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Subway Sex

By Ebbtide77

submitted July 28, 2000

Categories: Public Places

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God what an awful day! This morning, my lover and I had a huge fight over nothing at all, which ended with him throwing my portfolio at me and slamming the apartment door in my face. And he was leaving that afternoon for a weeklong business trip, so we wouldn't get the chance to talk about it (or do anything else) until he got back. At work, my boss was as bitchy as she's ever been. None of the architectural drawings I did were good enough or done fast enough for her, but at least she left at 3 PM for a late appointment.

Then, to top it off, my 4 o'clock appointment was late. I let the rest of the staff go at 4:15PM, and so I spent the half-hour or so until my appointment finally showed up surfing the net and chatting with guys online. I traded pics with a few hot guys I met in "Str8Jocks" (of course, none of them were straight either, but don't we all love the fantasy of seducing a straight jock). My pics were very popular, and why not? I'm 26, 6' tall, weigh 180 pounds, and have long, blond hair and piercing green eyes. I go to the gym 4 days a week, working my body to perfection, and God graced me with a nice, almost 8" long, thick uncut cock. My pics, showing me naked, hard and working my balls (which I keep shaved, along with my hole) are very popular. In fact, a couple of guys started sending them around as their own, until I put my screen name on them.

So, we traded pics and fantasies about locker rooms, teammates, and "girlfriends". I got daring, and pulled out my cock right there in the office and stroked myself a little, but didn't cum. I didn't know what time my appointment might show up, and the smell of cum in an enclosed space can be very distinctive. He finally showed at about 4:45, and after 15 minutes walked out again, deciding that our firm was not "hot" enough to design buildings for him (my boss would be really pissed when I told her tomorrow, but, what the hell).

So, there I was at 5 o'clock, horny as hell, with no one at home to do anything about it with. So, I went upstairs to the gym located in the building, to work out some of my "frustrations". Of course, that didn't help. With all the hot men there, muscles bulging, sweating, grunting, straining, I always leave the gym hornier than I get there, and tonight was no exception. I took a quick shower, and since it was hot as hell outside, I decided not to put my "work drag" back on. I left my business suit in my locker, put back on my running shorts, T-shirt and sneakers, grabbed my portfolio of drawings, and headed for the subway and my empty apartment. When I got to the platform at 34th Street, I was surprised to see it crowded with people. I looked at my watch, which said it was almost 7 PM, then I heard the announcement. There had been a stalled train at West 4th Street, and all trains were delayed. I turned to the person standing next to me, to ask how long he had been waiting, but the words didn't come out.

He was fucking gorgeous! About 20 years old, he was as dark as I was fair, with jet black hair and deep blue eyes. As tall as me, and every bit as built. Wearing a pair of cut-offs and a tank top, which showed every muscle and cut. He was as smooth as I am, which has always been a big turn-on for me. I was speechless, standing there with my mouth open. He smiled, blushed, winked at me, and I turned beet red. Then I noticed him staring at my crotch, which had filled out noticeably since I locked eyes with him. Surreptitiously, he licked his lower lip and grinned at me again. I noticed the front of his shorts also getting a little more prominent. As he opened his mouth to say something, we both heard the sound of a train entering the station.

Now, for those of you who have never had the pleasure of riding the "A" train in New York City, there is a fine art to getting onto a crowded subway car. It's called "every man for himself". Pushing, shoving, worse than a once-a-year sale at the biggest department store you can think of, especially when people have been waiting for a while at the platform. So I was surprised when, as we surged forward to get into the train, he stepped aside to let me be the next one on, especially since there was only room for one more person. The right side of my body was jammed up against the partition separating the door opening from the seats, my portfolio in front and to the left of me. Just as the bell sounded signaling the closing of the doors, he jammed himself in behind me, and the doors slid shut behind him. With the doors behind us, the partition to our right and my portfolio in front of me and to our left, it was like we were in our own little private room, hidden from view from our waists to the floor.

The subway jolted forward, driving my butt back into his crotch, where I could feel he was rock hard. He leaned forward, and whispered into my ear "Sorry". I turned my head, flashed him a smile, and said "no problem" as I ground my butt against him. The motion of the subway crushed our bodies together as we headed toward 42nd Street. His cock was throbbing slightly, and I decided to have a little fun. I reached back with my right hand and found his bulge. Squeezing and massaging his cock through his shorts, I was rewarded by the sound of his low moan. Getting even more brazen, I reached for the clasp on his cut-off jeans, popped it open, and slid down his zipper. I reached inside and pulled his cock out of the waistband of his briefs (bikinis, as I later found out), and trapped it upright against my ass crack, which was still covered by my nylon running shorts. As the doors on the opposite side of the car opened at 42nd Street, even more people crowded into the car. I rubbed my ass up and down against his cock, and he moaned again, his hard-on throbbing even harder.

As the doors closed, he reached for my hips and pulled at the waistband of my running shorts, dropping them to my knees. Again, my portfolio blocked this from anyone's view. His thick shaft repositioned itself against my now naked crack. As we headed toward 59th Street, the motion of the train kept us humping into each other, and our sweat and the precum leaking from his cockhead greased up my crack better than the best lube I've ever used. He was moaning in my ear, every once in a while sticking his tongue in there or biting at my earlobe, and humping against me. I was pushing back against him for all I was worth. The fact that there were wall-to-wall people in the subway car and no one knew what was going on made it even hotter for us both.

As the doors opened at 59th Street (again, on the other side of the car), he leaned forward and asked "What stop do you get off at?" I murmured "190th Street" and he said "Good", I'm going all the way to 207th." I flexed my knees, rubbing his cock up and down the full length of my ass crack to show that I was glad we were not going to have to stop what we were doing for a while. "Next stop, 125th Street" was the announcement from the conductor, "Stand clear of the closing doors." As the doors closed and the train lurched forward, my tall, dark, subway lover lost his balance, and had to flex his knees to keep from falling. As he did, his cock slid down to the bottom of my crack. He raised himself up to regain his balance as the subway lurched again, and the head of his cock popped into my asshole. I gasped out loud, and he froze inside me. He leaned forward and said "Sorry", and started to pull out. I reached around, grabbed his butt with my free hand and whispered "Wait a second". With my left hand, I reached into a small pocket in the top of my portfolio, and (making sure I wasn't seen) pulled out a rubber. (All right, I'm a slut, but at least when I play, I play safe) Handing it to him, he opened the foil coin, sheathed his cock, and held the head at my hole again. I pushed myself down, driving his now rubbered dick deep into my hot, horny, moist butt. "Oh, god" he moaned into my ear, "are you sure about this?" I flexed my ass muscles, milking the length of his shaft, and nodded my assent.

The next three miles of that subway trip were the hottest, sexiest three miles of my life. There we were, surrounded by people, none of whom knew that he was fucking my ass hard and deep. It was, without doubt, the best fuck I have had, before or since. Every bump and swerve of the subway train caused his dick to probe into new, deeper areas of my butt. And since the doors on our side of the car wouldn't open until 168th Street, we could keep it up for a while.

We held still and tight together at 125th Street, his cock buried deep in my ass, lest someone wonder why we were moving and bouncing even though the subway was at a stop in the station. The train sped the next mile to 145th Street, and I sped up the motion of my butt and muscles, working him harder and faster. As the train rounded the curve into the 145th Street station, he whispered into my ear "I'm gonna cum". I felt his thick tube spasm over and over again in my butt, dumping his load into the rubber buried deep inside me. He grabbed my biceps to keep from collapsing under the power of his orgasm. For my part, I kept up the motion of my ass, up and down, side to side, draining his balls of every drop of sperm.

As the doors opened at 145th Street, several people exited the car. All of a sudden, there was no reason for the two of us to be pressed against each other in the corner. With my portfolio still in front of me, I slid off his dick. He pulled up my shorts, and then his own, leaving the now filled rubber on his cock. At that point, I turned around, stuck out my hand and said, "Hi, my name is Evan." He laughed out loud, and said "Scott, nice to meet you." For the next 4 stops, until 190th Street where I was going to be leaving the train, we kept our eyes locked on each others, and chatted about what had brought us to this point - me about the fight I had with my boyfriend, him about his girlfriend, and how he was trying to figure out how to tell her he was gay.

When the doors opened at 190th Street, I stepped outside, turned around and said, "Well, aren't you coming? After all, I still haven't shot my load." He broke into a broad grin, and stepped out onto the platform as the doors closed behind him. Taking his hand, I led him up the stairs and into the street. Off we went to my apartment... but that's for another time.

[This is the first in a series of stories that I have planned regarding things that have happened to me on, under and above the streets of New York. If you enjoyed it, please let me know. E-mail me at Ebbtide77@hotmail.com]

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