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Superhero MuscleMan rapes Doug

By Derek Flex

submitted August 29, 2000

Categories: Super Heroes

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Episode One – Raping Doug

Brock Garrett (a.k.a. MuscleMan) drove through town with a slight smirk on his face. He had just learned the identity of the stud at the gym whom he had earlier muscled into whimpering submission. The guy’s name was Doug. He had just moved into an apartment on the south side of town.

The gym owner said Doug was usually a nice guy. Kinda quiet. The altercation began today when Doug and another guy began to argue about using some equipment. After a while, Doug became pretty irritated at the little twip who was being quite unreasonable. Finally, Doug snapped, and just grabbed the guy and started choking. If it weren’t for MuscleMan intervening, Doug could have killed the guy, the gym owner said.

MuscleMan needed to pay Doug a little visit to make sure he picked on someone his own size (or bigger).

Brock pulled his convertible Beemer up to the apartment house and made his way to Doug’s door. He was wearing baggy clothes over his superhero suit.

After a long wait, Doug approached the door. Through a window next to the door, Brock could see Doug zipping up his pants as he came to the door. He was still shirtless, but now was wearing blue jeans. Doug opened the door.

Doug couldn’t tell that Brock was MuscleMan, but he could tell that Brock was taller and bigger than he was. He tried to flex his pecs a little, to impress Brock a little and to assure himself.

Brock was impressed. The muscle moved in waves across Doug’s pecs.

“I’m here to ask a few questions about that incident at the gym,” Brock said as he cleared his throat. Doug said nothing. “Mind if I come in?” Brock asked. Doug motioned Brock in. For some reason he was unable to say “No.”

As soon as the door was closed, Brock took off his baggy clothes, revealing his MuscleMan suit. Doug’s knees buckled as he realized who was standing before him.

“MuscleMan,” Doug gasped. MuscleMan stood motionless as Doug ran his unbelieving eyes up and down his gargantuan body. MuscleMan moved closer to Doug and grasped his hands. Doug winced as MuscleMan began to demonstrate his unreal strength. Both men’s arms moved up above their heads, fully extended. MuscleMan easily began forcing Doug lower. Doug strained, resisting as hard as he could.

“Bow before me when you use my name,” MuscleMan said to Doug.

Doug had never really met a man who was stronger than himself, until now. And now that he had met MuscleMan, he found himself exploring new feelings that he never new he had the capacity to feel. Like lust for another man.

Doug slowly moved to the floor, under Brock’s mighty force. Brock’s arms bulged through the fabric of his suit. His lats flared wide as he forced his victim lower. Doug’s eyes widened as he saw and experienced the awesome strength of MuscleMan. Finally Doug’s knees met the floor. MuscleMan released his grip. Doug remained on his knees before the Herculean man who towered over him.

“You think you are pretty powerful, don’t you Doug,” MuscleMan said. “Well, you’re about to get a lesson in what REAL muscles are like.” MuscleMan grinned as he gazed upon the muscular stud kneeling before him. His penis began to grow and precum once again moistened his suit.

MuscleMan slowly began to remove his superhero suit. His penis continued growing as he anticipated Doug’s reaction to seeing his bare, flexing, enormous muscles. Within a few seconds, he was totally nude. His overwhelming body elicited a disbelieving gasp from Doug. MuscleMan bent down and placed one finger under Doug’s chin, lifting him up slowly. Doug’s eyes became glued to the fuckin’ massive piece of prime, lean beef that made up MuscleMan’s gargantuan arm. By the time he was standing fully erect, Doug found his hands had almost involuntarily moved up onto MuscleMan’s bulging arm. They began to move smoothly over the rippling flesh of Brock’s bicep. Brock grinned slightly. His fantasy was cumming true.

Brock was extremely taken by Doug’s good looks. He had symmetry to kill. Full, thick, lean muscles bulged everywhere on Doug’s hard body. And Doug’s day-old beard sent Brock’s heart racing. He was drop-dead handsome.

Doug moved his hand all over MuscleMan’s rock-hard arm, feeling every inch of lean, bulging muscle fiber. Doug’s fingers stopped as they moved onto Brock’s tricep area. Doug’s heart was beating a million beats a minute as his hands fondled MuscleMan’s gigantic horseshoe. MuscleMan began to flex it now. It grew under Doug’s hand.

MuscleMan brought his hands out to one side and hit a side biceps pose. The giant, defined slabs of meat on his arms bulged. The stud began feeling MuscleMan’s guns and became weak with envy. MuscleMan flexed his arms more, bending and straightening them as his biceps rippled with thick pulsing muscles. The stud’s hands trembed as they squeezed these fucking huge hunks of flexing, thick beef. MuscleMan bulged his guns to unreal proportions, all the while the stud worshipped them and caressed them as the rock-hard muscles moved under his fingers.

“Fuckin’ holy mother,” Doug gasped as MuscleMan continued to flex his immense arm. Doug began to sprout a hardon under his jeans. MuscleMan’s arm bulged and flexed as Doug felt its 24 inches of solid, bulging muscle. MuscleMan’s boner was fully erect. This reality was better than the earlier fantasy.

MuscleMan began a posing routine that, within minutes, caused Doug’s hands to move all over his naked flexing body. Doug’s eyes were wide as he felt Brock’s thick pecs, his enormous shoulders, his bulging traps, his immense arms, his individual mountainous ab muscles, his monstrous quads, his fuckin’ rock-hard glutes. Doug’s hands lingered on MuscleMan’s glutes for quite a while. He tried to stand on his tiptoes so he could kiss MuscleMan as he felt his glutes. His tongue stuck out slightly as he strained to insert it into MuscleMan’s mouth. MuscleMan resisted. It was so HOT!

MuscleMan’s penis was now at full erection. Precum flowed out of the mushrooming head, over the lip, and slowly made its way down the thick, muscular shaft.

As Doug got off on MuscleMan’s glutes, the two men embraced. Then, MuscleMan made his move. In one, quick movement, MuscleMan grabbed the top of Doug’s jeans and began to pull them apart. His triceps bulged under Doug’s feeling hands as he forced the fabric from Doug’s lower body. Doug looked down to see that he was now totally naked. The two men stood in front of each other, both of them lusting after the other.

MuscleMan moved his fingers onto Doug’s growing penis and brought it to a full erection by gently touching it in just the right places. Doug moaned with pleasure.

MuscleMan moved close to Doug, bending his knees and nuzzling up close. Doug snuggled in too. The two men began to kiss. MuscleMan slipped his tongue inside Doug’s mouth and gently explored his oral cavity. Doug nearly swooned. He explored MuscleMan’s vast body with his hands as MuscleMan frenched him. Within seconds, Doug began to cum. His knees buckled and MuscleMan had to prop him up with his strong arms as he ejaculated. MuscleMan spread his legs and placed Doug’s squirting penis between his quads and began flexing them, gently masturbating Doug with his mighty colums of quad muscle.

Doug nearly fainted as he came in Brock’s arms. It was the most forceful, erotic orgasm he had ever had.

As Doug’s cum moistened the inner side of MuscleMan’s legs, MuscleMan began to move closer and closer to his own orgasm. His penis was stiff and ready. MuscleMan knew he could hold off no longer. He firmly moved Doug away from his own warm body and pushed him down so his mouth met his cock. Doug continued to jerk out a few, last spurts of semen as his lips wrapped themselves around MuscleMan’s puffy, thick penis head. Doug instinctively knew just how to move his tongue to the sensitive spot on the outside edge of MuscleMan’s penis. He slowly began to caress MuscleMan’s sex spot with his tongue, gently kissing and sucking on his mushrooming head as he did so.

MuscleMan tightened his whole body and began to writhe in ecstasy. He moaned and groaned, breathing heavily. He made every effort to hold off the orgasm, resisting Doug’s erotic tongue as best he could. He extended his arms wide, and then brought his hands up behind his head and tightened his mega-muscular body once again. Doug looked up as he gently sucked MuscleMan’s penis. He almost gagged as he watched MuscleMan pose his enormous body into the most erotic display of muscle imaginable. The definition on MuscleMan’s body was unbelievable! Every muscle fiber on MuscleMan’s unreal body was visible. MuscleMan squinted his eyes in blissful pain as he continued to hold off his orgasm. Doug slowly crept his thick lips up MuscleMan’s large rod, tightening the penis skin as he went. Doug could feel MuscleMan’s swollen penis head as it hit the back of his mouth. Doug placed his fingertips on MuscleMan’s giant balls and began to gently tickle the sex spot at the base of the genitals.

“Ohhhhh!” MuscleMan began to yell. “Feel my fucking gigantic muscles, you puny wimp!” MuscleMan’s penis exploded with hot bursts of cum into Doug’s mouth. Doug sucked hard. He swallowed fast as the huge amounts of semen squirted down his throat. MuscleMan’s dick throbbed with each firm jerk of jizz. Doug absolutely loved the sensation. MuscleMan’s orgasm was rhythmic and laborious. He moaned with each hard ejaculation. His fantastic body moved with every jerk of cum. His muscles flexed with each shot of milk.

Doug began to jerk anew as he experienced the fullness of MuscleMan’s orgasm. His jizz spewed onto the floor as MuscleMan’s filled his mouth.

Then, to finish with a grand climax, MuscleMan withdrew his squirting penis from Doug’s mouth. He picked Doug up, seemingly effortlessly, and placed him face-down, draping his body over the end of a couch. Doug’s ass stuck up into the air, his soccer-ball sized glutes inviting MuscleMan in. MuscleMan moved close to Doug’s butt, his penis squirting gobs of cum onto his muscular ass. MuscleMan grimaced as he inserted his throbbing dick into Doug’s ass. Doug let out a yell as his ass was forced open by MuscleMan’s huge penetrating cock. MuscleMan moved into Doug effortlessly. He pushed all the way in and then continued ejaculating. Doug moaned in pain as MuscleMan’s meat vibrated inside him, depositing burst after burst of warm, milky cum. MuscleMan filled Doug for a few minutes, occasionally striking a pose and feeling his own gargantuan muscles as he ejaculated. The combination of raping muscular Doug and posing for himself sent MuscleMan into another robust round of orgasmic bliss. He bit his lower lip as he whipped Doug’s ass with his stiff, muscular rod. His muscles flexed and pumped as he continued raping Doug. He moved his cock in and out of Doug’s ass. The semen sloshed loudly as MuscleMan pushed and pulled his rod back and forth. It was a beautiful marriage of ass and rod.

Doug began to whimper. This turned MuscleMan on all the more, causing him to fill Doug with even more juice.

MuscleMan straightened his legs. His dick lifted Doug off the arm of the couch. Doug yelled. MuscleMan moved his massive arms down and grabbed Doug’s waist, supporting the stud with both his arms and dick. Doug was not touching the couch. MuscleMan stood on his tiptoes as he finished his climax. His arms bulged as he held Doug, suspending him in midair. Doug writhed in pain as MuscleMan held him helpless, once again.

Finally, MuscleMan was finished. He lowered Doug to the couch and slowly pulled his still-stiff rod out of Doug’s ass. It made a popping sound as it emerged from Doug’s cave. The two men moved to the floor and embraced as they relaxed.

MuscleMan had taught Doug a lesson he would never forget. However, MuscleMan soon realized that Doug benefited from an occasional brush-up on that lesson.

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