I almost jumped for joy as the curtain was completely opened and I saw my Uncle's nude muscular sexy body. He then took my head with both of his hands, and proceeded to face-fuck me. He moaned with delight, and I joined him. I was jacking my cock quickly, trying to match the motions of my mouth getting fucked.

I shuddered quickly, as I shot my load all over the floor of the bathroom, and my Uncle groaned as well. He tipped his head back with pleasure, and I felt his cock grow in my mouth. He then shouted, "Oh yeah!" as his cocked pulsed in my mouth, and he shot his first stream of hot creamy cum into my mouth. Before I could even swallow that load, another stream of salty cum hit the back of my throat. My Uncle grunted as his next stream of cum unloaded into my full mouth. My mouth was full of his hot jizz, and some of it dripped down my face and chin. My Uncle took his cock from my mouth, and I swallowed his load. I smacked my lips in satisfaction as my uncle cut the shower off, and stepped out. His cock swayed in front of my face as he bent down and kissed my forehead. He then left and went to his room.

I went to bed that night, happy, and awoke the next morning, my mother there. I got up, and my Aunt asked my Uncle how our week was, he looked at me and smiled. "We managed to have a good time." I grinned, and thought it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Sadly, shortly after that, my Aunt and Uncle split up and got a divorce. He had been caught cheating on her with another woman. I haven't heard from my Uncle since, but I've been wanting to find him for a little reunion....

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