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The Landlord

By D.B. Reed

submitted August 14, 1997

Categories: Surprise

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Living in a college town has given me some opportunities I wouldn't normally have. I don't depend on the university of my livelihood so I'm not concerned about funding bullshit.

There's a beautiful park in town that's lined with student apartments on one side and expensive town homes on the other. That's where I live, but the park has proven a great place to meet guys - not just college students either.

Today was my day off and I decided to take an late morning bike-ride. Usually by shortly before noon most of the good looking guys n the park have decided to take off their shirts while they jog or just kind of relax under the trees.

I took the bike path clear across the park to campus and saw something that caught my eye up along a row of old homes that had been converted into student houses. Up on the ladder leaning against one building was a very well built guy wearing only work boots and a pair of shorts. Oh, he also had a red bandanna tied around his head, but that was it. I thought for a minute about how I could approach him and then came up with a brainstorm.

I put my bike next to a tree and sauntered over to the ladder and called up saying "Hello, um....are you the owner or maybe the manager of this building?"

"Yes to both" he called down, as he finished up the last swipe with a paintbrush across the window frame. He started down the ladder and I got a really good look at his muscular bare legs and his nicely shaped butt. Once at the bottom of the ladder he showed that the rest of his body was as impressive as his legs. There were a couple of smudges of white paint on his chest, only drawing attention to the fact that it was incredibly muscular. His well defined pecs were capped with a pair of tits that were about the size of silver dollars, and the nipples in the center were very inviting.

His face was deeply tanned and showed some age lines, and as he pulled the red bandanna off I could more accurately assess his age. I figured him to be about the same as me, certainly old enough to .....well you know, some kids in college aren't quite eighteen yet. Not that I've ever tried picking up some youngster who's underaged. No, I generally go for the ones who are in their mid-twenties or older. Typically I'm attracted to very hairy guys, but this smoothly muscular landlord was exciting the hell out of me.

"So, what can I do for you?" he asked, and I realized I'd better come up with some reason to be there. "Uh...well, I'm.....uh my nephew is going to start school here this term and he's not been able to find an apartment yet" I said, making up the story as I went along. It was partially true. One of my sister's kids had said something about perhaps transferring to this university but that was two or three years ago. Who knows where he really is? Ours is not a particularly close family.

"Well, I was booked solid but I just had a guy call yesterday and bail out. I told him I'd have to keep his deposit unless I could find another tenant. Your nephew may be the answer" he said. "You want to come in and see the room?"

"Yeah sure" I said, almost feeling guilty for getting the guy's hopes up about renting the room. Not so guilty though that I would give up the opportunity to go inside with this sexy nearly naked guy.

Following him up the stairs to the second floor, and then to the third, I couldn't get over how muscular his legs were. Damn, this guy was in great shape! Thankfully he hadn't bothered to put a shirt on when we came inside so I could also see his broad bare back and his nicely shaped ass, firmly packed into the cut-off shorts he wore.

I could feel my cock stiffen as I followed him into the room and barely heard him go through his description of what's included (heat/water/share-the-kitchen) and what's not (no cable/no phone/no wild parties). He told me the rent and I could hardly believe how cheap it was.

"If your nephew still doesn't have a place to live he'd better take this one. He won't find anything else at this late date" the guy said, and I was tempted to say I'd take it myself just for the chance to come visit occasionally.

"Uh...well....there's one problem with my.... um ...nephew. He's.....well...he's gay" I said. "Does that make a difference?" I figured this would be the end of the conversation and I'd get the hell out of the apartment building.

"Hell no, every guy who lives in this house is gay" the man said, "I thought that's why you came here looking for a room. Didn't they send you over from the special needs housing office?"

I skirted that question with one of my own. "Okay, do you ever fool around with the tenants?"

"Only if they want to" he replied.

"How about their uncles?" I said, grinning at him.

"Only if they want to" he repeated himself.

"I want to!" I told him, reaching out and cupping my hands over his well-shaped chest and squeezing the hard muscle beneath. I ran my hands all across the broad upper body, pausing just a moment to touch the paint smears on his one shoulder and the sexy tattoo on the other. I leaned forward and pressed my mouth to the side of his neck, my tongue tasting the salty flavor of his perspiration.

Soon we were kissing, our tongues exploring the inside of one another's mouth. What a turn on! I love to kiss guys who get into getting me, and this hot landlord seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.

I reluctantly left his mouth, traced my tongue down his muscular front, from mid-chest to navel and then lower. His cut-offs were easily dropped for my benefit and his cock leaped out at me, practically begging to be sucked. As if I really needed to be begged!

His cock was long and thick and (like the rest of him) in very good shape. The thick veins on the shaft of it were so well defined that my tongue could feel them as he pumped his big cock in and out of my mouth.

While he face-fucked me I reached around and grabbed his big hard buns with my hands, squeezing them and helping drive his cock deeper into my face.

"Aw shit, I'm gonna' come!" he announced, and I started to swallow and gulp furiously, hoping to catch ever hot drop of his load. When I was confident that I'd drained him entirely I let loose of his still hard cock and it erupted again, this time coating my face with a second equally large load of jism.

"Wow!" I said "I've never known anyone to do that! You're fantastic!"

"Well you're not so bad yourself. Will you fuck my ass now?" he asked, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Jesus, I didn't even know this guy's name and he was offering to let me fuck him. Figuring that our formal introduction could take place any time I took him up on his offer to plug his ass.

There were no sheets on the bed but that didn't stop us from using it. I spent a while getting his beautiful ass- hole moistened with my tongue, then (as per his request) I shoved my cock deep up his eager man-cunt.

I left the place two hours later wishing I really had come to inquire about the apartment. I admitted to him that I'd made up the whole thing just to have a reason to stop and talk to him.

As we walked down the steps to the front door he indicated that I didn't need some bogus excuse to come back the next time. "Just give a call first, in case I'm not here" he suggested, and I grinned at him and reminded him that he'd told me each and every one of the tenants was gay as well.

"Maybe I'll find some hot young stud to 'fill in' if you're not around" I teased, and just then I heard someone call my name. "Uncle Doyle! What are you doing here?"

I turned and found myself standing face-to-face with a fantastically handsome, shirtless hunk with a considerable amount of hair on his muscular upper body. The fact that he was my sister's son took a back seat to the knowledge that each of the residents in this particular house was gay.

"Well I'll be damned!" I said, explaining the irony of the whole situation to the two of them.

Now I certainly had a reason to come back to visit!

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