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The Cat Burglar, Part 2

By Creative Cat

submitted September 8, 1997

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The Cat Burglar, Part II

Part 2

by Creativecat@hotmail.com

Scott was definitely excited about Thursday night's possibilities - he couldn't sleep all week because he had a huge boner every night that he had to beat down with his greasy hands. It wasn't enough to anticipate what would happen. Larry was filled in on what would happen - Darren, the head of the fraternity and Phil, the guy who was "rushing" him into the fraternity were to come with him around midnight when all would be quiet. Everything went as planned. Larry was tiptoeing in a similar outfit as usual. The two other preppies were similarly dressed. Except it didn't look as good with their blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Darren and Phil could almost pass off as twins with their wholesome good looks and nicely formed bodies.

"Let me go in first," Larry said. "I know the way around the house." He sure did know is way around the house. He, too, was so horny during the week that he had to sneak over on Tuesday night and have a quick fling with Scott. Scott was a considerate lover who reciprocated with everything. Although Larry had never fucked a guy before, he had never felt so good in his life. He also admired Scott for being fair with him. Larry, too, was excited about what occur tonight and he had trouble sleeping the night before as well as concentrating on his class work all day.

As Larry went from the sun room to the living room, Scott "jumped" into action and grabbed Larry by the throat. Larry was actually startled by the move and let out a yelp. "Oh, no!" Larry exclaimed. The other two froze in the back of the sun room. "I think he's got a gun and he's pointing it at you Darren. Don't do anything stupid!" Larry knew darned well he didn't have a gun, but it was quite effective in scaring the two of them.

"All right you three guys. What's going on? I don't want to shoot."

Darren and Phil were literally scared shitless. They wouldn't have noticed Larry's acting as they were quaking in their shoes. Larry did the talking. "Uh, um, we were returning some stuff we sort of borrowed the other night."

"Borrowed? I had some stuff stolen the other night," Scott replied.

"Sir - it was just a prank from my frat house. You see, I want to join and we were bringing back the stuff. We meant no harm."

"No harm? You call breaking and entering and upsetting my poor sick sister no harm?" Of course there was no sick sister, but it made the guys even more upset. "I have a strong mind to call the police. Or maybe I should teach you guys a lesson."

"A lesson. Oh, no, sir, please don't hurt us."

"I'm not going to hurt any of you. Go into the den over there. And strip off all your clothes."

"What?" Darren asked.

"Just what I said. Take off all your clothes and hand them to me. If I have your clothes, I think there's a chance you won't try to escape as a policeman might arrest you for indecent exposure. Except what I see over there is actually pretty decent." Darren and Phil looked pretty sheepish as they handed over their clothing. Larry was doing all he could to stop from getting an erection. Scott now had some ankle chains that he soon put on each guy.

"What's this you're doing?" Darren asked. Not as cocky as usual, but he was asking what was going on. He was scared.

"These are chains so you won't run away. They're anchored to that bracket in the floor so you guys won't be going anywhere for a while. They're from the chain gang when my uncle was the warden. I was going to use them in the garden around the posts, but these are proving pretty useful tonight. They don't hurt so don't panic. Just sit down on the couch while I think of what to do." He walked up to Darren and looked at him. In the soft light of the room, he couldn't believe how good looking he was. All three of them! They were in the perfect bloom of early adulthood when all looks perfect with a man. Not a blemish or mark on any of them - just visual perfection to look at their lean, tan, and muscular bodies. Flat stomachs, muscular thighs, strong arms, nice chests. They all had firm round nipples. They were all standing out in the cool evening air. "You're a good looking guy Darren. Wouldn't want anything to happen to that pretty body of yours, would you?"

"No. No, sir."

Scott was stroking Darren's shoulders ever so gently. Darren quivered in fright at first. He began to relax when he felt the warmth of Scott's caress. "Just relax kid. I'm still thinking of what to do to you. I'll bet you're the leader of this idea, aren't you?"

"No. No, I'm not."

"Don't lie to me, kid!" Scott raised his voice and his hand. "Just tell me the fucking truth or I'll slam you pretty darned hard!"

"All right, yes, it's my idea." He started to cry a little. This is where Scott wanted him. Actually where Larry wanted him. Darren was a cocky shit who thought he was so perfect. Well, Larry was going to have his way with him tonight!

"All right punk, turn over and kneel down. Spread those legs apart so I can see those nice ass cheeks of yours. You do look mighty nice that way." Scott's fingers were caressing and squeezing Darren's cheeks. He put one finger in his anus. Then a second and a third finger. "I'm going to have to get something else to use on you to put you into shape." He brought out a large 10" dildo. Okay, fellow, I want you to insert it up there. Put some nice goo on it so it'll slide right up there." Phil began to insert the dildo up Darren's ass. Darren started crying at first. He felt so humiliated, so dirty, so awful. "And don't cry to me kid. You're the one who started it tonight! Keep pumping that dildo kid." Scott couldn't contain the hard-on in his trousers anymore and started to undress. "I think you need the real thing up your ass kid. Now spread those cheeks really wide for me so you can feel it." Soon Scott was pumping his cock up and down inside Darren. Darren tried to fight it at first, but soon he relaxed when he realized the pleasure he was getting. His cock started going rigid.

"I'll bet you want that hot cock of yours sucked a little, don't you?" Come on over, you dildo-pumping guy. Come over and suck Darren's rigid cock. I can see you getting nice and hard and I know you want it down your throat." The chains were certainly long enough that they were able to comfortably move around the den. Phil started sucking tentatively on Darren's cock. Soon he was into the rhythmic action of pumping his head up and down on the rigid member. Larry was real turned on now by the site of these three guys having this illicit sex. He now was really hard and horny.

"Let me have my turn at Darren." Soon he was fucking his nice tight virgin ass. "Tell me how much you like it Darren. Isn't it great? I'll tell you, your ass feels better than any pussy I've had all year on campus!" His cock was going up and down that asshole - it felts so great and Darren was moaning as his asshole had become an incredible pleasure tunnel. The probing of the dildo and the cocks up his ass was incredible! Phil was greedily sucking on Darren's cock and Scott was fucking Phil's eager anus and Darren was now sucking on Scott's rigid piece of meat.

They were all fucking and sucking each other in different positions. Then Scott leaned over and let Darren fuck his tight ass. Phil fucked Darren's hairy butt and Larry was pumping on Phil's tight anus! It was too much for the four of them - their loads were soon exploding all over each other's butts and chests. They collapsed on the floor in a sweaty heap.

Soon there were flashing lights outside. This was the "bonus" surprise that even Larry didn't even know about. "What's going on?" Darren asked

"I think it's the police" Scott replied. And sure enough, two handsome studly cops in their early 30's showed up - Cal and Roger. They were both body builders. Scott put on his shorts and brought them in. "Well, these are the perpetrators. I taught them a little lesson in hopes they would clean up their act."

"What kind of lesson" asked Cal. He had dirty blonde hair, a full mustache, and nice hairy muscular arms. The kind you know would match the rest of his body - nice and hairy and furry and masculine. The type of body that would make a man feel like a real man. A masculine man's man.

"Well, I had to do a little butt fucking with them to get them into line."

"Shit, you should've called me and I could've taken care of them for you. In fact, I think they need a bit more conditioning." As he was saying that, his shirt was coming off. Roger was now naked, sporting a huge erection. Cal's erection was even bigger. Cal's body didn't displease - it was nice and hairy and masculine. Roger was the opposite - very dark, very smooth skinned, but he too had a great muscular chest and taut nipples. Cal went over to Darren and planted a sloppy kiss on him. Darren didn't fight it and soon their tongues were down each other's throat and their rigid cocks were pressed against each other. Darren was fingering the fur on Cal's chest and tugging at the nipples. Cal was sucking ever so gently on Darren's nipples. He lifted up Darren and put him over his shoulders with his cock right towards his mouth. He began tonguing his rigid cock. Larry came up behind and started tonguing on Darren's asshole. His asshole was a tunnel of pleasure tonight - everything being done to it was great! The two of them brought off Darren to another thunderous orgasm. Then Larry started working on Cal. Cal lifted Larry's legs up and started fucking him real nice and slow and good. Larry was writhing with delight. Cal pumped Larry's tight asshole with incredible relish and soon was spitting his load up Larry's butt. At that moment, he leant over to suck down every drop of Larry's intense orgasm. He didn't want to miss one drop of that delicious jism.

Roger was doing Phil real good. Phil was down on his hands and knees while Roger shoved his cock up Phil's eager asshole. Phil was being held up by Roger's very strong arms which squeezed and rubbed his chest muscles. Roger had never had his nipples rubbed like this in his life! His cock was oozing a river of precum. Scott was now over with these two guys and he began fucking Roger's asshole. Scott had never fucked Roger up the butt before - Roger was always too scared of Scott's huge member, but Roger was taking it up there all right tonight. Probably because it was the most turned on he had ever been in his life!

The six of them continued fucking into the morning - nearly every combination was tried. The frat boys were tired and had never had their cocks sucked and fucked in such ways before. Scott's cop "friends" left soon after and the four of them fell asleep on the floor.

Darren was the first to wake up. "Oh, shit, man, I thought this was just a bad dream."

"A bad dream?" Scott said. "I think this is what you've been dreaming about having all your life."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. I did have a lot of fun last night. When are you gonna let us go?"

"You can go anytime. Take a look. The chains are gone. I took them off while you were asleep this morning. Your clothes are in the corner. I think you've learned a lesson."

"Yeah. You're right. How can I pay you back?"

"Well, you could come in tomorrow night and 'break' in and we can see what happens. If you've got any other fraternity brothers, that might make it even more fun. What do you think?"

"Shit, man, you've got a deal!"

So, until graduation, the three of them came over at least twice a week for some heavy duty action. They also managed to bring over a good percentage of the fraternity brothers over. Even during homecoming over the years to come, they always had their "reunions." Plus they never broke the law again.

By Creativecat@hotmail.com

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