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Superman Falls, Part Three

By Builtbrawn

submitted March 26, 2001

Categories: Super Heroes

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Superman Falls, Part 3

Superman stood there bent over the ropes, trying to recover, just being fucked for the first time by a thug, Bard, nephew of his arch nemesis Lex Luthor. His body was exhausted, sweaty, sore from the punishment and the fucking. His mind was confused: he couldn't believe he had begged for it; begged for that cock to pound him harder. He was totally humiliated and ashamed.

As he collected himself, Bard walked over to face him, outside the ring, standing there in only his tight jeans, his hot body pumped and his attitude cocky. “So, Superfag,” he said, “you were an incredible fuck! And I know you enjoyed it! Listen to this tape!” and he pulled out a mini recorder and clicked the on button. In horror, Superman heard his own voice begging Bard to fuck him; he heard his own moans and pleadings and heard Bard laugh and slap his ass. He lowered his head and asked Bard what he wanted.

Bard laughed heartily and said, “Superfag, I already have what I want, for you to be my bitchboy.” With that, he untied Superman's wrists from his ankles and the superhero was able to stand up. Bard ordered him out of the ring and Superman, still in a weakened state, complied.

“Now get dressed, you fag.”

As Superman was getting dressed, Bard walked over to him and told him to drop to his knees and suck his cock. Superman looked at him and told him to fuck off. “Wrong answer,” replied Bard, as he drove a knee into the superhero’s weak gut, causing Superman to double over. Bard pushed him to his knees, grabbed his hair and yanked his head back, causing his mouth to open. Bard slipped his dick in and made him suck it.

“Fuck!” thought Superman, “his cock is huge!” And it was; a good 9 inches plus of rock-hard manmeat.

“Yeah, that's it, baby,” cooed Bard as the superhero worked on the dick in his mouth. “That's my bitchboy!” as he grabbed Superman's head and piston- fucked his face until he shot a huge load of cum down his throat. All Superman could do was swallow the load.

“Now get dressed, you cocksucker!” Bard ordered, “and follow me.”

They walked across the warehouse into a dimly lit room where it became evident there were two other guys inside. Superman hesitated at the doorway, but was grabbed by Bard and thrown inside. The door slammed shut and Bard's voice came over a loudspeaker: “Superfag, I thought you might enjoy a little fun with two brothers you put behind bars about 3 years ago.”

The lights came on and Superman instantly recognized the two. He had busted a huge drug smuggling operation and these two studs were the masterminds behind it. They had been sent to prison but obviously Bard had gotten them out somehow.

“They have been waiting for this day!” laughed Bard as the two began stripping to shorts. They were both tall, about 6'3, and each looked to weigh about 220 of solid muscle and not an ounce of fat. They laughed as they started approaching Superman, telling him that they intended to pay him back for what he did to them.

He backed up but was soon against the wall. Fuck! What was he going to do now? He ran at them full force, attempting to clothesline them, but they saw this coming. Both dropped to their knees and tripped the running superhero, causing him to fall and land face first on the mat. The two were on him instantly, ripping off his clothes again. They picked him up: one was behind him, holding his arms, exposing his body for what was to come; the other brother got in front of Superman and said, “We are going to take our time here and enjoy watching you suffer, fucker!” With that, he unloaded at least ten punches on the superhero’s hot body, to the gut, the chest, the chin and face and to his quads. Superman, moaning in pain and defenseless and weak to stop them. They changed positions, pummeling him until, with each blow, to the gut, he would double over and they would have to pull him upright to receive the next. There were mirrors on the walls and they made Superman watch himself getting beat up, laughing at him and taunting him.

Then, in what Superman knew was coming, they stripped him naked and stripped themselves. One positioned himself behind Superman, who was on all fours, while the other kneeled in front of his face. The two studs proceeded to fuck Superman senseless for an hour: taking turns switching places at his ass and his mouth; filling him with multiple loads of their hot cum; making him suck them both off at once; making him beg to be fucked; making him watch his own pathetic self get it; humiliating him. Superman was almost unconscious from the assault, unable to stop them or do anything to resist. He was completely defenseless to the assault, the two studs moaning and slapping his ass and cock and balls.

In an act of final humiliation, they made Superman ride one of the thug’s cock while stroking himself off. He came with such force that when he was done, he fell off the stud and lay on the mat, near exhaustion. The two spat in his face, called him the biggest fag they knew and walked out, leaving Superman to drift into a deep sleep.

What awaited our superhero next?

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