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Superman And The Stallion


submitted June 23, 1998

Categories: Sci-Fi Fantasy

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Stallion had spent months tracking Superman and it finally had paid off. It was at the park that Stallion had discovered that Clark Kent was the Man of Steel. Stallion had seen him remove his red and blue suit and stash it under an enormous boulder.

A call to the Man of Steel had set up the meeting; Superman as Clark was coming to a vacant house Stallion was using, ostensibly to get information on the town's biggest crime ring. Stallion's house was in a dangerous part of town near the waterfront where the Man of Steel believed the gang hid out. Stallion had told the Man of Steel to come alone, he didn't want Lois Lane around, and had told him what to wear so he would not be too conspicuous. How can a man so tall and so beautiful not be conspicuous? But when Stallion's doorbell rang and he opened the door, there was the Man of Steel dressed in a skin-tight black tank top, ripped jeans and boots. the Man of Steel had even added his own touches: black leather wrist and arms bands. His basket was bulging and Stallion was sure that he could see the outline of the Man of Steel's cock.

The sight made Stallion instantly weak and he grabbed the Man of Steel's arm as he led him inside. The Man of Steel tingled as Stallion grabbed his arm because Stallion was wearing a kryptonite band on his wrist. The Man of Steel did not know what was happening and he suddenly felt confused and aroused; his super cock began to stir in its tight confines and he felt light-headed. Suddenly it was the Man of Steel who was holding onto Stallion almost being dragged down a dark hall towards a door at the end. When they reached the doorway, Stallion kicked it open and easily pushed the Man of Steel inside; the Man of Steel was caught off guard and stumbled into the room, falling to his knees. Dazed and confused, the Man of Steel realizing that he had lost his super powers shrieked, What is happening to me? Why are you doing this? Who are you?"

Stallion was astride the Man of Steel in an Instant now towering over the helpless and powerless Superman. "I am wearing a kryptonite band and the walls of this room are painted with kryptonite. Your super powers are gone and your invulnerability soon will be also." Superman suddenly realized that the dim room was glowing green and that he could barely lift his head from the floor. Stallion sat down on Superman's chest with a force that knocked the breath from the Man of Steel's lungs and caused a bolt of pain to shoot through the Man of Steel confirming that his vulnerability too was gone. Stallion grabbed Superman by the chin lifting his head off the concrete floor, bringing it inches from his own.

"Get ready Superman. I'm gonna have the night of my life. You are mine now Superman. Your super powers and invulnerability are gone. You are nothing more than a beautiful muscleman. I will dominate you, I will humiliate you, I will control you."

Stallion shoved a bottle under Superman's nose containing liquid red kryptonite. Superman had no choice but to inhale deeply and Stallion did the same. Immediately the Man of Steel felt the surge of sexual energy throughout his massive body as his body trembled from head to toe. His super cock wanted to burst out of its confinement. The once all-powerful the Man of Steel violently began to shake and quiver at every muscle and gasp for breath.

"On your knees Superman" Stallion commanded "and strip!" Slowly the Man of Steel raised himself shakily, he untied and removed his boots, tugged his tank out of his jeans and pulled it over his head. Stallion could not believe the beauty of Superman's chest already covered with a thin coat of sweat. The high proud pecs as hard as marble each with a perfect silver-dollar nipple taut and erect. There was not a hair on the Man of Steel's chest all the way to his navel. His abs were more like ten paks with deep dented ridges defining each one. Stallion grabbed the Man of Steel by his armpits so Superman could remove his jeans; Superman knew would not have been able to stand under his own power. The Man of Steel tugged his jeans off ripping them in the process and was left wearing only the skin tight briefs from his super costume.

Stallion had not realized how tight and how small they really were; they now were not able to contain Superman's already engorged super cock and balls. The tip of Superman's cock was peeking out of the waistband and one giant ball had escaped the crotch. Stallion's head dived to Superman's crotch driving the Man of Steel back to the concrete.

Stallion was biting and lapping and sucking at the thin fabric still hiding the rest of Superman's cock and pulling it off the Man of Steel with his teeth.

The Man of Steel's cock stood straight up a full twelve inches and as big around as a beer can. Stallion had never seen such a beautiful cock and he knew it was his. Reaching behind the Man of Steel, Stallion grabbed a leather cock trap and dangled it in front of Superman's eyes. "A kryptonite cock trap just for you, Supes," shouted Stallion and he could see the shudder go through the Man of Steel's whole body. As Stallion tightened the strap around Superman's cock and balls, Superman screamed out in pain, it was like a knife had cut into him. Every muscle in Superman's body flexed from the pain he was feeling; he was just not accustomed to such pain and pleasure combined, to being under someone else's control, and to be so aroused. He could feel the cold cement on his balls; his skin prickled from the cold as he felt his nipples become harder and his cock pulse with blood. His sensations seemed heightened despite the loss of his super powers. What would happen next?

Stallion's hands roamed across Superman's taut stomach gut-punching every ridge of his abs. His fingers pinched and twisted his nipples erect and grabbed his pecs and pits bringing tears to the Man of Steel's eyes. Stallion's hands now stroked and massaged the Man of Steel's impressive set of superhuman nuts. Disoriented and confused, Superman was helpless to resist as Stallion attached kryptonite-coated clamps to his nipples. This new pain brought forth another shriek from the Man of Steel who felt as though his nipples were being ripped off as Stallion roughly tugged on the strap between the clips. Delirious from the pain and the drugs, Superman began to whimper unaware that his mighty super cock had begun to drip with the precum Stallion has been expecting.

Stallion continued to punch Superman's abs harder and harder bringing welts to the once-perfect skin; continued to twist his already sore nipples into redness as though to tear them off and to massage his impressive nuts with ever increasing intensity trying to squeeze them dry; and to squeeze hard on his super dick. The Man of Steel felt pain and pleasure from every inch of his muscular body. He could taste and smell man sweat, his own as well as Stallion's. Stallion buried his nose in Superman's groin smelling the super sex, biting , licking and chewing at the super skin licking the shaft and head of the Supercock.

The Man of Steel tensed his massive muscles and they rippled like snakes; he seemed unable to release the flexing. The Man of Steel's body was now glistening with sweat and the smell of his Superman sweat was almost overpowering the Man of Steel. The wisps of hair in his armpits drip with sweat; the hair on his head lies limp and dripping; his hairless chest is heaving with exertion. Superman's tits and abs were screaming in pain bearing the welts and redness as evidence; but he was loving it. He had never known pain and for him it was the turn-on. But the Man of Steel still hadn't gotten release. His magnificent organ still stood ramrod upward, it was throbbing and bobbing with every thrust; its enormous head getting redder and redder; his super balls growing heavier. The Man of Steel, still under the influence of the drugs was helpless.

Stallion grabbed hold of his own cock and roughly dragged it across the face of the Man of Steel. He let Superman get a good whiff of his own man smell before forcing it between the moist lips of the Man of Steel. Stallion glided in and out of Superman's mouth all the way to the back of Superman's throat again and again. Stallion grabbed Superman's cock and tugged and squeezed, grabbed the Man of Steels nuts with his fist and tugs. The Man of Steel screamed at the top of his lungs, his eyes clenched shut, and his cock throbbed. His whole body pumped up. Superman was howling; Stallion was howling .How's it feel, Superman ," Stallion screamed as he licked and stroked the Man of Steel, Like that action on those stud balls and cock , SuperQueer?" Superman could only groan. Stallion now returned to the huge pecs and armored abdomen of the huge Man of Steel, pummeling the mighty muscle. Causing this agony to the once invulnerable the Man of Steel was making Stallion into a machine.

Superman was crazed. His cock was hard as his pecs, and clear fluid was spurting from his massive super cock, jumping around the air. He screamed something unintelligible.

"MAKE ME SHOOT!" Superman shouted.

"WHAT?" Stallion hollered .


ME SHOOT MAKE ME MAKE MAKE MAKE ME UNGH MAKE ME SHOOT MY LOAD!" howled the Man of Steel. Stallion tugged the tip clamps from Superman's nipples with such force as to almost rip the Man of Steel's nipples. He flicked a fingernail over Superman's right nipple. The effect was unbelievable. A hideous expression overtook Superman's face. Spit flew out of the Man of Steel's mouth, a volley of clear fluid blew out of his cockhead onto his pecs, and Superman screamed.

Stallion grabbed Superman's swollen balls, and started squeezing with one hand, pounding as hard as he could with his other fist on the Man of Steel's abs and pecs. He scratched at the hard nipples. Scratched hard and fast, nail to nipple, and Superman freaked.

Superman grabbed his own nuts in one hand, stretching them down into the sac, and flailed away on his super cock with his other hand, biceps obscenely pumping and flexing, Stallion now sat atop the Man of Steel his own hand pumping on his swollen cock.

The Man of Steel felt a surging in his loins, the likes of which he has never experienced. He felt like a boulder is passing through his dick. His cock, after standing stiff all night, was suddenly spewing forth endless streams of hot, spunky super cum. Pumping, pulsing load after load of hot kyrptonian semen shot out of the end of his monster cock again and again for at least ten minutes. Every muscle in his already sore body of steel tensed each time his super cock spurts. Exhausted and spent Superman fell backwards with a crash onto the floor. Unable to move, and he is totally numbed by his orgasm.

Almost at the same moment, Stallion's cock began erupting and spewing his load all over the Man of Steel. Totally spent, drained, and nuts bulging, Stallion collapsed on top of the Man of Steel on the floor. The cum-empty the Man of Steel moaned and his eyes rolled back in his head. Stallion was unable to breath as he had never experienced an orgasm like that. He kissed Superman's eyelids, cheeks, lips, nipples, abs and finally his cock in attempt tto soot and comfort the fallen Man of Steel. Stallion held the Man of Steel in his arms and rocked him knowing he would never forgive himself for what he had done.

The ringing phone woke Superman from sleep and rescued him from the recurring nightmare that he could not shake since the mutilation and death of his beloved Musclestud. The Man of Steel felt his sticky cum on his hard abs, still warm. His only release came now only in his sleep.

With thanks and aplogogies,


June, 1998

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