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Sleeping Cousin

By Flipside Joe

submitted August 20, 2002

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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I was eighteen years old the first time I touched another man's penis. I'd known since I was very young that I was gay and, although to this day I have not "come out" to anyone, I am certain that several friends and relatives have always had their suspicions and continue to wonder. Some I'm sure have already made up their minds and have simply accepted me for who I am. My cousin, Frank, however, knows the truth first hand.

We were poor growing up and at one point my family of six shared a three-bedroom house with my grandparents and two male cousins, who were brothers. You can imagine the cramped living conditions, but I certainly didn't mind, especially the sleeping arrangements.

I shared a small room with our two cousins--one, Jason, then 24; the other, Frank, then 29--both single. In our bedroom, we had a queen bed and a twin bed that, due to the size of the room, were pushed together toward the center creating a single massive bed. Even then, there was only about a couple of feet clearance on all the sides and at the foot of the bed from the wall.

I decided that my cousins were blessed with good genes as they were both ruggedly handsome with muscular bodies (attributed to growing up on a farm not to hours in the gym). Frank had always been the subject of my fantasies even then. To me, he had a maturity and exceptional manliness about him that had always impressed me. Rarely did I need pornographic magazines back then; I would simply picture Frank naked in my fantasies and my jack-off sessions would end in very enjoyable orgasms.

Prior to one fateful evening, I had only had one sexual 'encounter' with him. That is, if you can count spying on him from outside our bedroom window while he got dressed after having showered an 'encounter.' And I didn't even see much! Somehow, even though he was by himself, he kept his towel wrapped around his waist while pulling on a pair of briefs. At best, I was afforded an awesome sight of a very decent bulge clearly outlined on tight underwear as he finally would whip the towel off. Of course, the simple sight of his tight body as he walked around the room, drying off, was enough to make me violently jerk off right then and there, and blow my load right in the bushes.

But it was during one particularly warm summer evening when I finally got to go (my version of) 'all the way' with him. As usual, the three guys would sleep side-by-side on the massive bed--essentially, with my two cousins on one bed, while my brother and I occupied the other. For some strange reason, we had developed a sort of sleeping order where it would be Jason and me on each end with Frank in the middle. Since it was sweltering that evening, even with the windows open and the electric fan on high, the three of us slept with only our shorts on. As we were all getting to bed, I secretly ogled my cousins' -- particularly Frank's -- packages while they scurried about in the room. I lay on my stomach, effectively hiding my raging hard-on, while we all settled into sleep.

The heat had gotten the better of me, and I awoke at around two in the morning, sweating and completely uncomfortable. I sat up and took in the scenery. Jason was on his side, facing away from the center, and snoring. I was at once envious of his deep slumber. Frank was still and quiet, and I wasn't sure at that time if he was fully asleep. He lay flat on his back, his arms raised, with his hands on the back of his head. His legs were slightly spread which, because of his proximity to the silently oscillating fan at the foot of the bed, made for a really comfortable position.

In the dim light cast by the fan's little night light, I was suddenly awe-struck by Frank's physique. His folded arms casually flexed his well-developed biceps; his semi-hairy chest and six-pack abs stretched out in full regalia, and his crotch lay unprotected. I studied his crotch for a few minutes. Even in the low light, it was apparent Frank was well endowed. The smooth fabric of the cotton shorts he was wearing made every contour of his penis alluring and extremely inviting.

I suddenly found myself slowly reaching toward Frank's crotch, my heart beating so violently fast I was afraid it would burst. I allowed my hand to hover over his crotch, and moved it around in mid-air as if to caress it. I listened intently for Frank's breathing and, although I had my doubts, decided that he was fast asleep. In an instant, I let my cupped hand slowly make contact with his crotch, simply lying on top. Frank's penis was warm, felt large, and, to my delight, was evidently partially erect. I simply kept my hand on his crotch, not moving it, while I stared at his face to watch for any reaction. After about 30 seconds, and eliciting no response, I relaxed and relished in the pure pleasure of the simple touch.

A few minutes later, after mustering enough courage, I began slowly caressing Frank's crotch, moving my hand up and down, and around his gradually hardening penis. I was getting extremely aroused by the action and had to reposition my own partially erect manhood in my shorts with my other hand. My heart skipped when Frank let out a soft moan and jerked his hands free from the back of his head, letting his arms fall to his side. His right hand ended up touching his lower abs.

I immediately took my hand off his crotch, swung my arm to my side, and shut my eyes pretending to be asleep. I dreaded the possibility of Frank realizing what had been happening, and finding me out. I kept my eyes shut and tried my best to calm myself down. I laid prostrate for a couple of minutes only to be stirred by the hissing sound coming from Frank which sounded like a light snore. With that, I reveled in the opportunity to continue my exploitation of my .

At the prospect of actually getting away with it, I decided to pull out all the stops. I hunched over Frank's crotch and gingerly lifted the waistband. I took a peek but the ambient light source did not allow me to see anything substantial. The action did not cause Frank to stir, so I decided to be a even more daring. I gently pulled down on the waistband, pleasantly surprised at the loose fit of Frank's shorts, and successfully managed to expose his still semi-erect penis. In the dim light, I marveled at the plump piece of perfection that lay before me. Several times, Frank's penis twitched as if in response to some invisible titillation.

Having become more daring, perhaps as a result of the heat and the horniness I felt, I decided to go 'all the way' with Frank, and lowered my head toward his enticing cock. I opened my mouth and positioned my head so that the head of Frank's penis slid gently inside. The feel of Frank's cockhead and its light, salty taste made me ooze pre-cum out of my own engorged penis. I moved my head with surprising precision and easily enabled my mouth to engulf half of Frank's penis which, even though only partially erect, was too large and thick to swallow fully. As I gleefully played with his penis with my tongue, and gentle piston action with my bobbing head, Frank's penis sprang to life and was fully erect within seconds.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was sucking off my cousin--whom I've been lusting over for so long--and he didn't even know about it. Of course, this was my belief until I suddenly felt his hand grab the hairs from the back of my head. I froze in mid-suck, expecting my undoubtedly strong cousin to inflict excruciating pain on me for having discovered me taking advantage of him. To my shock, he slightly tugged at my hair then pushed it back down toward his then throbbing cock. With this aid, I continued my piston motion on his full erection until I noticed his scrotum rise and begin to constrict. He was still holding my head so I couldn't turn to look at him. I wanted to find out if he was possibly 'sleepwalking' through the fellatio, all the while maybe dreaming it was a beautiful woman giving him head. He again let out a light, almost stifled, moan, and I felt a huge shot of cum hitting the back of my throat. While I continued to suck his penis, he shot load after load of tasty, white spunk. I began to overflow after the third load but I'm pretty certain I swallowed most of it. Without so much as touching my own cock, I ejaculated into my boxers and felt the fabric immediately stick to my skin.

Frank loosened his grip on my hair, and I continued to lick his penis as it began to soften. I wanted to 'clean it up' because I didn't want any evidence of it in the morning. To my delight, Frank began to caress my hair and it made me relax. When I was satisfied that I'd slurped up all of the semen on and around his crotch, I finally looked up at Frank. I held my breath momentarily in total shock when I saw him staring at me with a goofy smile on his lips.

Frank didn't say anything when he let go of my hair and pulled his shorts up. He turned on his side facing away from me, got comfortable, and seemed to fall asleep right away as I sat on my side of the bed in disbelief. I laid down on my side, facing away from Frank, and allowed my reverie to slip from disbelief to satisfaction over the 'encounter.'

To this day, Frank has never said a word about that night to me and went about our subsequent interactions as if nothing had happened. Of course, he was always the quiet type and, to my knowledge, didn't really involve himself in gossip either, so I wasn't too concerned that he would blab about the event to anyone.

He got married two years later and is now a father of three.

I've had other encounters with men since then, but the blowjob I gave Frank that night will always be very special to me.