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The Rape of a Straight Son --- Episode 2

By jerrison

submitted October 25, 2000

Categories: S/M

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. As the spasms in my cock subsided, I felt relieved that I was about to be released.

But I was wrong.

Dead wrong.

"You taste great, Kev." my father's face came close to me, so close that we were almost kissing.

"You've got what you want, let me go."

"I will," my father said. "But only after I've had enough of your sperm."


"I didn't say I'm going to masturbate you just once!" my father began laughing his sinister laugh.

"No! Let me go...."

"I want you to remember, Kev, that you have been masturbated by your father. I want you to remember this feeling every time you touch yourself."

"Nooooooo, Noooo!"

My father began massaging my cock and testicles as if he was kneading dough. My cock hardened to my shame. I pleaded for him to stop. I yelled. But my father had been taken over by some beastly fiery and would not stop.

"I've been waiting to have sex with you since you were 13, Kev. Sit back and relax."

I clinched my face as my father enjoyed his touch of my bulging manhood. I wanted to cum a few times, but my father skillfully suppressed it down by pressing the base of my cock. Finally, he let me cum, and my sperm flew up onto his cheeks. My father immediately enveloped my penis and sucked in tightly.

"No......." I yelled as I witnessed with my bare eyes my father sucking my sperm.


That went on for another two rounds. This was the first time ever that I ejaculated four times consecutively. I felt miserable, as if I lost something. And I know what it was --- my innocence.

I lay on the bed, completely molested. My father went out of the room, and I was relieved at that. But I was not let loose. I struggled without avail. The ropes on my wrists were too secure.

I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up, I saw my father burning a cigarette by my side, one hand caressing my armpit hair.

"Let me go...."

"Are you still a virgin, Kev?"

"Let me go..."

"Tell me and I'll let you go."


"Haven't you ever had sex with Karen, the woman you love?"

"We've just started."

"You know, Kev. We have only one son, that is, you. Very soon, all you think of is having sex with Karen and you'll not bother about your mother and I."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"What I'm saying is, I'm going to teach you a lesson so that you remember who your father is, forever."

"What are you going to do?" I was horrified. I can't imagine what he is going to do.

My father came to my ears, blew wind into them, and said, "Fuck you."

"No... don.......n't"

"After today, you are going to be mine forever, sexually. It's going to be a fact that you are raped into, and you can never be a man proper again. Ever." my father grinned as he climbed on top of me in slow motion. He tossed my blanket off and jolted my thighs upwards. I immediately knew what he was going to do.

"You can't do that, I 'm a man!"

"Exactly because you are a man that I'm doing this. Before you enter someone else and betray your parents' love for you, I'm going to go inside you and make you remember me forever."

"Nooo!No!!!!!!!!Argggggggg" my father started rubbing his cock on the doorway of my asshole. A strange sensation coursed through my body. I've never felt this before. It was sexually arousing, but I was not enjoying any bit of it. Because I knew I was being raped by my own father.

I could feel my father grow rock hard. He jabbed his thing inside me slowly.

"Arggggg..it's painful!!!!"

"Now, Kev. You better be careful in school, I bet your teachers are eyeing on you too, ahhhh, you're such a stud."

"Stop!Stop!!!!!!!! Arhhhhhh." I shrieked as a wave of pain pierced through my ass. My lower body felt paralyzed. The thought of being raped by my father kept conjuring in my mind. I wish I could faint at this point. I wished this were all a dream. But the pain my father's cock was inflating on me reminded me of the reality of the whole thing.

"Yes, yes, yes, you are so handsome, Kev." My father touched my penis as he inserted the whole length of his bulge inside me virgin asshole. At that point, I knew, I had really lost my virginity. I was no longer a real man.

How could I ever face Karen again? We've not even started, and now I was raped by my father. Raped in.

"Has anyone told you that you're so handsome for one of your age. I bet many girls out there are masturbating with you in their minds....ahahah"

My father pushed his cock inside my deepness and pulled out halfway, then pushed in with even greater force. All these was done with a good rhythm, a rhythm he should have as a music composer. As he jostled in and out, in and out, I stared blankly at the ceiling; my legs wide open, enveloping the cock of my father. My arms are spread out, my smelly armpit hair emanating a strong smell of young manhood.

My father increased his speed of penetration. I could the satisfied look on his face growing more intense as he exercised on my body. The thought that I was his son must have excited him to the point of exhilaration. Raping your own blood son, and yet getting away with it. What could I do about it?

"Arhhh, son, I'm cumming inside you, I cumming...." my father madly jostled inside me, his head was swinging derilously.

"No......" I screamed. I didn't want to have his dirty sperm inside my ass.

But, alas, my father groaned and shot a huge load of sperm inside me. I felt the warm gush and was completely disgusted when it flowed out of my rectum.

"You're raped, son. You're mine forever." My father said as he laid his mustached face on my stomach. He slept.

After that, I left the house. I didn't dare let anyone know about this. I did not continue with Karen, because I felt disgraced. That year, I was only 18.

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