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Superman Cums Out, Part 1


submitted April 6, 1998

Categories: Sci-Fi Fantasy

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Superman Cums Out

One of the naked musclemen grabs Superman in a bear hug, another naked muscleman hits Superman in the head with his piece of Green Kryptonite, knocking the Man of Steel out cold. The Man of Steel is thrown to the floor.

MMore naked muscleme with more Green Kryptonite surround the overpowered Man of Steel; his powers and strength are quickly dissipating; his invulnerability already is history.

The man of steel is incapacitated by the deadly rays and lies powerless and hurting on the floor. The green kryptonite is draining his power and inflicting unimaginable pain, like a steam roller riding over him.

While he may be the Man of Steel, the steel obviously wasn't between his legs; the Man of Steel was never aroused in the human sense, had never known sexual release. The suffering Man of Steel is confused and bewildered about the true nature of his sexuality and suddenly that seems to be the only thought on his mind. Superman could not believe the beauty of the musclemen surrounding him; he had never been overpowered by other men.

The Man of Steel was shocked to feel his own dick growing hard. His super organ remained tightly encased in his briefs as tight as his skin. Powerful hands grab a hold of the now prostate Man of Steel, with a force that hurts the once invulnerable Superman. He all but cries out from the pain and the agony such as he has never felt before. Other muscled hands grab his head and shove a powdered mixture of red kryptonite and green kryptonite into his nose and mouth.

Barely conscious from the large green kryptonite rocks and racked with deathly pain, the hapless Man of Steel realizes that inhalation is the only alternative to death. With a mighty snort and a swallow, the Man of Steel ingests the weird mixture with a resulting surge of force through his entire body which makes him feel like he would explode. The once all-powerful Man of Steel violently shakes and quivers at every muscle finally loosing consciousness and passes out.

He has been stripped of his familiar red and blue suit. Its skin-tight and body-hugging security is gone. The feel of cold cement on his balls confirms his situation; his skin is prickling from the cold as he feels his nipples become hard. His sensations seem heightened despite the loss of his super powers.

Don't worry about that big limp dick. We'll get that cock hot and primed in a few minutes. The musclemen pull the Man of Steel to his knees. Their hands roam across his taut stomach gut-punching every ridge of his abs. Their fingers pinch and twist his nipples erect and grab his pecs and pits bringing tears to his eyes. Still others stroke and massage his impressive set of superhuman nuts. Disoriented and confused because of the potent powder, Superman is helpless to resist as a set of strong hands pulls open his mouth.

A large cock is swiftly inserted into the open mouth of the Man of Steel. Suck, Superman, suck! This is what you have always craved. Give it to him, Flex! The helpless Man of Steel looks upward into Flex's crotch; the bewildered Man of Steel feels Flex's strong hands caressing his cheeks and rubbing his face. Below him the other unseen hands continue to roam across his taut stomach, punch his abs harder and harder bringing welts to the once-perfect skin; twist his already sore nipples into redness as though to tear them off and massage his impressive nuts with ever increasing intensity trying to squeeze them dry; squeeze hard on his super dick. The Man of Steel feels pain and pleasure from every inch of his muscular body.

The Man of Steel feels his lips close around the large, hot, Hispanic cock which has been rhythmically thrusting ever deeper into his mouth. He feels his Kryptonian tongue start to gently lap across the thick, hard dick sensing every vein. He can taste and smell man sweat, his own as well as the musclemen's. He feels the hands that had forced his mouth open, leave and move to the back of his head. They begin a rocking movement counter thrusting his superhuman head with the forward thrust of Flex's hot cock.

The Man of Steel sucks on the ram of steel realizing that he somehow feels enjoyment beyond the pain and humiliation; or because of it. He can feel the blood coursing through his body with each cock thrust and heartbeat. The veins in his body are pulsing faster and faster; his eyes are glazing over. The Man of Steel is getting a hardon!

The Man of Steel feels his kryptonian cock start to swell and rise. Soon he is at full mast; his dick now pointing straight ahead a full twelve inches and as big around as a beer can. Tony's dick has turned the Man of Steel into a real Man of Steel! There are gasps from the assembled musclemen because it is truly thee most beautiful erection the had ever seen. Quickly a leather studded cockring is tightened around the base of the Man of Steel's throbbing cock causing yet another knife of pain to shoot through the Man of Steel and the musclemen fight for a chance to bury their noses in his groin smelling the super sex, biting , licking and chewing at the super skin.

You just gave Superman his first hardon! ... the cock that conquered Superman! Your cock may be bigger than mine, Supes, but look who's on his knees!

The Man of Steel tenses his massive muscles and they ripple like snakes; he seems unable to release the flexing. The Man of Steel's body is now glistening with sweat and the smell of his Superman sweat is aalmost overpowering the Man o Steel. The wisps of hair in his armpits drip with sweat; the hair on his head lies limp and dripping; his hairless chest is heaving with exertion.

Your first cum cocktail, was all that Superman heard as the hot slab of man meat was roughly pulled from his mouth and pointed directly into his face. Before he could think, the great slit at the end of the cock opened up and began to spew hot, white stud juice across his face and into his eyes. Superman remained kneeling as the spewing cock was thrust back into his mouth, where it continued to jettison its load. Shot after shot of hot man juice poured onto his tongue and down his throat as the nearly crazed Flex buried his bone to the hilt inside of the Man of Steel's violated mouth.

The sensation was like nothing he had ever experienced; he knew it was good and he wanted more. Through his cum-blurred eyes, the Man of Steel was forced to swallow the entire hot shooting cock, which continued pumping semen at his throat and into the stomach of the Man of Steel filling him with a sense of fear.

The cock that conquered Superman was abruptly withdrawn only to be instantly replaced by another stiff slab of man meat. The Man of Steel wants another meal. Feed it too him, now!

Mike had no sooner emptied his nuts into the Man of Steel's mouth, then he was replaced by Steven, who was followed by Keith, and then Jeff, and then Mohammad, and then Kyle, and then Mark, and on and on. Each act of Superhuman fellatio was carefully recording the cock - sucking - stimulated Man of Steel erection. Those who already had their turn at the Super Sucker jerked their own meat to more orgasm spewing across the chest of the Man of Steel. There was pleasure towering over the nude, kneeling, Man of Steel, dripping with sweat and cum as he sucked each of them off and swallowed their hot loads of jism. The once invincible Man of Steel was a willing participant in his own degradation as would soon be seen by the whole world. Each one knew that his cock had subjugated the hitherto invincible Man of Steel.

Superman, the Man of Steel, had given one hundred and thirty five blow jobs. He had licked, kissed, tongued and sucked cock one hundred and thirty five times. His belly was loaded with the cum of sixty hot men, and his breath smelled like cum itself. His chin had been battered by an endless onslaught of hot male nuts; his face was reddened; he had a few strands of hair stuck in his teeth; his massive super body glistened with sweat, grime and cum; his tits and abs were screaming in pain bearing the welts and redness as evidence; but he was loving it. He had never known pain and for him it was the turn-on. But the Man of Steel still hadn't gotten release. His magnificent organ still stood ramrod upward -- they way it had stood as Superman had systematically devoured each cock that was thrust into his mouth. Now it was throbbing and bobbing with every thrust; its enormous head getting redder and redder; his super balls growing heavier.

Superman, or should we say 'Semen man' get ready. HE thrust his turgid rod deep into the mouth of the kneeling Man of Steel. Suck on it baby, this is the cock that will finally give you release. The Man of Steel, still under the influence of the vile mixture was helpless.

The kneeling Man of Steel was now nursing on HIS cock, turning Superman into his own, permanent semen depository.

The greatest crime fighter would be transformed into the greatest cock sucker. One of the musclemen inserted his finger past the rosebud between Superman's cheeks, and proceeded to worm his finger upward, ever probing for the magic spot. Bingo! He found it.

The hapless Super stud was too busy servicing the dick of his archenemy to do anything about it. he kryptonite dust was doing its job well. I'm going to cum in your mouth now, old buddy. Yup, HE is gonna shoot a load down your throat, and when I do, you dick is finally gonna shoot its load. Are you ready, Cock sucker? Here it comes! Grabbing the back of Superman's head, HE impales the Man of Steel on his hot, spewing cock. With a wink of the eye, HE signals Mike that now is the time to press the magic button. And press he does while another grabs and violently rips off the leather cock ring.

Swallowing desperately the semen that is pumping and pouring into his mouth like an erupting volcano, the Man of Steel feels a surging in his loins, the likes of which he has never experienced.

He feels like a boulder is passing through his dick. His cock, after standing stiff all night, is suddenly spewing forth endless streams of hot, spunky super cum. Pumping, pulsing load after load of hot kyrptonian semen shoots out of the end of his virginal cock again and again for at least ten minutes. Every muscle in his already sore body of steel tenses at the each time his super cock spurts. Exhausted and spent Superman falls backwards with a crash onto the floor. Unable to move, and he is totally numbed by his first orgasm. So it was true. I truly am a cock sucker. I like to suck dicks, and only HIS dick can give me the release that I crave.

The Man of Steel is now the Queer of Steel...SuperQueer...SuperFag...SuperHomo... Before the Man of Steel even has a chance to regroup, the musclemen surround him. Gabbing him by his ankles and wrists they chain him to four poles in the floor with krytonite chains spread- eagled to the full extent of his length. He can not move a muscle. Three musclemen return dragging a fire hose; the force of the water almost knocks them off their feet and tears violently into the Man of Steel's raw skin. But the ice cold water is refreshing and the new pain almost revives the once invulnerable and all powerful Man of Steel.

Another muscleman suddenly appears with a rubber tube and a syringe; another with a chunk of Kryptonite. The rubber tube is tied tightly around Superman's biceps holding in place the krytonite causing still more pain to the Man of Steel. The leather cock ring is placed around the base of his dick and tightened too much. The needle is implanted and the serum of dissolved red and green krytonite injected. His dick begins to grow again. As the Man of Steel looses consciousness he knows. . .




APRIL, 1998

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