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Straight and Hairy at the Video Arcade


submitted August 1, 2000

Categories: True Stories

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'Why did I even come here tonight' I thought to myself. Then again, I like the hot films at the adult video arcade, I like to hear one guy sucking off another, and mostly cuz I love to suck cock!!! And not just on any man. I go for the straight and/or bicurious men only. Of course it would be much easier if I sucked off gay men here. That would be a breeze cuz there are more gay men here than you can shake a stick at--or is it "shake a dick at". Besides, they're usually trolls, nellies or twinks. That's not for me. I look for wedding bands. OK, so maybe married men aren't always straight, but I can at least get off to the illusions of it. Oh, and the other things I look for are hefty bulges and hair – thick gorgeous chest and arm hair!!!

Anyway, it was another boring Sunday night, both at home and at the arcade. I'd been here for about 2 hours with nothing in sight but obvious and willing nellies and what I assumed were a couple straight guys who had both locked themselves in booths showing only straight films. Might be fun to watch them, except that by city ordinance, all "glory" holes were covered up with thick metal plates--and I mean all over town! All glory hole mongers in town were shit outta luck. Couldn't find a working glory hole anywhere--not the university campus, the garage restroom at the gallery mall, not even the old national chain department store (that no longer puts out a catalogue) downtown famous for the action in the men's room in a back corner of the second floor.

Er...where was I?

Oh yes, the arcade. I figured those 2 straight guys were not gonna let any homo play their skin flute so I figured I'd cruise the maze a couple times more and head out when suddenly I noticed one of the doors to a booth a straight guy had been using was open and the booth was empty inside. I walked around again hoping to spot someone I hadn't spotted before and to my surprise I found him entering another booth. He stood by the monitor with his hand on the door knob as if not sure he would stay in there. I walked up and leaned against the wall by his door and looked over at him. He turned and saw me, smiled, and gently closed the door. "CLICK" went the door lock. "FUCK~!!!" I thought to myself. I don't know if he was married but he went from one straight film booth to another so he must be straight. My cock was raging. I wanted him, but I guess he didn't want me. So I figured I'd hang around just outside his door and see if I could hear him unzip, or pull on his meat awhile, or something--anything to feed my jack off session tonight!!! The fact is all I could hear was the bitch on the monitor moaning and screaming.

Oh well, I thought. The prospect of fresh straight meat was an exciting thing but it wasn't gonna happen. And still I don't know why I continued to hang around.

Then after awhile, I heard the "click" of the lock. 'Oh shit, he's coming out' I thought. Only the door didn't open. I was confused. Had I just heard something I wanted to hear? Did he unlock the door hoping someone would come in and suck him off? The latter is what I wanted to believe and the only way to find out was to try the door. Thing is, there were a lot of fags hanging around who all heard the lock also. I hate to try a door and find it locked. It makes me feel like a dumb ass, but the payoff is great when it's unlocked and you take that risk.

I figured I was closest to the door and if I didn't do it, someone else would and they might get lucky and I'd feel like an even bigger dumb ass! So I went for broke. I gingerly grabbed the knob and slowly gave it a turn. It didn't stop! It kept turning! I slowly pushed the door in and poked my head in. There he was, leaning against the wall with his dick out and his hand over it. I stepped in and slowly closed the door behind me. He kept his cock covered by his hand. 'What if he decides he doesn't want this?' I wondered.

I stood there a minute or so turning from the monitor to him. He was pretty good looking. Stood about 5' 9", looked slim enough. Not a gym body but not a couch spud either. Dark hair, dark eyes, medium dark skin, nice shadow on his face, and his arms! Covered in long thin straight hairs. Bingo! I found me a hairy hottie! The more I looked at him, the more comfortable he became with me, until he finally uncovered his dick. I dropped to my knees before him and took his cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around it. Up close I could plainly see long pubic hairs poking out from the zipper. I had to see more. As I gently sucked him, I reached up to undo his pants and pull them down. What a fucking treat! His legs were so nice and hairy! I was going nuts~! I reached up under his shirt and felt his stomach covered in hair! I kept going on up to his chest and felt long thin straight hairs everywhere! I pulled up his shirt and licked up his pubes, his hairy stomach and reached up to his hairy nipples! This was the perfect specimen of man! I greedily sucked at his nips and he pulled back. I guess he didn't like that or he just wanted to be sucked off, so I went back down to his cock! It was hard and straight, with a nice thick vein running down from the top side of the base of the shaft on down to the middle where it jutted out to one side and back up towards the head--and I mean a nice thick vein! What a pleasure it was to suck these 7 inches of meat! Nice and girthy meat!!

I took him in my mouth down to the root and rubbed my chin on his hairy balls. I just had to have them. I pulled of his cock and reached my face under his balls and sucked them into my mouth from below. Just one filled my mouth with skin and hair and I sucked on it for all I was worth. I couldn't believe how hairy this man was down here. This intense heat washed over my entire body. I was high on him! I reached my tongue between his hairy thighs and below his hairy balls. I wanted to probe him deeper than I had any man before. He jerked back into the wall and let a heavy sigh escape. He liked it! I kept tonguing behind his balls with greater urgency and he jerked around reeling in the intense pleasure of it. I started moaning as I licked him and felt him struggling. He was trying to pull his leg out from his pants so I reached for his pants to help him out. Upon his release, he placed his foot on the banquet seat, giving me more room to really get in there and work him over. I shoved my face between his legs hungrily, and loudly, licking and sucking behind his balls. That little spot there was smooth and hairless even though his balls and crack were covered in hair. That turned me on even more. I couldn't believe how hairy this man was and how hot it was making me.

At this point I was on all fours, like a fawn reaching up to suckle it's mother's teat, only I was a horn dog sucking up to daddy's ass and loving every minute of it. I just kept at him, making him squirm until I felt his hand on the back of my head shoving my face in deeper between his legs. I kept sucking and licking and snarling enjoying the pleasure I was giving him. He grabbed me by the hair on my head and pulled me off him and urgently shoved his raging cock into my mouth. I sucked and sucked grabbing his ass cheeks and pulling him to me, urging him to fuck me! To fuck my mouth!! I felt his hands grab hold of my head as he thrust furiously into my mouth. I was in ecstasy having my mouth used as a pussy to provide this stud with pleasures his wife or girlfriend would never give him. And he just kept thrusting vigorously til he suddenly pulled out and turned away from me, grabbed his cock and started stroking it quickly. I knew he was getting ready to cum.

I threw my arm around his waist and shoved my face in front of his thigh. I reached my tongue out to feel his fingers pumping his meat, trying to get my tongue under his shaft in time to feel that tube underneath swell and pulse as his cum shot out through it. To my pleasure, he misunderstood. His hand grabbed me by the side of my face as he turned my head toward him while turning his cock into my face. Instantly his cock went into my mouth and jets of cum splashed onto my tongue. He just pulsed and pulsed and the hot thick gooey juice just puddled beyond what my tongue could hold. I didn't breath. I just knelt there receiving his seed til he pulled out of my mouth. I backed off, confused and bewildered, watching him holding his dick in one hand squeezing the head and scraping off excess cum off of it with the index finger of his other hand. I turned my head to spit his cum out on the floor and pulled my shirt front up to wipe my tongue on it. I'd never let a man shoot in my mouth before, but this time I'd lost control and he'd taken over. As I continued to wipe up and he put himself back into his pants, I realized I had cum in my pants, never even having touched my dick at all. I just know it happened as he shot in my mouth.

As he reached for the door, me still on the floor, I looked up and said "Thank you." And out he went.

I went back every Sunday night around the same time in hopes of running into him again. Did I? Maybe I'll tell you if you write to me at JX1964@aol.com and let me know if you liked the story or not and maybe share one of your experiences with me. Be sure to put "MOTN Story" on the subject heading, otherwise your mail may just be mistaken for spam and be deleted.

Stayed tuned next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel!