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The Department Store Bathroom

By Virgincock

submitted September 18, 1999

Categories: Bathroom Tales

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It was a regular Saturday afternoon in West Bend, Wisconsin. My name is Jacob Hartman and I just turned 18, a senior at the local high school. I'm mostly straight, but I'm sort of curious, I beat off to women sometimes, and other times when thinking about men.

Well, I was looking at clothes in Kohl's department store when I got the sudden urge to take a piss. This sort of excited me since I liked the idea of meeting men while by the urinal. So, I walked to the men's room which was down a long hallway.

As I was about to enter the room I noticed an older man, about 30 or so years old coming down the hall too. I went inside and quickly undid my jeans and pulled out my 4 inch (soft that is) cock and stood next to the urinal. As he walked in, I stood far enough way so that he could catch a glimpse of my cock. I started to get semi-hard as he stood next to me and undid his pants. He pulled out a dick that was about a inch longer then mine and much thicker.

I took an obvious glimpse then resumed pissing as my cock got harder. He looked over and said, "You obviously don't have stage fright." I smiled at him and said that I hadn't "got some" in awhile. "You know how it goes," I said. "I just got to relieve it."

Then he asked if I needed any help. I nodded and he reached over and pumped my hard cock. I moaned and then got to my knees and stuck his 7.5 cock in my mouth and started to suck. I licked his whole dick up and down.

Then he started to moan and groan and said, "I'm going to shoot, SWALLOW IT BABY.!" The cum filled my mouth as I gulped it down and in one quick motion we switched positions and he was down on me. But, when I started to cum he instead pumped me in front of the mirror so that he could see me cum.

After that we decided to meet every Saturday at the same time so that we could "relieve" ourselves, and we still are today.