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Son's First Time With Dad

By Bryan

submitted June 12, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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I could hear the TV going out in the living room and I knew my father was out there watching it. I had been lusting over my dad for a long time now. I have had dreams us our two bodies going wild over each other. But out of fear of being turned down, I never asked him if he would have sex with me--until that day, when I knew he was in the living room. I must have been really horny that day because I could never find the nerve to do this on any other day.

I stripped off all my clothes except a white T-shirt and a pair of blue string bikini underwear. I walked out in the living room and laid down on the couch. He noticed me and asked me

"Why are you only wearing your underwear?"

"It's hot in here." I replied. He turned his head back to the TV. I looked at my cock and noticed that it was starting to get hard. I started to rub it with my right hand and I made a soft moan. He turned his head back to me.

"Oh this feels so good." I said as I continued to rub my hard dick. Some pre cum soaked up a spot on my bikinis and I smeared it to cover the entire front of them. My father got up and came over to the couch where I was and he sat next to me but didn't say anything.

I grabbed the straps of my bikinis and pulled them down. My 7 1/2 inch penis sprang out and some pre cum hit my dad's face. I pulled the bikini off of my body and I took off my shirt as well. I started to jack off in front of my father.

"You shouldn't do that in here." he said.

"Why not? Don't you jack off too?" I asked.

"You shouldn't do it in front of me." he replied. I continued to rub my cock.

"Oh this feels great! I can't take it anymore!" I said as sperm shot up my chest.

"Oh! Oh! Oh that was great!" I said as my body began to calm down. I took a my finger and dipped it in the cum on my chest. I put my finger in my mouth and tasted my cum.

"Do you want to taste my cum?" I said. My dad put his finger in my cum and tasted it as well.

"Mmmm....that is good." he said. I put both hands on my chest and began to smear my cum all over me. My dad took his hand and rubbed my chest. He then took his hand and stared to feel my cock. My dick stared to get hard again. My father took off all his clothes and got on top of me. He kissed my neck and then kissed my lips.

"Mmmmm...I love you so much." I said. My dad grabbed hold of both of my legs and lifted them up to my chest. Then he started to lick my asshole.

"I love the taste of your shit."

"I'll shit in your mouth some time." I joked.

"I would love that!" he said very seriously. He went back to my hole. He slipped one, then two, then three, then four fingers in my ass and pulled them in and out. He pulled his fingers out and licked the shit off of them. Then he slid his 9 inch cock all the way into my ass.

"Ohhh! I'm not sure if that feels good or bad." I said. He stared to pump his huge dick inside of me. With each pump he moaned. He was taking long strong pumps for a long time. He was pumping in me for at least a half an hour. My cock started to get soft again because I was getting bored.

"OHH!!!!" He yelled as he finally shot a huge load of sperm into me.

"Ahhh...I thought you'd never cum." I said smiling. The feel of my dad's load shooting up my body felt so good it gave me back a hard on.

Then my father turned around and sat on my cock. My 7 1/2 inches went all the way up his hole. He began to bounce up and down on my cock and I came with in 10 min.

"Oh dad that was so wonderful!" I said.

"I feel the same way. I want to do this more...a LOT more!"

"Me too. But what about mom?" I asked.

"We can tell her the truth. If she doesn't like it, she can leave."

We did tell my mom, but she didn't leave. She even liked what we were doing. It got her horny to watch us. She even taped us having sex many times and lots of times she joined in. Once in awhile I will have sex with just my mom, but the best times are with my dad.

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