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Straight White Men Crave To Be Black Balled Too

By Jonn

submitted August 14, 2000

Categories: Interracial

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In my late twenties I had an encounter that forever changed my sexual outlook. I went black in a big way and ever since I have developed a craving to take a black man's dick even though most of my sexual experience has been with women.

"Darrell" a tall, hard looking black guy in his twenties and I had been playing pool in a tavern for drinks. Even though I am pretty good at the game he took control of the table & blew me away. Afterwards I found that I didn't have the money to buy drinks from the bar & offered to bring him back to my place instead. He looked annoyed and said that whatever I had back home had better be good.

When we got back I served him several beers which he drank with disdain because he preferred malt liquor. He had found a porn mag which showed a blonde woman getting her twat stuffed by a huge black stud's tool. "Watching white bitches getting their pussies torn up turns you on?" he asked, to which I replied "yeah, that sure looks hot", as I glanced at the rising bulge in his jeans. "Is yours as big as the one in the magazine?" I asked.

"Check it out yourself." He stood up as I knelt between his legs and pulled out his huge member which made my 9 incher look small in comparison. "Suck on it like a good white boy" he commanded. Before that night was through he would come in my mouth 3 times and fucked my ass in every imaginable position. The sex was rough, he pounded my white ass good while spanking my ass cheeks and even pulled my hair while he rode me hard. He called me a bitch, pussy, and other names while he punished me, which only made me hotter knowing that I was letting this black stud dominate me and make me his sex slave. Since then we had sex three more times and each time he reinforced my willingness to serve his masterful black dick.

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