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The Biggest Dick I've Ever Had

By tightbottomboy

submitted August 13, 2001

Categories: Gay Erotic Stories

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Last night I was at a party of a friend of mine. It was really crowded, and there were some very handsome men there. As the night wore on, I was getting quite a buzz on, and started to feel really horny.

This one Greek god of a man approached me and we had some great conversation. I learned that his name is Vincent, and that he was from Florida. He’s 6'4", has olive complexion, black wavy hair, blue eyes, and is a really big guy. I was in lust! He also had a very well defined body with the cutest ass I have ever seen on a man.

As the party was winding down, he invited me to his place. On the way there he asked if I liked him. I said yes, and put my hand on his thigh. When we finally got to his place, we were at each other like a couple sex-crazed animals. I am pretty buffed myself. I am 5'9", 183lbs, black, light complexion, 6-pack, smooth, and with 9 inches of cut dick. I am also a bottom. I have been a size queen since the age of 17 when my uncle fucked me with that big 11inch black cock.

Vincent was really tender. I dropped to my knees and pulled out the biggest dick I have ever seen. It was rock hard, very thick, and about 13 inches. I worshiped the head, and licked the vein. I got about 10 inches down my throat when he pulled me up and led me to the bedroom.

He lay on the bed and I really worshiped his body. I licked him from head to toe, and he tasted great. As I was sucking his monster, he worms 1,2,3 fingers up my ass. (I have been told that I have a sexy ass.) He applied oil on the cheeks of my ass, and I begged him to fuck me. He greased his dick, and I lay on my back. I wanted to see that club sliding in and out of my tight, sexy, hard ass. He put the head in, and it really hurt, so I just looked in the wall mirror as he fucked me nice and slow.

Soon he had all of it in up to the balls. He fucked me for a good 45min. He really started to drill me while we were sweating and kissing. I wanted to sit on that big dick. We changed positions and I went down on that dick all the way. I am really fucking him hard, and he says he's going to cum. I jumped off and started sucking his dick more, as he came all over my face, and chest. My asshole felt empty, so we fucked through the night.

I cannot wait for him to come over tonight: I will really give him some ass. He wants to bring a friend whom he says he has a massive dick.

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