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The Dragon And I

By Jeff

submitted March 22, 1998

Categories: Super Natural

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This story is NOT suitable for children as it contains explicit sexual interaction. If you are offended by Gay male action, then this is not for you either.

Once upon a time, I was working at my father's farm. My father was one of that rare and despised breed, a scholer, and lived like a recluse, and I had also been bought up the same, with a few acquaintances, and no close friends, although I was nearly nineteen.

I was looking at the sun, to judge whether it was noon-time, or not, for our lunch, when I spied a small dot up in the sky. "A large pterodactyl," I thought, and looked no more. Suddenly the sun seemed to disappear behind a dark cloud. The workers glanced up, and there was a shout. Everybody looked up, and panic ensued. I looked up with the rest, and realised that there was no pterodactyl, but a dragon, swooping quickly down.

The workers ran, screaming and shouting. I ran, screamed and shouted with the best of them, desperately trying to reach the village, when I realised that there was no protection there, the wooden houses would burn as easily as papyrus. I stopped, though my heart hammered, and started contemplating my seemingly inevitable demise. The church bells were tolling, and people were fleeing everywhere. I looked up to see when I would die, whether I would be seared, or char-broiled.

The dragon was lazily circling over the panic-stricken villagers. It was very small, as dragon's go, though with a wingspread that blotted out the sun, a mouth which could bite a man's head off, and a thick reptilian body the size of a bull. The scales were iridescent in the bright sun. I realised with one tiny calm corner of my terrified mind, that it was a young dragon because the scales gleamed to their very edge. Male, too, as a sheathed penis, combined with a big ball-bag, testified. Dragons were almost extinct in my part of the world, because they rarely got along with one another, though many knights claimed to be the cause of their downfall, a ridiculous boast if one stopped to think, the fire would turn any armor red-hot in a instant, producing instant pan-fried knight-steak, and the wickedly glistening scales of even the smallest dragon, like this one, would turn aside the sharpest weapon.

The huge reptile swung around, and I saw it was coming swift and straight as an arrow towards me. There was no use fleeing, as the Beast could out fly the swiftest war-horse in seconds. The wickedly clawed fore-feet swung towards me, and as I awaited skewering, it grabbed me instead by my belt, and lifted me easily. The huge wings produced a gale about me as we left towards unknown territory, the one that our modern maps show as " HEERE ABIEDE MONSTERES" and similar warnings.

After a hour or so of flying, the dragon dropped towards the ground, and settled on its hind legs between some hills. There were mouths of dark caves behind me. I realised that these probably held the fabled "dragon's horde" of looted treasure. The dragon expertly tied me up to an upright wooden stake, with his dexterous forehands. It did not seem that he immediately desired his lunch, so I smiled my most ingratiating smile at him, and said, "Hi."

The dragon did not immediately respond, so I tried another gambit, " Nice weather we're having."

The dragon rumbled and smoked a bit from his nostrils, and said, seemingly to the empty air, " I thought there were no virgins in these degenerate days. " I quickly said, " A virgin, ME?, you're mistaken. I've had a lot of affairs."

"I can smell a virgin a mile away" said the Dragon, effectively silencing my feeble efforts at concealing my unfortunate condition. Embarrassingly, I was a virgin, having no inclination to dally with the eager village maidens.

I hopefully tried another tack, " I thought dragons only ate virgin girls?"

"You wish!" said the dragon airily. "We dragons can eat any virgin creature, though most prefer the young, human female variety because of its tender taste. I myself do not. I like the sharper taste of a male, myself."

That was the end of that. "I'm Tony, " I said, trying again. "Nice to meet you."

"Elroy." said the Dragon. "I think I'll save you for dinner, That'll give me a chance to hone my appetite a bit. Now shut your ugly face while I have a nap."

If a man-eating dragon tells you to shut your ugly face, naturally you do so, although I resented the 'ugly face' bit. Everybody called me good-looking, though I forbore to emphasize the point to the Dragon, he might take it amiss. I was wondering whether it would be worthwhile to try to chew my way through the thick rope, a sisyphean task, as it was fully three inches thick, when there came a sudden " psssstt." I looked to see who the "psssttter" was. and saw a Hero carefully slipping from bush to bush. The Hero was a really good-looking Hero, even as Hero's go, with bulging muscles over muscles seemingly everywhere, emphasized by the numerous leather straps; hefty thighs under his leather loincloth; long blond hair caught up in an Iron clip; Bronze skin; and sandalled feet.

He inched towards me, keeping a wary eye on the snoozing dragon, and jerking out his sword from it's scabbard, commenced sawing at the thick rope tried around my ankle. The rope parted easily, strand by strand under his deft sawing. Unfortunately, he was not as skilled at guiding the edge, and I got several small nicks. The rope around my wrists was thinner, and was cut, not without giving me a few more nicks. I could not help giving a few suppressed ouches while this was going on, and the Hero gave me an angry look, every time I did that. It was really his fault, but as he as the rescuer, I meekly took the visual abuse.

We then quietly started moving backwards. " Now don't trip over your flat feet and wake the Dragon." hissed the Hero in a whisper which seemed loud enough to wake our distant princess, the Sleeping Beauty, let alone the not-so-beautiful sleeping Reptile. I was stung, not by his advice, which was good, but by the words, 'Flat feet.' My feet are no flatter than anyone else's. Nemesis, however was waiting, and the Hero fell over his flat feet. The sword clattered loudly and the hero cried, "Shit!" in a heartfelt oath.

The Dragon awoke, and realised that his lunch was leaving without a word of apology or farewell. " Hey, you, STOP, STOP", he called loudly.

It was a foolish call as I would have told him if there had been enough time to exchange leisurely views over a cup of tea; who would be stupid enough to stop in order to be eaten? I was off and running.

But I had over-estimated the common-sense of the Hero. Although the Dragon's call had not been for him, he had stopped and drawn his sword, thus proving the old adage that Heroes are strong on brawn, not brain. I would have let the fool get roasted, but he had risked his life to rescue me, and to be very honest, he was a good-looking brute. I back-pedaled, grabbed him by the shoulder straps, and pulled him towards the nearest cave mouth. I felt like a tug-boat towing a liner. The dragon was still sleepy, and his fire-glands were not ready yet, else we could never have reached the shelter of the cave. With painful leg muscles, I pulled the still faintly protesting Hero deep into the narrow passage. The light was blotted out as the Reptile poked his huge head into our cave. I was thrilled to see that the huge body could not enter very far.

" Why doesn't he simply burn us out? " asked the Hero.

I lost even my diminished respect for this 'Hero'. "Even a purblind fool knows that Dragons never endanger their treasures. We happen to be shielded by his objects d'art, if you would bother to open your eyes to see." I said in my most acid voice.

"How did these treasures get in here, if the Dragon's too big to enter?" came another question from the indefatigable Hero.

"You don't over-work your single brain cell, do you?" I sneered, "They were put here when the Beast was smaller. Dragons never use their treasure, they merely collect them."

"Oh." came the reply. "Well, smarty-pants, how do we get out of 'that' one." 'That one' happened to be the Dragon's claws carefully removing stones from the entrance. Obviously, it would soon claw it's way to us. Unfortunately, I had no reply to 'that one'

The stones were being removed one by one. I was sitting there, with despair creeping like a fog, when the Hero spoke up, "Hey, the dragon eats only virgins, does he not?"

"Yeah, bulls eye," I said wearily, not bothering to try my sarcasm.

"Well, the solution is simple. " said the hero, surprising me. " Take off your clothes."

"This is no time for streaking. Anyway, it hasn't even been invented yet. " I said, with a resurgence of my tartness.

"Trust me." said the Hero.

Now, on principle, I never trust people who say 'trust me', but this was an emergency, and I had nothing better to suggest, so I stripped to my bare skin. I was proud of my body, and I saw the Hero's brown eyes widen a bit, as they rested on my slim torso.

" Now lie face down on these." said the Hero, taking off his clothes and forming a sort of bed with them. His body was even better looking, nude, than clothed. You've probably heard of men with muscle; this Hero was muscle with a man. He sprouted a big hard-on, as long and thick as my forearm, from a patch of dense, curly pubic hair. I was fascinated by it. The thick head flared and the wide piss-slit drooled. I had never seen anyone's cock except my own up to that time. My own cock stirred, and lifted to its full height of 7". I was amazed at it's action. as it had never done so, even when there was a woman around, lifting up her skirts in a come-hither way. So innocent was I, that the word 'homosexual ' had never crossed my ears. I had a vague notion that men and women did something with their private parts, but I had no idea that men could do the same.

Innocently, I lay face down on the improvised bed, and I felt the hero kneel over my supine body, straddling me. I saw. with the corner of my eye, that the Hero, named Nonac, the Barbarian, as I well knew, had picked up a small tin from his discarded clothing. He tipped it, and a dribble of sword-oil ran out, into his out stretched hand. He parted my butt-cheeks and I felt the slick oil being massaged into my ass-hole with a thick, callused finger. The sensations were fabulous, and I lay relaxed and enjoyed them, though I had no idea where all this was leading. Nonac growled in a slightly thickened tone, " I'm really going to enjoy this. You've got an ass to die for."

I had no idea what 'this' was, but I felt pleased that he had admired my butt. I felt for a minute that I should ask him to withdraw his previous remark about my 'flat feet', but reconsidered. I didn't want him to stop. I knew I was going to be eaten in a few minutes, but I wanted to experience the smooth slick feeling of his fingers on my attractive behind.

"Wait-a-minute" I thought suddenly, "That's not his finger he's using." The finger had been replaced with a big something, that leaked sticky fluid, and pressed against my closed puckered ass-hole. I realised it was the big head of Nonac's hard cock.

" We don't have much time, " he muttered huskily in my ear, " Gawd, I'd really like to enjoy your gorgeous body , but there's no time. Now brace yourself."

As soon as he said that, he pressed his big boner against my tight ass-hole. I felt a steadily increasing push, until the hot knob of that man-rod pushed it's way into my bunghole. Although my quivering asshole had been lubed up pretty good, the pain of that oversized dick head ramming it's way into uncharted territory was unbelievable. Nonac moaned deeply. I gasped and tried to wriggle away.

" I know, I know, it hurts, but its the only way now, " cooed the Hero in my ear." It's better than being served up for dinner", he added.

I didn't reply, my entire mind feeling the pain of that first intrusion. Or was it pain? The initial pain had faded, and I felt comfortable. This lasted briefly, however, though, as Nonac's Dick head pushed in another inch, causing a fresh wave of pain to wash over me.

"God, your ass is really tight. I only wish I had more time, I'd really teach you the pleasures of fucking." I scarcely heard the husky voice, as history seemed to be repeating itself, the pain was fading, and a nice pleasurable sensation took it's place.

The cycle was repeated, first pain, then pleasure as Nonac fucked my virgin ass wider and deeper with every hasty stroke. The pain diminished to vanishing point, and the pleasure grew and grew to utmost bliss. So this was fucking. It was heavenly, if you want my opinion arched my back, wanting more and more of the massive joint in my depths. Nonac chuckled,

" Looks like you are a 'natural', boy, I sure wish we had met in happier circumstances.

I had forgotten the danger, the thick meaty prick inside me was teasing my insides and the flared rim of that cock head rasped against that sensitive spot inside, which I later learned was the prostate. Nonac's powerful hips slammed against my smooth butt, and I felt his ball bag slap against my butt. I realised that, without my knowing it, Nonac had managed to get his entire thick slab of meat inside me.

The long, churning prick delved deeper and faster. I wriggled my buns, as my insatiable ass wanted more man-meat. Nonac bored in gamely. He was rapidly working to orgasm, slamming his hips against my bubble-butt in the time-honoured way of man with man.

" Ohh, it's tight, it's tight, man I'm gonna cum soon,"

" Fuck me harder," I begged, understanding nothing but my desperate need to have this Hero stick his cock up my interior harder and harder. Strange, unknown sensations coursed through my body, and , as Nonac's hand found my dick and started jacking, I was lost to all danger. Nonac raised his hips high, and with his massive thighs trembling, drove his over-sized man-fucker repeatedly into the quivering depths of my ass-hole.

"Fuck me, Nonac, fuck me, more, more, more" I cried as Nonac's man-driller poked repeatedly at a spot where all previous pleasures seemed to pale in comparison. The incredible feeling grew to a crescendo, I lost all control, and suddenly I was lost to the world, my cock was pumping white sticky fluid onto Nonac's hand and clothing. I was vaguely aware that Nonac's cock was spurting something hot, probably the same sticky hot fluid into my dank ass guts.

Nonac collapsed on me, his full weight almost crushing me, but I loved it. He gathered me in his arms, and squeezed the breath out of me. There was no need for words, we both were fully aware that our destinies lay together from now on, no matter what.

I opened my eyes, after a long interval, to look straight into flat, cold reptilian eyes. Elroy had managed to reach us, and his fire-glands were shooting threatening flames.

Elroy, The Dragon, stared at both of us. "I can't eat you now", he said. He easily grabbed both of us , one each in his powerful limbs, and took us outside. He retied us to the stake, and contemplated Nonac thoughtfully." I wonder what should I do to you? You uncouth barbarian, How would you feel if I intruded uninvited in your home, stole your food, and spoiled it till it wasn't fit for man or beast?"

He had a valid point, it was unmannerly of Nonac. Miss Manners, if she had been born then, surely would have a sharp word or two to say about such vulgar behavior. I found my voice, " Wouldn't a simple, 'I'm sorry' cover it? "

The Dragon turned to me, "You keep your ugly mouth shut."

This was the last straw, I'd enough of being called 'ugly' by every Tom, Dick and Harry. I said cuttingly, "I'm actually a very handsome guy, if you had any eyes. I thought all Dragon's had good taste, your forebears would be turning in their graves from shame at having produced you."

"Yeah," said Nonac, putting his two cents worth too, "No one can call him ugly unless he's blind."

I was touched by my champion's words. I almost decided to forgive him his 'flat feet' remark. Almost, but not quite. I'm not the easily forgiving type.

Elroy stared at me. " Well, you are not a bad looking guy, no not bad at all." he rumbled in a contemplative sort of way.

"I sort of liked watching you guys, it really seemed you two were enjoying yourself a lot" he continued, after a long, long pause.

I could see where all this was leading. I looked from the corner of my eye at the Dragon's crotch. The serrated cock with it's wicked looking spikes had emerged a bit from it's sheath, looking like the head of a shy over-sized Galapagos tortoise peeking from it's shell. " Uh, oh, " I thought. "This looks a bit awkward." Not that I was a spoilsport or anything, but those cruel spikes, combined with the saw-like serration, seemed as though they could rip through flesh like a hot knife through butter. I wondered how the female Dragons took it. Maybe that was the reason for their near extinction.

Nonac's slow mind did not seem to grasp the pertinent point, so it was up to me. "Hey," I protested, "If you are thinking what I think that you are thinking, I don't think what you are thinking is possible."

"And what, my dear boy, do you think that I am thinking?" retorted Elroy lasciviously, a curl of smoke escaping from his nostrils.

The sudden transformation of 'dinner' into 'my dear boy' seemed ominous. " You big lunk, " I prodded Nonac, " Do something!"

"Huh?" was the brilliant reply from the Hero, on whom I had pinned my forlorn hope. The hovering peril seemed to have escaped his notice. It was up to me.

"You don't want to mangle my beautiful body, a nice Dragon like you?" I wheedled.

" You seemed to enjoy it with Big Ben here," snorted Elroy, the smoke from his nostrils a deeper color." Either you agree, or I toast you, and this big buffoon with you."

" If I agree, will you let Nonac go?" I asked. No, I'm no hero, but it seemed, if Nonac was free, he could take my mangled body with him and if I was still alive, he could perhaps take care of me till I healed.

"Oh, all right, If he swears never to interrupt my lunch again." Elroy said.

"He will, he will," I interjected eagerly.

Nonac realised nothing, he assumed that I had sacrificed myself to free him. " Oh, no, I won't leave without you, you mean so much to me now, I can never be happy without you." he blubbered.

"Oh, shut up, both of you." said Elroy, "I think I've wandered into a fucking Greek tragedy or something."

I shut up, and smiled tremulously at Elroy as he cut me loose, and pushed me to my knees . Small tongues of flame were dancing intermittently at the corners of his jaws. His Slab of masculine meat was thick, and fully free from the scaled sheath. It gleamed wetly, fully 14 inches long, and thick as my wrist. I reached out and felt it, wondering secretly if I could manage to jack it off, thus saving my poor ass. To my gleeful astonishment, the wicked looking spikes, and the saw-like serrations, were nothing more than soft, fleshy protuberances. They bent easily in my hand. I gripped the thick cock tighter, and pulled Elroy nearer to me. He came, obviously delighted that I had lost my sullen look, and was interested. I leaned forwards and licked the tempting pink knob. The Knob quickly changed color to a deep red, and I licked the entire length of Dragon cock, enjoying the deepening color transformation of rose to scarlet and crimson wherever my lapping tongue touched.

"Oh, no one's done that to me, that's real good, go on doing it, Yes, yes, YES!" Elroy muttered.

Thus encouraged, I attacked his big cock with a vengeance, licking and sucking it till it was deeply, evenly colored across its huge expanse. The orange-sized balls were jumping about in their sac. I grabbed one at a time, and rubbed the rough, tingling surface.

Streamers of flame were rising from Elroy's jaws by now. I knelt on all fours, my ass sticking invitingly in the air. I had no hesitation, no regrets. I wanted to get fucked by the massive prick, and nothing was going to stand in my way. Elroy seemed to feel the same. He climbed over me, doggie-fashion, and aimed his cockhead in the general direction. The blunt dragon's cock poked several times on the outskirts , but finally reached the target, and punched in. There was a sudden sensation of warmth and fullness.

I wriggled my ass to increase the fabulous sensation of that pole of engorged dragon-flesh sliding deep up inside me.

"Elroy, do it, fuck me hard, it's fantastic, fuck my butt, fuck my butt " I begged. The feared spikes were tickling the inside of my ass guts, and together with the prickly serrations, churning up my prostate till I thought I would explode.

Elroy's scales rasped over my back, and his claws scratched thin lines on the tender skin of my stomach, as he gripped my midsection harder. "You're so tight, so fuckin tight, I wanna fuck these delicious buns of yours' all day, "

Elroy growled deeply as he forced more dragon prick into my slick butt-hole. As I arched my back, I saw that Nonac, with his superhuman Heroic strength, had flexed his immense muscles, bursting his bonds, and he was free and moving towards us. I feared the fool would do something stupid, and this wonderful time would abruptly be cut short, but my fears were baseless, as I saw he was fully aroused and wanted some action. I thought he would come and get sucked by me, but he had another target in mind. He moved behind the Dragon, lifted the massive tail, and aimed his fuck-stick at Elroy's colossal opening.

Elroy's tail was a weighty part indeed, but Nonac was no ordinary man to be daunted, with his super-human strength, he lifted it, rested it on his shoulder, and poked his man-meat into Elroy's ass.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," moaned Elroy, as Nonac's thick man-pole wormed its way inside him.

Nonac's entering Elroy had an electrifying effect on the Dragon. His cock swelled and he practically raced his strokes into my ass, the tingling sensation grew and grew. I was writhing like mad, my ass seemed the center of the universe for pleasure as Elroy's cock pistoned unmercifully.

"Oh, yeah, do it, man, fuck me, it's heavenly, fuck me harder, harder, " Elroy moaned, taking the words out of my mouth. His prodigious pole sliced in and out of me like a greasy piston, well aided by Nonac's pounding on the back door.

"Oh your ass is too fuckin hot, man, I can't stop it I'll cum in a second, it's too damn hot" Nonac's agonized voice sounded.

" Fill me with your man-cream, oh this feels so darn good, I can't fuckin believe it, I'm gonna cum..." Elroy moaned. Flame was shooting in an uninterrupted sheet from his mouth. Little blue jets blazed intermittently from his nostrils. " Oh, here it comes, hereeeeeee " his voice tapered off as I felt jet after jet of hot cum blasting inside me.

"Aughhhhh, Aughhhhhh, Aughhhhhh" Nonac echoed as he came, inside Elroy's cloaca.

Although I hadn't touched my cock, I too was cuming, spurred on by Elroy's continuing eruptions inside my overheated butt-hole. About half a quart of sizzling hot cum filled my insides, spurring my balls to fresh efforts.

We drew apart, and panted for a while. Nonac was the first to recover. He drew me up, into his arms, and we left wearily. Elroy waved languidly to us. I would have bet he would look for more than proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates from a man from now, but we were taking no chances.

Nonac and I live together in a very large estate, surrounded by every imaginable luxury. With his brawn, and my brain, we make a great team. Some people wonder how either of us could afford to live like Kings. Actually, it was all due to Elroy. No, no, no, we didn't steal anything, and the idea that a Dragon would gift anything valuable, is ludicrous, as everyone knows. The fact is, that after getting fucked by Elroy, and leaving the vicinity, I emptied out Nonac's oil tin. I refilled it with Elroy's pellucid cum, salvaged from my ass. In case you haven't seen Dragon's cum, it is the most beautiful fluid on the planet, with flecks like microscopic diamonds floating in a mixture of molten silver and the clearest water.

It is also the most valuable fluid on the planet. Wizards, witches, sages, magicians and others paid astronomical sums for a single drop. Thus, we're rich, rich, rich. The only sore point is Nonac's jealousy. Often when he looks at the tattoo that the Dragon had seared forever on my body, he boils. I cannot blame him, the Reptile's hot claws had scratched these words forever on my butt, "Elroy was here". Despite that, Nonac and I will live happily ever after. (this IS a *fairy* tale, isn't it!)

The End

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