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The Pony Ranch

By Nathan Harvey

submitted August 7, 2001

Categories: Sex On The Ranch

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Warning: this story is a work of fiction and contains graphic descriptions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. All participants in this story are over the age of 18 at the time of the story. If you are not eighteen or the subject matter offends you, please log off.

By Nathan Harvey

Dallas had been plagued with street kids, run away boys and men all without jobs, some from Mexico without papers. They were everywhere haunting the streets and alleyways of the city. Jamie was just one of the many young street people trying his best to get a night’s sleep in one of the alleyways, when this black van with its lights out quietly rolled into the ally. Suddenly a brilliant light came on and a voice said, “There he is, the one I was telling you about”. The doors of the van then flew open and two men leaped out of the truck and began chasing him. In seconds they had him pinned down and one of the men held a moistened rag over his face. That was all he had remembered. They then had carried his limp body back to the van and shoved it in the back. The smaller man gave him a shot in the arm and threw a tarp over him. The two men grinned at each other and one muttered, “One down, three to go.”

Paul Harris and Kelly Roper saw nothing wrong in what they were doing--in fact they felt they were doing the city a great service. They were on their nightly round up of unwanted strays, then turning their prize catches into a cash crop of slave boys. Cruising along and turning into another ally--known for harboring runaways--they spotted a young blond man. Slowly driving by him, Paul commented that he was a little on the old side, but he was well built and looked like he would train easily. Kelly said they could always sell him as a loss leader. Slowing and stopping the van, Kelly slid out of his seat, got out of the truck and began talking to the young man.

It was always so easy, Kelly was a small and frail looking man and he didn’t easily scare of these boys. He would begin by promising the guy money for a blowjob. This kid was like all the rest of them, he had hit bottom and he was willing to do anything for a few bucks--even if that meant sucking a stranger’s cock, if the money was there.

Clearly desperate for a few bucks, the kid quickly went down on his knees in submission. The boys in the van knew they had someone close to the edge. No doubt about it, this one could be easily trained and manipulated. As soon as the guy would have Kelly’s cock in his mouth, he would never even see Paul coming up behind them with a chloroformed rag. Once they had him limp and unconscious, a shot in the arm would keep him that way for hours. Paul and Kelly then would easily load their catch into the back of the van with the first boy. Kelly laughed saying, “Two down, two to go”, and they would crawl into the van and continue cruising the alleys again. It was almost dawn as they headed out to the ranch with an additional two young men added to their evening’s haul. Paul was saying that they had a real good selection tonight and their night’s catch would be worth a lot of money when they whipped them into shape.

Kelly’s only comment was that he still wished they could have gotten that last kid they’d seen. Paul said he was afraid if they started rustling too many young men off the streets, they would draw too much attention to the missing street boys. The last thing they needed or wanted was some damn righteous reporter asking questions in the newspapers about what was happening to the poor unfortunates. Grunting his agreement, Paul said maybe they should try Fort Worth for a while. He’d heard in the bar that there were a lot of hunky street kids up there hustling the bars. As the van moved out of the city into the ranch lands, Kelly leaned back and relaxed. Paul was right--of course--he was always right about these things. He had turned out to be a damn good partner since he’d joined the ranch.

had been nothing when Kelly had inherited it from his uncle. For a few years he’d tried hard to make it a success of it raising ponies, but Kelly wasn’t much of a success at anything—especially if it involved mundane or hard work. The writing was on the wall, in a year maybe two he would be broke and the ranch would have to be put up for sale. It was on one of those nights when he was cruising at the local leather bar, he’d overheard one of the cowboys joking about wanting a young slave boy of his own to fuck. Squinting in that dark smoke filled bar to see who was talking, he found himself staring at this beautiful fury animal of a man in leather, out on the prowl. One thing Kelly would say about gay Texas men--they were all man. He looked like the type of animal that would keep a man as a slave--in fact the whole lot of them did!

It was on the drive back to the ranch that Kelly hit upon an exciting plan of finding young runaway boys and training them as sex slaves, and then selling them for a fine profit. It would all be so simple. Giggling as he thought of himself as a madam for men, he’d toyed with the idea for a few days, and then had forgotten about it. It was when he was on the way home from another unsuccessful night’s cruising the bar that he spotted this cute looking homeless guy. He was rummaging around looking for someplace to sleep. Kelly remembered seeing him in the bar earlier that evening hustling, so he knew he had to be at least eighteen. He was just right for what he had in mind. The boy was a little on the lean side, but some ranch time and food would take care of that. The kid had good bones and would fill out real nice.

Deciding he was a good choice, Kelly pulled his van up along side his target and after parking, he called out to the young man. Turning in fright the young man began running down the dark alleyway. Kelly watched him flee and he knew he could never catch him. Then suddenly the boy went flying over something in the ally, hit the ground with a thud, and just lay there not moving. Kelly thought the boy must have struck his head on the pavement. Rushing over, he found the boy apparently unconscious, but otherwise unhurt. He managed to drag him into the back of his van. Shoving him inside and finding some rope, Kelly bound the boy’s hands and feet, and then he then slipped a ball gag into his captive’s mouth.

Once Kelly had tied the gag off and his charge was secured, he headed out to the ranch. Pulling through the gates and around the house to the barn, he managed to drag his trophy into the barn. Stripping him completely and then and shackling him to one of the beams, Kelly made sure the boy was secure. He left him there to hang the rest of the night. He figured by morning, the boy would be tired, frightened and easer to work with. That next day when Kelly began trying to break him in, he quickly found out that it was just the beginning of his problems. Poor Kelly was just too much of a lady to really beat the boy into submission, so he began trying to bribe him with food.

The boy was fattening up beautifully and he was becoming one hell of a handsome piece of ass. After three months captivity, Kelly had been able to fuck him get him and to rim his ass. He had even fisted the boy when he withheld food from him for a couple of days and his captive got hungry enough, and was therefore forced to surrender to Kelly’s desire.

Still no matter how Kelly used him, he could not break his spirit. He was beginning to realize how big a mistake he’d made, thinking he could ever run a ranch that routinely broke and trained young men for sex slaves. This was just another one of his failures. He had to finally admit to himself that he simply wasn’t man enough to break another man. He was at a loss to know where to turn now, but that was before he met Paul Harris. Paul was the rancher who’s spread bordered his on the west. How this partnership came into being was certainly by chance. Paul Harris had been driving home when he saw this bare assed naked boy running towards him in the road for dear life. Stopping and asking if the boy was in trouble, the boy had blurted out that he was being held a prisoner by some fagot rancher trying make him a sex slave.

Paul had opened the door of his truck, while telling the boy to get in quickly--he would help him. The boy didn’t hesitate for another second--even when he aw this hairy looking wild man behind the wheel. He was desperate to get away. Paul smiled over at the young man, assuring him he knew just what to do. He looked over at the boy thinking he was as pretty as a girl--and a lot better looking than that horny bastard that had tried to pick him up in the bar earlier on tonight. This kid was going to make it one damn fun night. As the truck rumbled down the gravel road, in the dim light coming from the dash, Paul was pleased to see the young man hadn’t bothered to cover himself. This was a good indication the boy was used to being naked. Asking what his name was, the boy said, “Joseph.” Pulling up at this little white house, Paul told the young man to follow him inside and he would take care of him.

As soon as the door slammed shut, Joseph began to realize he’d made a big mistake coming home with this man. Suddenly Paul’s strong arms were circling around him and turning him, and then his hard lips cruelly pressed against his. Struggling to resist him, this man’s tongue forced its way into his mouth. In panic Joseph bit down on hard his captor’s tongue. Seconds later he had this awful pain in his balls as the man’s knee slammed into his groin again and again. The man was in a rage and kept slamming his knee into Joseph’s nuts. Collapsing in pain, when he was released from Paul’s strong arms, he lay there on the floor in agony. Still in a rage, the man then began kicking the shit out of him with his big, heavy, leather boots. As the big toe of the boot kept slamming into his naked body, whichever way he moved, he begged for mercy, promising he would do anything if the man would just stop kicking him.

His trophy lying there on the tile floor sobbing, Paul lifted the boy like he was a toy and carried him into his bedroom. Tossing him into his smelly unmade bed, Joseph lay there in terror watching his captor as he began undressing. This guy must be twice his size and had the body of a hairy beast. Still more frightening was that enormous cock hanging between his massive legs. This guy was nothing like that fagot that had been fucking him at the Pony Ranch. This man was some freak of nature--he was hung like an animal. Now Joseph desperately wished he had stayed with the fagot. He watched in horror as the man crawled up onto the bed, and then began lifting his legs. Joseph was terrified and closing is eyes, and gritting his teeth, he prepared for the worst.

Now, he could feel the brute pushing his cock at his ass crack. After a blinding flash of pain, Joseph could feel his body stretching in protest, as that enormous cock forced its way deeper into his ass. When he though it couldn’t get any worse, Paul gave one great lunge, driving all of that massive cock deep inside him. Feeling this white-hot pain surging thought his whole body, Joseph let out a scream and his hardened cock just when limp when he fainted. Coming around, his ass hurt so bad he wanted to die, but that cock began moving in and out of him in a slow steady pace. Looking up into that bearded face of Paul’s, he was met with these burning black eyes, filled with lust. Somehow he couldn’t look away and as that mammoth cock kept working deeper and deeper into his ass--stripping him of his manhood.

Staring into those eyes, this beast seemed to be raping his mind as well as his body. Paul then began increasing his speed and he began grinding his hips, making his cock pull and stretch Joseph’s ass and forcing his body to yield and accept his enormous cock again and again. Now the only sounds in the room were Joseph’s soft sobbing and the sucking and slurping of his ass as the suction of his body now began forcing even more of that cock into him. As that legendary weapon of Paul Harris’ kept plunging in and out of his ass, Joseph’s eyes took on this glassy look. With Paul’s fourteen inches filling Joseph’s body, every stroke of his cock stripped away the few remaining shreds of any manhood he may have had left. Any resistance he might have been able to summon just seemed to drain away.

Joseph now accepted that he was a cunt to be used and fucked--he was now broken and beaten. Laying back now in resignation, he found himself spreading his legs even wider, he had surrendered both his mind and body to the cock that was consuming him, and his body responded to every thrust. With each drive, he would push back begging for more cock. He now clung to Paul, not wanting him to stop fucking him. Joseph had now ceased to exist as a man—he had become this bitch eager to be used and enjoyed. What poor Kelly had tried so desperately, Paul had done in the course of one night’s session. Joseph would never be anything more now than a mare--to be fucked and serviced by men for their pleasure --for the rest of his life. Paul Harris had broken in enough horses to know all the telltale signs and this young buck had been no different than any other animal he’d conquered.

Paul had quickly figured out what Kelly Roper was trying to do. A young man properly broken and trained as a slave would bring a high dollar in the leather crowd--certainly more profit per pound than any other kind of animal he could raise. It was ironic that in the three months of captivity at , Kelly hadn’t been able to break Joseph, but he had succeeded in one night. He had to give the man credit—at least Kelly had him so close to the breaking point, but he just wasn’t man enough to pull it off. By now his little filly was all over him--licking and sucking him and begging Paul to fuck him again. Paul began thinking that a fine foal like this boy was indeed going to bring him top dollar when he was sold. He had to say that Kelly certainly had the right idea. Training slave boys would make a hell of a lot more money for them than horses or ponies ever would.

It was when Joseph, now desperate to please Paul, began working his way between his legs and rimming his ass, that Paul began coming up with this plan. Letting Joseph continue performing like a true sex slave, wanting only to please his master, he lay there calculating how they could make this a working deal. Finally when Joseph had exhausted himself, he cuddled into his new master’s arms and fell into a contented sleep. When Paul woke from the early dawn’s light streaming into the bedroom windows, he’d formulated his plan. Looking at this beautiful man-boy curled up in his arms, he redoubled his plan of action.

It was then that Joseph woke, and looking up into his master’s eyes, Joseph asked him what he--slave should call him. Hugging this beautiful young man, Paul just told him to call him Master. With the smell of sex still on him, Paul dressed and led Joseph naked out to the truck. Telling Joseph it was time to return him to his rightful master, Joseph fell to his knees and licked his boots feverishly, and begged Paul to keep him here. All the way back to , Joseph kept begging him to let him stay with him. Laughing, Paul said that he needed to return Kelly Roper’s property to him. Settling back in his seat and bowing his head in defeat Joseph found himself saying, “Yes Master.” Joseph understood who and what he was and kept his place. When Kelly buzzed them in and the ranch’s gate, he was waiting at the main house when they pulled into the drive.

When Kelly saw Joseph in his neighbors truck he let out a sigh of relief. He had dreaded the possibility of Joseph getting to the police, and the local constabulary coming out and arresting him for what he’d done to his captive. As Paul slid out of his truck, he opened the passenger door and a submissive Joseph crawled out and knelt at Kelly’s feet. A huge wave of relief swept over Kelly. As they came closer, Kelly’s sensitive nose picked up the smell of sex all over them both. Standing before Kelly, Paul extended his hand in friendship, saying he had found something that belonged to him on the road last night. By now Joseph was licking at Kelly’s boots in total submission. Paul dismissed Joseph, telling him to clean up and make himself presentable for his Master.

Kelly had instantly realized that this man was a real Master. He had broken Joseph in record time. Kelly asked Paul to join him in the den, and that was where their deal was struck. That night Paul Harris and Kelly Roper became partners in . Paul had almost wanted to throw up when he shook Kelly’s soft pansy hand, but as they said, money makes strange bedfellows. It was understood between them that Joseph would be sold as the first slave and the money reinvested in the ranch. On the drive back to his place, he knew their hay days would come. It was an uneasy beginning, but putting their heads together, they began laying plans on how to make the ranch an outlandishly wild success. Kelly then told Paul about this box canyon on his property, and riding out to see it, Paul had said if they fenced the entrance they could pen their young stallions up and train them like the animals they were. Paul went on saying all they needed to make it work was a primitive shelter. He said the boys could then live in the outdoors like the natural wild animals they were. They could run in the fresh air and sunshine and as they could condition their bodies as well as break their resistance.

With the plans in place, that next month the work began on the fencing and the construction of the crude shelter. Paul had paid particular attention to the kind of men they were hiring. He had insisted on big well-hung, sadistic leather jocks that would enjoy breaking and fucking their young trainees. Paul had also insisted on a level of training that would assure any owner of complete servitude by his slave. Joseph was the first to be sold, but as they acquired and trained more boys, slowly their reputation as purveyors of superb slaves became well known in all the right circles. Their reputation was eventually known in international gay circles as providing top quality slaves. This was how the Pony Ranch had grown into what it was today.

Approaching the ranch with their evening’s catch, Paul slowed the van before turning off on this narrow gravel road. About two miles down the road he stopped before an electrified gate. Pressing a button, the gate slowly slid back along the chain link fence and they proceeded inside the compound. Once inside, they waited until the gate closed. Joseph had been the only one to have ever escaped and Paul had made sure that would never happen again--no slave would ever escape alive. Backing the van up to the staging area, Kelly and Paul began unloading their new recruits. Once inside the corral, Kelly began stripping them as the other trainees looked on, viewing the fresh meat.

As soon as Kelly and Paul were outside and the gates were securely locked, the slave pack descended on the new recruits, dragging them into the shelter. Paul and Kelly watched and laughed, knowing the new boys were really going to get their asses fucked big time later tonight.

This was how the recruits’ lives began. When they regained consciousness, they would realize the older ones were taking turns raping the hell out of them. If they were sharp, they would quickly learn they had to submit to the older, stronger boys or get the shit kicked out of them, and then they would be summarily raped. When they brought the chuck wagon out, the newbies found out they were expected to kneel naked in the dirt and beg for their food. If they were too proud to submit, after a day without food, they eagerly began kneeling and begging for food like the rest of them pack. And to keep those rations they had to submit to the other boys, becoming their sex objects. They would soon learn to be toys on demand. After a while even this would even seem natural to them. Another change in their lives were the roundups--where riders--naked except for their hats and boots, would chase the young men in circles and then rope them like beef on the hoof. Once they had been downed, the rider would rape his catch.

As the weeks of their training and confinement passed, the boys began to accept this running, roping and fucking as normal. They began to accept they were nothing more than human animals. You could see them begin to revert to their primitive instincts. Little by little their bodies became tanned and muscled and their minds began to accept sharp commands from their trainers. Once they had reached this stage, they were culled out for individualized training. Each young stallion would then be assigned to a group of ranch hands to serve as their special slaves. Each trainee was obligated to satisfy each man’s sexual urges--no matter how base or perverse. Paul had taken care to see no slave stayed with a trainer long enough for the trainer to develop a feeling of ownership to his new slave.

To be marketable, a slave had to be a clean slate, willing and eager to accept the man he was sold to totally as his new master. Paul was always the one that was the last step in their indoctrination. Once he had fucked them, after they had surrendered their bodies to him, just as Joseph had done, they would forever be nothing more than a willingly submissive slave. Now Kelly had seen Paul naked while out riding roundup and he always stood in awe at the way that man was hung. Mostly he resented the way Paul could swiftly train the boys with that damn weapon of his. It was like his cock had some magical power. Once inside a man’s body, he took complete possession of the candidate’s mind as well as his body. His only will now would be that of his master.

Kelly even resented the fact that branding the boys had been Paul’s idea. As for the paper work, when Kelly had inherited the ranch, his Uncle had run the ranch as a pony farm for decades. Paul had been the one that had come up with the idea of listing the young men as ponies being raised for pets and suitable for riding. Each one of the boys was then assigned a name suitable for an animal, and papers were drawn up listing the slaves as pet animals. Kelly knew that all the success of the ranch was mostly due to Paul and even that galled him. Paul was everything Kelly could never be--he was all man, hung like a horse and smarter than hell. Kelly would never admit even to himself that he was desperately in love with Paul. Paul had made sure that Kelly knew what Paul thought of him, always telling him he was just a vain fat little queen.

Kelly knew Paul would never change, if he would ever make this man love him it would have to be he that would change. As time passed the conditioned boys were being sold mostly out of the country. Some of their customers were now even placing special orders for what they wanted in their slaves. Kelly and Paul prided themselves with supplying quality merchandise and guaranteed a replacement if their customers were not satisfied. Slowly, their Pony Farm’s reputation grew. After several years in business, they had begun selling their preferred stock to clients around the world. It was now hard to keep up with the demand and they had to be increasingly selective.

When Paul had wanted to expand the ranch, Kelly had said no. One of the things they did agree on was that Paul would move into the ranch house with Kelly. They then converted Paul’s place into a guest cottage, where clients could stay while they were making their final selection of the stock. Now that the ranch was doing so well, Paul and Kelly were now becoming indecently wealthy. Then out of the blue it began to look like all of this was all coming to a crashing end. Kelly had received this registered notice from a guy named Mason Carlson, the state livestock inspector. It said that he was required to inspect the herd for disease.

Kelly had panicked, but Paul that had taken charge, and after dinner he took the inspector out to the corral. When the trainer boys began roping and raping the lesser boys, the inspector was quick to join in. Letting him take his selection back to the ranch, by morning the inspector was most corporative, giving all the permits the ranch was lacking. Paul never did say just what kind of special deal he’d struck to get this kind of resolute cooperation. After that, the state inspector had become a welcome visitor for roundup. He would arrive and strip naked like the other riders and ride out to the corral. It was when he was invited to a branding that he really became intensely hooked. From that point on, running the ranch and getting the required permits to ship the stock was no problem.

Paul and Kelly were returning from one of their weekend runs and were in the midst of a violent argument. This time Kelly wasn’t about to back down, he wanted to close the ranch saying they both had all the money they could ever spend in two lifetimes. Paul said nothing. As they were unloading the drugged boys, Kelly flared up saying this was the last load. This declaration was met with Paul’s laughter. Kelly began to strip the boys as usual after Paul had pulled the van through the fence. This time however, he closed and locked it, leaving Kelly inside to fend for himself. Now if it had been Paul who had been left in the corral, the slaves and their new trainees would have kept their distance, but with Kelly that was a horse of another color. As soon as the gate closed, the slave pack sprang on Kelly like animals, dragging the recruits and Kelly into the shelter. Paul could hear Kelly’s clothes being ripped off above his yells of protest.

Driving back to the ranch house, Paul had to smile at the thought of all those young men raping Kelly. That nelly little fagot would finally get all the cock he wanted now. When the ranch hands and Paul went to the corral the next day and saw Kelly, the men just sat there on their horses laughing. All of the men thought of Paul as their boss and Kelly as just a pain in the ass. When they saw him kneeling there, dazed and being forced to suck dozens of boys’ cocks, it gave them all a charge. Entering the corral on horseback, they began driving the men around the canyon for their morning exercise. Paul paid particular attention to driving Kelly hard, using a whip when he lagged behind the rest of the herd. When one of the riders roped and hog-tied Kelly, he watched eagerly as the man raped him. Feeling a twinge of jealousy, but saying nothing, Paul rode off snickering to himself.

Over the following months of exercise and sunshine, Paul watched, as Kelly became one magnificent animal! He was now long and lean and tanned to perfection. When he ran with the herd, his beautiful curly blond hair flowed behind him like a golden mane. Now, all the riders began chasing him, he was one prized piece of ass. Kelly was now fully broken and ready for branding. Paul had one of the men cull him out of the herd as he lit the propane torch to heat the iron for the branding. Kelly, after seeing what was happening, kneeled in the dirt and placed his hands on some rocks, bowing his head before Paul in submission.

He said nothing; he only knelt there waiting for his commands. When Paul pressed the branding iron into Kelly’s ass, he gritted his teeth from the pain but never cried out. He had accepted everything that was happening to him with grace and dignity--like a good slave. Kelly just knelt there obediently waiting as Paul put the equipment away. All that was left now was for Paul was to give Kelly his final indoctrination into his new life. Mounting his horse and reaching out and pulling Kelly up on his horse, he began the ride home.

As Kelly clung to him, Paul could feel his taught body as Kelly held tightly to him. As the horse began to gallop, he kept having these strange feelings as Kelly’s hard body rubbed against his. Leaving the horse with one of the hired hands, Paul led Kelly to his bedroom and scooped him up and dropped him into his bed. Looking at Kelly’s now svelte body laying there, his cock sprang to life and he knew he was going to enjoy this special moment. It was when he began fucking Kelly he felt these strange feeling of tenderness for this man.

As he worked his monster cock of his into Kelly’s body, he could feel Kelly surrendering himself to him. Paul kept at him and by dawn all that was left was to fist fuck him. As his fist began working into Kelly’s ass, Kelly obediently began stretching his legs wider, making it easer for Paul.

Paul had never doubted that he had now taken complete possession of Kelly’s mind and body. Looking down at this beautiful creature kneeling at his feet in complete obedience, he knew he wasn’t going to give him up--he had fallen in love with him. Pulling him into bed, Paul lay back as Kelly crawled up on him, straddling him. He spread his cheeks and descended on that monstrous cock of Paul’s, taking it into his body with uncanny ease.

Paul threw his head back surrendering himself to this new delicious feeling of Kelly’s body accepting him with ease. He felt like he had it all now--he owned the ranch and now he owned Kelly. Paul Harris never recognized the look in Kelly’s eyes—it was not submission or defeat--it was love. Those months in the corral had not broken Kelly--he had used them to make himself what Paul had obviously wanted in a man. Paul had not broken Kelly; he had surrendered himself to Paul of his own free will. Now because of that love Paul had for Kelly, he now belonged to him. Kelly, in reality, owned Paul now without his even realizing it. Still impaled on Paul, Kelly leaned forward against his lover’s fury chest and hugging his master, gave him a tender kiss. Paul responded predictably, drawing his arms tightly around Kelly’s hard hewn body, realizing he had found the man he was going to spend the rest of his life with.

(Kelly had won.)

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Executive Sweets

Jun 15, 1998

I'd gotten up late this morning and I had to rush to dress for work. I wanted to look especially nice today; I was being interview by personnel for a new promotion. The office grapevine had it that that the new position was an important service position to Mr. Sams the company president. I'd been with the company for five years and I'd done every thing to get ahead. I lived in... read more

First Love

Mar 19, 2001

Ever since I was a small kid I’d spent all my free time in my bedroom on my computer. It had become the window to my world, my teacher in all things that I could never asked my parents about. I could go always go on line and find answers to anything I needed to know. My computer wasn’t like it was for me in High School, it never called me a nerd or a fag, it was my friend and... read more

First Time

Jun 13, 2001

Warning: this is a work of fiction; this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. if this turns you off, don't read it.First timeBy Nathan HarveyBobby Tyler and I had been buddies as far back as kindergarten and I think I was in love with him even then. I know they always say gay people are not born that way, but I... read more

Friend, Lover, Master

Feb 22, 2001

It was a great day when I graduated collage. This would be an end of putting up with all the dumb hicks in this small town. This was the first day of my new life. Ever since I was a small kid I’d planed on ways of getting out of this dumpy little town of South Bend. It was a town of losers. I was tired of all the simpering religious fagots and easy women who pranced around in their... read more

Full Circle

Jun 19, 2001

Warning: this is a work of fiction; this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. if your are not eighteen or this turns you off, don't read it.Full CircleBy Nathan HarveyI was Carlson Tennyson and I was a man to be reckoned with. I am in my early thirties and I was already richer than any man deserves to be. It was... read more

Getting Religion

Apr 14, 1999

It was an unusually gray day for Rome, the rain was coming down in buckets as they say in America. Samuel Johnson and his Ward, Joshua had been in Rome just last year on a pleasure trip. Today they were just finishing their glasses of wine in a charming little ‘Restaurant’ on the Via Salaria. It was just a few steps from their hotel, The La Pergola. Unfortunately this trip to Rome... read more

Gladiator, Part 1

Jun 14, 2000

The Gladiators was thought to be one of the most exclusive fraternities at school. In reality it was an off campus organization completely free from any school influence or domination. Gladiators were always the hunks that stood out on campus because of their beautiful bodies and high ranking scholastic standings. In class they were always the smart ones at the top of their game.... read more

Gladiator, Part 2

Jun 14, 2000

I was on the steps waiting for him a little early but Eric was right on time and he picked me up. Slowing this silver Sebring convertible he waved me down to the street.As I climbed into his car he said he had the top down because he loved the fresh air evening air and asked if I minded. He said he loved that free feeling early fall in the air as he cruised the drive from school... read more

Gladiator, Part 3

Jun 14, 2000

Holding his hand out to me he said the other pledges seemed to have already had theirs it was now my turn. As we moved through the doors of the ballroom and into this long hall we approached this handsome older man in a leather thong that had been standing guard. Turning then and leading us to this door at the end of the hall. Then reaching in front of us he opened the door for us... read more

Gladiator, Part 4

Jun 14, 2000

I heard my name called then. I was ready now eager for the fight. Eric leaned over saying do you best and if you lose I will make you a good master. My fight seemed to go on forever. He had this bear hug on me and I thought then that I was done for. The oil had made our body's slick and we had a hard time holding on to each other. Quickly sliding down a little I managed to grab... read more


May 10, 1999

We had been raised as brothers for years even though I was adopted when I was fourteen. Kelly never let me forget that I was different and that we weren’t blood relatives. It was after his mother died that Walter wanted a companion for Kelly. He had to pull a lot of strings to get me adopted, but he had money and power. He’d had always told Kelly that he’d adopted Christopher just... read more


Apr 20, 1999

In the six months since I’d moved to Chicago, I hadn’t been able to find a job. I was at the end of my rope. Finally, I had to go to my landlord Mr. Clint to tell him after living there for only six months, I had to move. I knew I had a year’s lease, but I told him I was desperate, broke and I’d done everything to try to find a job. Mr. Clint seemed very understanding. He said that... read more

It Happened One Night

May 21, 2001

Warning: This is a work of fiction; this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. If you are not eighteen, or if this turns you off--sign off now.It Happened one NightBy Nathan HarveyI had run the advertisement in the Tribune over the weekend and it read simply, ‘Wanted roommate to share expenses of a large lakefront... read more

Jail Bait

Apr 18, 1999

For a week now I had been hitching rides more interested in the studs that were driving than were they were going. Hitchhiking had been a great way of getting picked up by some hunky studs. Oh I did sort of a have a destination in mind but if a guy with a great looking body or flashing a big cock stopped I could always make a slight detour. So to speak you might say I was blowing... read more

Janitor's Delight

Jun 15, 1998

It was a hot day as I stood in line at the "Mail Box etc" with my package. I was waiting to get my box wrapped, posted and ship back for my refund. I'd ordered a Dave Lord dildo and they sent me a replica of piece of meat that looked like it had been cast from a rogue elephant. It was the biggest black dong I'd ever seen. It was just too much to expect to take. I sure would like... read more

Kennel Boy

Apr 13, 1999

It was going to be an early Fall. I could see by the few scraggly leaves left on our trees that winter was not far off. Setting there on the porch of that rundown shack of a farmhouse, all there was to do was watch those dust devils whirling across the landscape. I hated the fucking State of Texas from the day I was sent here. I knew from experience that we were in for two more... read more

Leather Man

Jun 12, 1998

I'd just left Makielski's art store after picking up my art supplies and suffering sticker shock at pre-stretched canvas prices. I'd have to go back to stretching my own canvas, --at least until I started selling more of my work and making more money. Putting the canvas in back with some of my other paintings, I pulled out of the parking lot to get my goodies home. Still thinking... read more

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