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Sucking Off Straight Guys

By sx5x

submitted July 9, 2001

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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My partner was overseas and I soon got bored and horny. I had always had a secret fascination of being a cocksucker for straight guys so just for fun I posted an ad in a local internet board saying 'Discrete cocksucker seeks masculine well hung straight/bi/curious men who want their dick sucked while I'm on my knees. No reciprocation needed just drop your hot load in my mouth'.

To my surprise I got heaps of offers! Gay guys, bi guys, straight guys all wanting to shoot their load. My curiosity got the better of me and so I started messaging with some of the most promising straight guys and after a few hot and graphic messages made my first date.

Peter was a 45 y.o. married guy with 2 kids and “a really large dick all yours to suck while on your knees”. He came to my flat, took off his jacket and told me to drop down and start sucking.

I caressed his very promising bulge, opened his jeans and saw his semi hard beautiful cut dick all waiting for my hot lips around it. I took it all in mouth and started a slow teasing suction and felt his dick getting harder by every lick. Soon it grew to a massive thick 9 inches and I really had to open my mouth wide to accommodate his huge tool. By now he was really into being sucked, he took hold of my hair and started fucking my face and giving me more and more of his cock. I was in cocksucking heaven with this straight guy pumping in and out of my mouth.

I took my own cock out of my pants and started jerking off and I was so turned on by his massive tool deep inside me that I came within minutes, even though I tried to hold back. I shot my load all over his shoes and the floor but he didn't even notice as he was too busy fucking my face. My dick stayed hard as I continued receiving his dick deep in my throat. I loved the way he rammed his thick cock into my greedy mouth! He kept pumping for another 15 minutes and then rewarded me with an amazing hot load. I swallowed it all and licked his dick clean and sucked the last drop of his delicious cum.

He zipped his jeans, thanked me for a fab blowjob and left.

The next day, I was back at the computer and got a message from a hot 21 y.o. bi guy who wanted to drop his load that evening. I gave him the address and he soon arrived. He was a good-looking tall kid and within a minute he was laying on the bed with me on my knees in front of him. I took his nice soft cock in my mouth and it soon grew to a beautiful 7 inches of young hard meat. He took hold of my head and started pumping his hips and thrusting his tool deep in my mouth and we soon found a perfect rhythm where I was sucking his dick and he was fucking my face.

His cock was just perfect! He took off his shirt revealing a muscled hairy chest and told me to lie down on the bed. He then sat on chest and guided his rock hard dick into my mouth and started fucking my face real good. This studboy really knew how to turn me on! He placed his legs on top of my hard dick and kept pumping his lovely dick in and out of mouth until he blew a nice big load and I was in cum heaven as I felt him shooting deep in my mouth. His cum tasted so good that I wanted another load!

He took his dick out and I lovingly sucked out the last drop of cum and then slowly licked his cock a couple of times. He stayed rock hard and I was soon sucking him real good again and I loved it! I kept on rubbing his beautiful hairy chest, teasing his nipples and his tight butt, all the time looking up to him and seeing him watching his dick slide in and out of my wet, hungry mouth.

Soon he asked 'Do you want more of my sperm cocksucker?' I could only nod with my mouth full of his dick and seeing this he said, 'OK faggot here it comes - swallow it all!' and let loose. I took it all in, kissed his dick and thanked him.

By this time I was completely hooked on straight dick and wanted more!

The next one I met on the net was a straight married British 27 y.o. guy who only wanted his dick sucked while he was drinking beer and sitting with me in between his legs on the floor giving him head. That sounded good to me so he came over, I gave him a beer, he opened his zip, sat down and told me to get to work. He had a really nice uncut 7.5 inches of prime meat and I was soon ecstatic with his now rock hard tool in my mouth. I blew him good and well for half an hour while he drank his beer and didn't say a word, just enjoyed the royal blowjob he was getting from a perfect stranger. I played with his cock, trying out different techniques, going slow and going fast, working my tongue over his head and giving pressure suction. I was being used as a total cockslave bitch and I loved it. My dick was burning in my pants and I knew I'd cum as soon as I felt his hot load hitting my mouth. I couldn't get enough of his gorgeous fat dick and kept on sucking until I felt him tighten and then he blew a tasty thick load and made me swallow it all by holding my head tight on his dick. I came at the same time as I was swallowing his juices.

To be continued! sx5x@hotmail.com