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The England Football Team Story, Chapter 1

By Motion2000

submitted July 24, 2000

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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This is my first erotic story I have ever written, so it may not be great! Anyway, if you enjoy this first chapter, my email is at the bottom for you can contact me. The main focus of the series will be on Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, but of course other members of the team will feature. This first section is the introduction…

Before you start reading, you must know by now that this story involves sex between two adult men, so if this isn’t your thing, or you’re under 18, please don’t continue any further. Now without further babbling, enjoy the story…

The England Football Team Story - Chapter 1

Practice ended at the England training camp in Belgium, but Alan and Michael wanted to practice their shooting together before the big game against Germany. They were unusually quiet together, except for the odd ‘nice one!’ after a great goal. Half an hour later, when everyone had left the training ground, they finished their shootings.

‘Hey Alan, you think we’ll beat the Germans tomorrow?’

‘You can count on it, mate!’

They entered the changing rooms, and settled down next to each other. Shearer had been having some trouble with his wife lately, and he thinks he knows why… he had always been attracted to Michael, and has had many dreams about him. All these feelings were new to him; he didn’t quite know what to do.

Both of them were very muddy and needed a shower. Although Shearer was looking forward to being alone and naked with the man of his dreams, he was worried what it might lead to.

Alan noticed young Michael eyeing him, when he thought he wasn’t looking.

‘We’re pretty damn dirty this time, huh Al.’

The older man just smiled and nodded his head, while taking his shoes and socks off; his feet were killing him. Michael had already taken his shirt off exposing a well-defined muscular chest. It fitted him so well, under that cute boyish face. In turn, Alan pulled his own white England shirt over his head and made Michael’s face turn redder. Shearer had quite a hairy chest, especially in the area between his pecs. His nipples were very large and very dark; they were quite a contrast to Michael’s tight looking, light nipples.

Both of them in turn took their kit off until only their underwear remained. Alan sat down, and took his white CK boxer shorts off, exposing this soft, long, thick monster cock that men only dreamed of. It was huge, at least 7” soft, uncut, and very thick and with a huge forest of dark blond hairs that seemed to have grown halfway up the shaft. Even though Owen had seen this object of desire a thousand timed before, he felt this time to be special: they were alone, everyone had gone, and he thought he was finally making progress in seducing the England captain. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know what, so instead just removed his underwear. Michael’s cock was no slouch either: it was quite long (around 5” soft), also uncut, and had a nice dense bush of brown pubic hair. Michael crossed Alan, who was still sitting down, and made his way to the shower. This gave the older man a great view of the tight arse that he admired so much.

Shearer then followed suit and followed into the showers. When he got there, he saw Michael was washing his body. Alan went into a position very near to his friends’; his dick was bobbing from side to side while he walked.

Shearer never felt uncomfortable in the shower with any of the team, but just the thought of being next to his young friend by themselves made his member grow slowly… It was not helped by the fact that Owen was so sexily rubbing his body and smiling at him every time they made eye contact.

Within thirty seconds, Shearer’s cock was semi-hard. Owen undoubtedly noticed, as his own dick seemed much stiffer now.

‘You all right Al? You’re getting a little excited there, mate.’

The older man stuttered, and simply replied:

”No no, I was just thinking’’

That was all The young England striker needed: he moved closer to his captain and friend. Alan asked what he was doing.

‘I’m doing what you want me to do’

With that, Owen slowly put his arm on Shearer’s back and began to rub it. He then put it on the man’s far shoulder and brought him closer. Both men’s bodies were now touching.

They brought their lips closer together, and kissed slowly. Both of them seemed to be enjoying it; their tongues explored one another’s mouths.

‘Are you sure you wanna do this Michael?’

‘Hey mate, I’ve wanted to do this for so long. I know you like it.’

Alan could not deny this, and so reached down and wrapped his hand around Michael’s now erect groin. It felt so good to him, to finally have this boy’s rod in his hand. Gently he began to stroke it up and down. Owen the returned the favour and did the same to his captain; grasping the huge, erect tool that his captain had, and stroking it, peeling the foreskin forward and backward. This action made the captain moan softly. He had been waiting a long time for Owen to wank him off.

Neither of them wanted to rush through this, they continued their jerking, while their other hands explored each other’s bodies. Owen appeared to be infatuated with Alan’s hairy chest, rubbing his hands through the forest, and pinching the dark nipples.

‘Ohhhh shit… Michael that feels amazing; you’re amazing,’

They both moved out of the showers. Alan sat down on one of the benches beside his kit, and put his hands behind his head. Michael kissed him again, and slowly began to kiss his neck, armpits, chest; until finally he arrived at what he’d been waiting for: Alan Shearer’s mighty, 10” fully erect, uncut monster cock, and his huge tennis ball sized hairy balls. The cock was dripping precum. Michael took his finger, took some of the precum and tasted it. He then took his mouth and wrapped it around the huge cock and began bobbing his head up and down the shaft. This proved to be too much for Alan, who was now in ecstasy.

‘Oh fuck it Michael, that feels…ohhh…great man!’

Michael continued to deepthroat the huge shaft, while fondling his own dick. Alan was not the only one going crazy, Owen was so excited and was sucking the older man’s stick like there was no tomorrow.

Alan, was wondering himself what was next. The sucking finally stopped and they kissed allowing Shearer to taste his own precum around Owen’s lips.

‘Hey Alan, you’ll like this, crouch down on the floor there.’

He obeyed. Michael then licked his finger and with one swift motion rammed it up the captain’s tight virgin ass.

‘Shittt, oh my god!’ Alan screamed.

Michael kept pushing his finger in and out of his friend’s hairy hole. He finally finished with the finger fucking after what seemed like 10 minutes.

Alan Shearer was in heaven. He was being kissed, touched, sucked and finger fucked by the man of his dreams. Michael told him to get up.

‘Now Alan, I want you inside of me.’


‘You heard me mate, I want that big fucking tool straight up my ass, I don’t care how much it hurts!’

Alan seemed to be turned on by this statement.

‘Sure, but I’ve never fucked a guy, you got any lube?’

‘I don’t want any, just spit on it’

Shearer gave his member a couple of good strokes, and then spat on it, rubbing around all the saliva. Michael then lied down on his back and put his legs on Al’s shoulders. The older man gently began to push his cock into Michael Owen’s waiting arse. Owen could feel the head slowly began to inch it’s way in, and began to moan quite loudly, while talking dirty to his lover:

‘Oh yeah mate, please fuck me, I want you inside me, come on.’

In one quick movement, the England captain suddenly slammed his cock deep into his partner. That made Owen cry out with pain, but also pleasure.

‘Oh shit, yeah!’

Going faster and faster, Alan continued to fuck the shit out of his young friend. It made him feel great. Owen then reached out and grabbed Al’s chest hairs, scratching them, and giving them firm tugs.

The fucking between these two guys went on for 10 minutes, but seemed like hours. Every one of Shearer’s thrusts was incredible.

‘Oh god, I’m gonna cum!’

‘Me too Al, come on mate, cum up my ass, spread that hot hunky man juice all the way in me…yeah…oh shit!’

With that, both men exploded at virtually the same time. Shearer growled like an ape and shot ropes and ropes of hot white spunk all the way up his partner’s hot arse. The waves kept on coming, shot after shot made him shout out with pleasure. Micheal’s cum spread over his chest. There was so much of that hot boy-juice that it reached his face. After their climax had subsided, Shearer left his softening cock still inside Owen, while he bent forward, began to lick all his friend’s cum and gently kissed him. They were exhausted.

Alan kept repeating: ‘Oh my god'. While Owen kept thanking him for the best fuck a guy could ever hope for.

‘Hey we’re kinda late, the boss might start wondering what we’ve been doing.’


They quickly got dressed without saying a word, and left the changing rooms together. But outside, was Kevin Keegan--waiting for them.

‘Hey boys, could you come up to my office with me, I need to talk to you about something.’

‘Uhhh…sure boss’ Alan said, clearly a bit shaken up.


To be continued in chapter 2

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of what will be a long series of stories on the lives of the England football players. I personally love to receive and reply to emails concerning work I have done, so please if you have any criticism on this chapter, or any ideas on future ones, please email me at: