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The Exhibitionist, Part 2

By Sydney Cavanaugh

submitted October 9, 1997

Categories: Exhibitionism

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The Exhibitionist, Part II

The Exhibitionist, Part II

Late morning sun was streaming through the floor to ceiling, uncovered windows when Deryk awoke after a deep sleep. He was sprawled on the bed with no top sheet. He didn't like being covered up. Crawling out of bed he made his usual trek to the three way mirror. His blond hair was tousled and he had the remains of an erection, and he was ravenously hungry; so he made his way naked to the kitchen. Deryk never wore clothes at home. His friends and neighbors, even the maintenance man and other tradesmen were used to seeing him naked. Some would likely not recognize him dressed having never seen him that way. He took his breakfast out onto the balcony and sprawled in a chair. Several residents who had view of his balcony came out on theirs on one pretext or other but glances were cast in the direction of the muscled, tan body sprawled spread eagle and naked. Finishing his coffee Deryk decided to work on his tan at his favorite beach and on the way back stop off at the supermarket for some wine to take to the evening party at his boss's house.

He dumped the dishes in the kitchen sink and went to his drawer of minimal coverings and chose a magenta string bikini of thin stretchy fabric. He had had it and others especially made for his anatomy. It had a low cut narrow pouch which barely held his cock and balls without restraining them. The back was low and V cut, just a triangle of fabric. He pull the suit on arranging his cock down over his balls. He viewed himself approvingly in the mirror noticing the wisp of blond pubic hair in front and just a suggestion of crack in the ass behind, and grabbing a towel headed shoeless to his jeep in the garage.

It was an open jeep and Deryk loved feeling the wind over is minimally clad body. He headed up the coast to his beach hide away. As he stopped to pay for parking, the attendant stepped out of his booth and stood speechless seeing a near nude muscle hunk in the open jeep. Deryk took his time getting out the money and drove slowly off to give the attendant an eye full. He took the first parking place in order to walked the whole length of the big parking lot to the place where he must climb up toward the more secluded beach. Even on holiday week ends there were not many sun bathers there because to get there was some trouble, and the vast majority were nude though it was not a legally nude beach.

He had easily the biggest body and smallest suit of anyone in sight. Before he reached the end of the parking lot a young couple began crossing the lot for their car when they saw Deryk slowly sauntering along. They stopped him and asked if he were a competitive body builder and he said no but he could show them a few poses, where upon he launched into his posing routine front, side, and back, the whole routine. So admiring was his audience that he became aroused and his hardening dick began to push his trunks down, first his pubic hair then nearly an inch of his swollen cock. He finished his routine, the couple voiced their pleasure, and he turned on his way, near half of his butt showing above his lowered trunks!

Some distance down the beach beyond the parking lot was the entrance to the nature reserve. At this point Deryk dropped his trunks and began the steep climb up the slope naked. It was a sight to see gyrating glutes, bulging calfs, and straining quads as he made it to the top glistening with sweat. The several people he encountered along the way were stunned to see a muscle hunk strolling naked along the path. He looked them in the eye and smiled, proud to be exhibiting himself. When he reached the long, steep steps leading to the beach there was a group climbing up. He wished he had their view of his powerful legs and swaying cock and balls at he descended the steps. He stopped and stepped to the side to let them pass. Once and the bottom it was something of an arduous task to get to the beach itself. A portion of the cliff had fallen leaving some yards of boulders and large stones to cross. He wished he had worn shoes.

The beach was about two miles long and sparsely populated, he noticed as he walked to the far end. Once there he spread his oversized towel and lay down on it on his back his legs spread to display his magnificent cock and balls. He almost immediately fell asleep. On waking sometime later he realised he had a major erection and he turned on his side parallel to the water's edge to better display it, his throbbing dick and swollen balls draping over his thigh. With each passer by who viewed him he became more and more horny and had the urge to jack off right there on the beach, but resisted, choosing instead to run a lap on the beach to help deflate his major boner. As he ran it slapped against his stomach until finally it reach a semi state. By this time there was almost no one on the beach and the sun was about to descend behind the cliffs to the west plunging the beach into dark shadows. It was time to go.

Walking slowly back to his jeep he didn't bother to put on his trunks relishing the cool breeze over his totally bare body. The parking lot was practically deserted. Only two boys on roller blades were there and commented to Deryk, "Right on, dude!" Deryk flashed a single bicep and continued on to his jeep. By this time the sun was down and he enjoyed feeling the wind brush his bare crotch as he sped down the highway. As he passed the supermarket he remembered to stop for a bottle of wine to take to the party. He stepped out onto the parking lot to pull on his bikini before going into the store. He really got a charge out of grocery shopping clad only in a bikini. Although he needed only a bottle of wine, he took advantage of the situation and picked up a shopping basket lingering over fruits and vegetables as if making a choice. As people would notice him he would posture casually to show himself at his best. This aroused him and his swelling dick began to push his trunks down again so that when he got to the check out counter he was again displaying some pubic hair and crack in his ass. The clerk was so flustered on seeing such a display he had to ring up the wine three times. Back at his car he dropped his bikini for a naked drive home.

Back in his condo he felt sweaty and dirty and needed a shower. He also noticed in the mirror that he needed to shave. He had very little body hair, just a little on his chest and legs, but he didn't want anything detracting from his cut musculature, so he shaved regularly. He wanted to be especially smooth for the pool party. In the shower he soaped up thoroughly and carefully shaved unwanted hair, chest, legs, and balls. It was a sensual experience he always looked forward to and was hard before it was all over. That actually facilitated shaving his cock, but he always left a fringe of pubic hair at its base. After he towelled off he viewed himself approvingly in the mirror. As he watched his image in the mirror he carefully rubbed a thin coating of oil to help highlight his striations. Since it was a pool party, he thought to go in just a bikini and went to his drawer to make a choice. He picked up a floral string bikini and considered a dayglo orange g string, then dropped them both. "Hell! I'm going naked!"

So Deryk walked buck naked and proud down to the parking garage with only his car keys in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. At one lower floor the elevator stopped and a drop dead gorgeous stud got on. He wore a sleeveless T shirt and ragged 501 cut offs.

"Whoa! You're really showin' it off", he said to Deryk.

"I've put in too much work to cover it up."

"Well, if I had a body like that I'd show it off, too."

"That's not a bad body under those clothes. Lot of potential. Why don't you give it some air?"

"Is that a dare?"

"It is if it sounds like one."

By the time they reached the garage "Drop-dead-gorgeous" had pulled off his shirt and dropped his cut offs and stood there slightly more dressed than Deryk. He had on thong sandals. They both laughed and parted ways each headed for his own car.

"See ya."

"Maybe I made a convert", Deryk thought watching the genetically endowed body walk away.

The cool night air felt good flowing over his bare body as he drove across town. His boss's house was set far back with a deep lawn and hedge of shrubbery hiding it from the street. Deryk pulled up into the parking space behind the hedge and started up the long walk. The house was ablaze from inside the large windows revealing party goers inside. As Deryk passed one of the windows, a guy standing at it saw him and dropped his drink. At the door he was greeted by his boss.

"Hey, Deryk, come on in. I like the way your dressed. From your office attire I knew this was just a matter of time."

"I hope it's not too much."

"Too much? You'll be the life of the party. Go get a drink and mingle."

After he found a drink he was immediately surrounded by a small crowd. They were awed by his physique and his boldness at being totally naked. It was essentially a pool party; so there were a sprinkling of swim suits but only one nude! He was pressed with questions about body building, competing, training. Hands touched his sculpted, hard body arousing him. He began to breath a little heavy and his own free hand began roaming across his pumped chest. His sapphire eyes began to glaze over.He set down his drink and his other hand began caressing his firm butt fingers tracing up and down the crack in his ass. His left hand explored farther, over his chiselled abs, across his lower stomach, through his blond pubic hair, and brushed his swelling cock. As it stiffened he began to pump it slowly. When it was fully hard he dropped a glob of saliva on it and began to pump faster, very gradually. Slowly he worked one, two, then three fingers into his ass hole, in until they reached his prostate. He pumped faster and faster massaging his prostate. His breathing matched the increasing pace until his cock exploded in spasm after spasm of cum, up onto his chest. It seemed the spasms would never stop, but gradually he settled down to normal breathing massaging creamy cum all over his chest, dick and balls. He stood for a moment in a daze, then applause broke out. Drawn out of his oblivion he bowed sheepishly, picked up his drink and went out on to the terrace overlooking the pool.

Again a crowd surrounded him and he was plied with the usual questions and touches. After a while he strolled away mingling through the other guests and soaking up the glances and stares he got. Later in the evening he noticed a blond body builder some distance away at the far end of the pool. It was a lap pool and must have been 30 meters long. He marvelled at the blond's perfect proportions and degree of development on top of it, a blond Steve Jones! He wore a very brief yellow bikini which barely contained him. His chest and shoulders, incredibly broad, tapered to an equally incredibly small waist and narrow hips, but as he turned around he exhibited a striated bubble butt. It was more than Deryk could bear as he stared at the muscle hunk diving into the pool and climbing out to dive again. His groin began to have a burning sensation and he could feel his dick swelling. With his left hand he cupped his large balls, tight in their smooth scrotum. He began stroking his engorged cock with both of his strong hands. (A crowd was gathering.) All the while he was staring at the blond adonis at the other end of the pool. His breathing became rapid and he suddenly dropped, to his knees, leaned on his back, threw his legs over his head and began sucking his own cock. Taking it slowly in and out he circled its uncut tip with his tongue. Suddenly he took it out of his mouth and it erupted, stream after stream of hot cum shot into his waiting mouth.

These or similar events were repeated through the evening with a respite between each. In the wee hours as people began to leave, Deryk sought out his host to say good night.

"I's time to leave, I think. I hope I didn't go too far."

"Deryk you went just far enough. I told you you would be the life of the party."

As they stood talking the blond muscle hunk Deryk had seen by the pool ran up.

"I see you're about to leave," he said to Deryk,"and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. That really took guts."

"Sex in presence of others really turns me on," Deryk replied.

"By the way my name's Dirk and I have a favor to ask. My ride has already left and since I heard you live across town, I thought you might give me a lift. I live right on the way."

"Sure, let's go."

Dirk grabbed the shorts and shirt he had worn to the party and they started off down the walk to the jeep.

"God! You didn't even wear anything over here?"

"No, I was afraid if I did I would lose my nerve."

Dirk lived just about half way to Deryk's place. Deryk pulled up by the curb at the entrance to the apartment building. They sat talking for a while and Dirk invited Deryk up.

"Not tonight. I'm exhausted, but why don't you come over say mid afternoon tomorrow?"

Dirk agreed and stepped out of the jeep onto the side walked and they continued to talk. Deryk noticed a late night group returning to the apartment building and stepped out onto the sidewalk to shake Dirk's hand and exhibit his naked self full length to the passers by. Their voices hushed as they passed and Deryk preened. The two well matched muscle studs said good night and Deryk drove off into the night...


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