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Straight Men Experiment

By Bryan

submitted August 1, 2000

Categories: Family Fun

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My dad and I have been living together for a month now in our new apartment. During that time we have gotten to know each other very well. We're both straight but one night things got a little exciting. There is only one bedroom and one bed in our small apartment so we sleep together. I remember one night when it was 5:00am and both of us were in bed and neither of us could sleep. We both sleep in just our boxers but on hot nights we sleep naked together. This was a hot night. And we didn't have any clothes on or covers so I could see his entire nude body and he could see mine. He looked at my cock and it was hard. He asked me what he was thinking about and I said "I was just wondering about what it would be like to make love to another man." Hearing me talk like that was making him hard. "Why don't we try it?" he said. "Hell no! I'm not gay!" "So what? Neither am I but we might as well see what it feels like." I finally agreed and he got on top of me. He leaned down and began kissing my neck. He then moved down and started kissing and licking the nipples on my hairless chest. Then he got off of me and said "Well you wanted to know what it would be like so go ahead" and he bent over. I moved toward his tight ass. I began to feel his sweet lips on his ass and then I kissed them. My tongue entered his hole and I could taste the bitter but wonderful flavor of his shit.

Pre-cum was dripping out of my cock and I knew I was ready to shoot my load. I brought my extremely hard cut cock to his hole and forced it inside. It was so warm and tight that I almost shot my load with the first pump. I slowed down so I wouldn't cum so quickly and I began thrusting my hips slowly. I was pretty much under control until I heard my dad moaning with pleasure. That got me really horny and I began to breathe harder and my hips were moving faster. I couldn't hold it any longer. An indescribable amount of pleasure shot through my body and I pumped all of my sperm into my dad. After I was done I pulled my dick out and cum came leaking out of his ass. I grabbed a handful and smeared it over my dad's chest and face. Then I took my cum and began to jack my father off. As I did this he grabbed my head and French kissed me. We continued to kiss until he shot his huge load all over my body. I looked at his cum on me and began to play with it, spreading it as far as it would go on my body. "Should we take a shower before we go to sleep?" I asked, "No I'm too tired. Let's just go to sleep" he said and he hugged me. We laid down in each other's arms. Our hairy legs wrapped around each other. A half-hour passed and we could feel the cum on our bodies were dry and that made the skin on our chests stick together. "Dad?" I asked quietly to see if he was awake. "Yeah?" he answered. "That was really great. Do you think we could do it every night?" "Count on it" We didn't go on to do it every night. We did it every day and night. At least 5 times a day.

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