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Thanksgiving Sex

By Anonymous

submitted December 6, 2000

Categories: Holiday Cheer

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I went home for Thanksgiving to be with my family and friends for the big Thanksgiving dinner. My family isn't that large, but I have a large extended family. At our dinner, we usually have about 30 people, and I get to see people that I haven't seen since last year. Sine my mother is always going crazy with the house, I stay in a motel room in order to keep my sanity.

After our dinner, my best friend and his brother, Michael, went out for a few drinks and to play a little pool. We all stayed out for about two hours and my best friend had to go home. I told him that I would bring Michael home and if got to be too late he could stay with me at the motel. It got to be around 1:00am, and the bar was closing. I told Michael that he could come stay with me in order to keep from waking up his brother and his family. Michael agreed.

We got to the room and Michael wanted to take a shower and get the smoke smell off him. He did not have anything to wear so I let him borrow a pair of gym shorts I had. While he was in the shower, I pulled out the sofa bed and made it up for him. When he got out of the shower, he was wearing nothing but my shorts. I then realized just how good-looking he was. He works out a lot and his chest and arms are rock solid. The boy, I swear, has no fat on him at all.

And what really caught my eye was his huge dick in my shorts. When he lay down on the bed, his feet were at the head of my bed and this gave me a clear shot of his dick up the shorts leg. His dick had to be at least 10" and his balls were the size of oranges. With the equipment between his legs, I don't see how he walked. With this shot of his dick, I started to get extremely horny and hard. So, I jumped up and told him that I was going to get in the shower. Once I got in the shower, I was going to jerk off to get rid of my hard on, but there wasn't any soap in the shower. I put the towel around me and stepped in the sink area to get the soap and looked to see Michael licking the head of his dick.

He didn’t see me, so I dried off before I turned of the water and then walked into the room with a towel around my waist. When Michael saw me, he had the ‘deer in the head lights’ look of fear across his face. When I got up to him, he started to mumble something, but I put my finger over his mouth and said, “Let me help you with that.” I reached down and rubbed his dick. Without a word, I got on the bed beside him and started to lick his balls as I played with his dick.

He started to moan with enjoyment. I released his dick and put my mouth over the massive head. His dick was so large that I couldn't get but just a little more than the head in my mouth without hurting my jaws. As I sucked his dick, I played with his balls and rubbed his asshole. The first time I touched his hole, he flinched. I was persistent about it though, I licked my finger and rubbed his hole even more. Before long, he was moving on my finger. I decided that it was time to enter his ass. I licked my finger on more time and eased my finger up his ass. He moaned with pleasure.

When I did this, I felt his balls draw tight. I went straight for his prostate and began rubbing it. That was all it took. He blew his wad in my mouth. I sucked him until he was empty. I did not remove my finger from his ass when he was finished. He told me that that was the first time someone had fingered him. I asked him what he thought about having my dick up his ass. He said if it feels as good as my finger to go for it. I pulled my finger out of his ass, kept him on his back, and crawled between his legs.

At first, I just rubbed the head of my dick on his hole. This got him hard again. I then pressed the head of my dick into his ass. He winced with pain, but soon relaxed. I let his ass get used to my dick and the slowly put the rest of me into him. When my balls touched his. I held them there for a minute to let him fell their warmth. I then started to fuck him slowly enjoying the feel of his ass hole. His dick was so long, that I reached down and took it in my mouth again without having to hurt myself trying to get to it. Before long, my own juices were flowing, filling his ass. This sent him to shoot his wad in my mouth again. And again, I took it all. After our fuck session, he climbed in the bed with me and we slept till morning.

That morning, I was awakened by Michael's mouth on my dick. He had never given head before, or so he says, but he sure knew what he was doing. Compared to his 10"er, my 7"er is nothing, but he managed to get most all of it down his throat. He started to rub my asshole with his finger and without a warning, he pushed it all the way in. I wanted him to fuck me, but I wasn't sure if I could take him.

I stopped him and got up. I went to the bathroom and got the soap. He asked what it was for. I spit on my finger and rubbed it on my ass and then rubbed the bar of soap over it the lube me up. I told him to be easy with me. He got between my legs and pressed the head against my hole I had to make myself relax like never before. The pain was intense and he asked if I wanted him to stop, but I told him to keep going.

Before long, he had my ass as full as it could get. Holding still, he let my insides get used to him also. He then began to fuck me like he knew exactly what to do. It did not take him but a few minutes to fill my ass with his load, which caused me to blow mine on my stomach. He collapsed on top of me and we held each other.

I can’t wait until Christmas.

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