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The School Doctor

By b2409

submitted October 6, 1997

Categories: Doctor

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Part 1. The examination.

I was 18 at the time, it was my last term at school. I remember the day came to examine us. I knew I was going to be examined because I had to take a form home to my parents which informed them of the visit and they had to sign it to say they agreed to my being examined by .

We were called out from class one at a time in alphabetical order. I was one of the last in our class to be called, only two others after me. Whilst I was walking down the corridor towards the examination room I found my self wondering if it was true what the other boys had said. Would I have to take my trousers down? I hoped not, it would be embarrassing. I suspected the other boys only said that to tease me. I did not really believe them.

The first time a school doctor examined me was when I was 6, and it was a lady doctor. Although she did not take my trousers down, she did quickly slip her hands down the front of my pants and felt my dick, but I was too young to realise what had happened. I had been examined by school doctors twice since that occasion and at neither time had I had to remove more than my shirt and vest, there was certainly no attempt to examine any part of me below the waist.

Coming towards me was a boy, on his way back from the doctors, I asked him if he had to take his trousers down, all he said was wait and see. I must admit to being a little bit nervous at the thought.

When I got to the examination room there were two boys already in there, one being examined by the doctor and the other getting dressed. The doctor was sitting at a table behind a small screen, and a nurse was sorting some forms. She asked me my name, and then told me to strip to down to my underwear, and remove my socks and shoes.

All I had left on was my boxer shorts. So this is what they meant, when they said I would have to take my trousers down, nothing to get worried about, my boxers hid everything. The nurse weighed me and checked my height, made me read letters from a card, and read numbers from a book of coloured dots.

I heard the boy behind the screen coughing, a few seconds later, the doctor told him to get dressed. He came out from behind the screen and winked at me. Then I went behind the screen where the doctor was waiting. I had to sit on a chair whilst he took my blood pressure, looked in my ears and down my throat. I had to cross my knees as he as he tested my knee jerk reaction, then stretch my legs out straight as he scratched the soles of my feet.

I was aware that the slit in my boxers had opened slightly, as I looked down I could see the base of my dick. I hoped he had not noticed. Next I had to stand by the side of his table, as I stood up the slit in the front of my boxers closed, restoring my modesty.

My chest was sounded and thumped, I felt my nipples begin to harden and tingle as his hand brushed lightly over them. There were two marks on the floor about 18" apart I was told to stand with one foot on each. I felt like a soldier standing at ease. The doctor came round to the side of me and put one hand in the small of my back, and with the other started to press and feel my stomach.

As his hands moved lower to the top of my boxers, he slipped them just inside the elastic waistband and slid them down to my knees. He did it so quickly, and without any warning that I was taken completely by surprise. I looked down in embarrassment, this was the first time anyone had ever done anything like this to me.

He moved round to face me, his right hand slid between my legs. It was at this point that I appreciated the purpose of the two marks on the floor, with my legs nicely astride, my scrotum hanging down freely, my balls loosely suspended inside, there they were, nestled in the palm of his hand.

He started to feel my balls very gently but thoroughly one at a time. I found my initial feeling of embarrassment at being naked in front of a perfect stranger beginning to give way to one of pleasure as he continued to fondle my balls. I felt the beginning of an erection.

Then, supporting them in one hand, he pushed a finger up behind my scrotum, pressing quite hard told me to cough. I did, but I felt myself getting harder, and not being able to control it. All shyness had now passed, I was enjoying the sensation. I could only hope that I would not have an orgasm. He then placed his hand round my shaft, squeezed it a little, and stretched it foreword, relaxing his grip, he then slid his hand along its underside, and with two fingers supporting the tip he brushed my helmet in a circular motion with his thumb.

By now I was fully hard. All 6" pointing out at 90 degrees, it did not seem to worry him. He cupped his two hands under my scrotum and sliding them upwards, one each side with the tips of his fingers brushing the underside of my shaft. His left hand remained on the underside of my shaft, supporting it lightly. By this time a small amount of pre-cum had started to ooze from my slit. The index finger of his right hand began to stroke the underside of the tip whilst his thumb lubricated with my pre-cum massaged my helmet.

He continued this until I started to throb. He must have noticed I was throbbing because he took his left hand away, and fully enclosed my shaft with his right hand and started pumping me. Without any warning I pulsed five or six times shooting a load of cum into his hand. He reached for a tissue and wiped his hand. Without any warning, he reached for an aerosol spray on his table and sprayed my dick with something that was very cold.

My erection collapsed like a pricked balloon. O.K get dressed. I pulled my boxers up from around my ankles and went to get dressed.

Maurice; the boy who had entered after me, was being checked by the nurse, I glimpsed his snugly fitting Y fronts. He glanced at me as he went behind the screen and caught my eye, he raised his eyebrows in question. He had obviously heard the spray and no doubt wondered what it was.

Part 2. The Sequel

I started to get dressed and he started on the next boy who's name was Maurice. Maurice and I both lived about 10 miles from school, (a train ride) and we often travelled home together. On the way home that day Maurice asked me if the doctor had pulled my underwear down. I said he did.

"Were you expecting it?"

"No I thought we only had to take our trousers off so the nurse could weigh us more accurately".

"Did he take yours down?"


"Were you expecting it?"

"Sort of, when I saw the screen I guessed something like that might happen".

"What was that hissing noise I heard?" I explained about getting a hard on and the aerosol spray.

"Why did you get a hard on? What did he do to you?" I told him he did the same to me as he did to you I expect.

"Didn't you get a hard on?" I asked "No!"

"What did he do to cause that to happen? He must have done something different otherwise you would not have gone hard.

"Unless I know what he did to you, I can't say if it was different or not".

"Tell me what he did, and I'll tell you if it was different". Since his parents were out I agreed to go back to his house and tell him. When we got there he said "lets go upstairs.............." I said "Good idea " - up we went and into his bedroom. "What did he do then" asked Maurice. I started to explain. "Don't tell me, show me!"

"You will have to undress and take off your trousers" Maurice complied, removing his shirt and vest, undoing his belt, unzipping his trousers, and letting them fall to the floor around his ankles.

"Right off" I said. Again Maurice did as I said, lifting each leg to take off his shoes and then release his leg from his trousers. He now stood before me wearing only a pair of white Y fronts.

"When he pulled your pants down, did he do it like this?" I asked, slipping my hands into the top of his Y fronts easing them down to his knees, releasing his still soft dick.

"Yes, just like that. Then what did he do?" I reached forward and cupped his balls - "Cough" I said as I gently squeezed them. He coughed, and his balls and dick twitched slightly and I was rewarded with the sight of a slight thickening of his dick.

With my other hand, I reached under the shaft and gave it a gentle squeeze. His dick hardened still further, and rose into erectness.

"There" I said, "that's what happened." as I slowly drew my hand along his erection and let go.

"You've gone hard, just the same as I did".

"That's because I wanted to" replied Maurice.

"Is that all he did to you?"

"Shall I show you what he did to me?" asked Maurice.

"Yes please" I said and slowly stripped down to my boxers.

At the same time Maurice slipped out of his Y fronts and threw them on the bed. I already had a hard on, and it was poking through the slit in my trunks.

"Oh" I said, "I'm already hard and I wasn't when he started"

"Never mind" said Maurice, "I can still show you" and he reached forward with both hands and eased my boxers down to my ankles. Cupping my balls with one hand, he grasped my dick with the other, and slowly and gently squeezing my balls, he ran his other hand up and down my now rock hard shaft.

"Are you enjoying this?". "Yes" I replied.

"Did you enjoy it when the doctor did it?".

"Only after he started, nobody ever touched me there before". As he gently massaged my throbbing head with one finger in a circular motion, letting it sometimes run round the ridge, and with his other hand gently cupping my balls, I felt a sensation arise in my loins that I had never felt before. It was if I was going to burst, and my balls were aching, but the feeling was not of pain, but of pure ecstasy. I did not want to sit down as the act of moving would almost certainly have interrupted the sensation I was now feeling.

Almost in a frenzy I felt the need to hold his balls again, but this time I wanted to squeeze them harder but was afraid to do so in case it hurt him, and he might stop what he was doing to me. I said "I thought you only wanted to see what the doctor did.

You are doing more than he did to me. Is what you are doing to me what he did to you?" "No" said Maurice, but if I was the doctor this is what I would have done to you".

"Is that what you would have liked to happen to you?" I asked.

"Yes" he replied, "but only if you were the doctor".

"In that case" I said "let me examine you again". He drew nearer, our bodies almost touching. I began to mimic his actions. It was obvious that by now we were both feeling the effects of our actions upon each other, and neither wanted it to stop. As we continued we both realised, but without expressing it in words that we were not reliving the events of that mornings medical examination, but had achieved a state of sexual arousement between us that both wanted to enjoy to the full. As a result, our exertions upon each other became more frenzied, but remained just as gentle.

Without warning I felt an explosion beginning to rise inside me. I knew from the experience of self masturbation what was about to happen, but this time it was different. I now understood for the first time in my life that self masturbation in my bedroom, or in the bath was nothing more than a clinical form of relief which gave me brief pleasure.

What I was experiencing now was a feeling of ethoria which was going to climax in an orgasm. This pleasure had started the moment I set eyes on his soft dick as I slipped his Y fronts down some ten minutes ago, but it seemed like forever. I drew closer to him to warn him of what was about to happen. At that moment I almost felt like kissing him, but was afraid to do so, as it was not the thing for boys to do to each other.

I warned him of what was about to happen to me and his reply was demonstrated by a spurt of white creamy liquid all over my stomach, at the same time I could not restrain myself further and let it burst out with a sigh of delight.

Maurice gently drew me to the bed, and fetching a towel from the bathroom wiped us both down. He then lay on the bed beside me. We both lay looking up at the ceiling, our dicks both now soft and limp, having been fully drained just a few moments ago. He half turned towards me slipping his arm gently round my shoulders, and asked "was that your first time with someone else?"

"Yes" I admitted.

"Are you ashamed?"

"No I enjoyed it, was it your first time as well?"

"Yes but I've often wondered what it would be like to have a wank with someone else doing it for each other".

"I agree, it's much better than doing it yourself, perhaps we could do it again sometime"

He placed his free hand on my thigh, just above the knee and let his fingers gradually work their way up into my groin where they stopped, he avoided touching my dick.

"I have an admission to make" he said. "I always wanted to play with you ever since I saw you naked in the showers once". "I've been wondering how to bring this situation about for some time, the incident in the medical room gave me an excuse. I hope you were not offended".

"Why did you want to play with me in particular?" He took his hand away from my groin and took hold of my still flaccid dick.

"Have you noticed we are both cut?"

"What do you mean 'cut'?" I asked

"Circumcised: haven't you noticed a lot of the other boys have a foreskin, I thought yours looked nicest"

"I have noticed, in the showers, but never given it any thought until you mentioned it". With his arm round my shoulders, he rolled me over to face him.

"Let's compare yours and mine, just take hold of mine." As I did so he moved in such a way that he brought mine into contact with his.

"About the same length" he remarked "do you notice how your scar sits slightly further back from the head than mine?" I agreed.

"That's were your foreskin was" We were still holding on to each others dicks, and manipulating them during the course of the conversation. I felt Maurice beginning to exhibit signs of restlessness and being afraid I might outstay my welcome made the excuse that I had to get home. His only reaction was to hug me to him for a few seconds and then say "We'd better get dressed, but promise you will let me examine you again sometime".

I assured him that I would whenever he wanted to, so

long as I could examine him as well.

Part 3. Homework

The next couple of days at school passed normally. Whenever Maurice and I came close (which was often since we were in the same class) we smiled knowingly, but nothing was said.

Friday came. Games afternoon. we played football. Later in the showers, I found myself paying more notice to the other boys dicks. It was true what Maurice had said, most of them sported foreskins of one form or another. Some quite long, others fairly short. Only four other boys in my class of 28 (apart from Maurice and myself) were 'cut'. I had to agree with Maurice, 'cut' looked nicer. These thoughts had started to make me horny, so I quickly wrapped a towel around myself, dried off and dressed.

On the way home Maurice told me his parents were away for the weekend and suggested I took my homework round to his place so that we could do it together. He winked as he made this suggestion, and I was left in little doubt as to what he really meant. I agreed perhaps a little too eagerly.

On arrival at Maurice's house, he let himself in and I followed him into the lounge. Dumping his bag on the floor, he motioned me to do the same.

"Do you fancy a drink?" he asked.

"Why not" He went to the sideboard and poured two glasses from a bottle, handing me one, he said "let's take them upstairs". I followed him up to his bedroom. He asked me if I'd mind his getting comfortable.

"It's your place, get comfortable". He then proceeded to slip off his trainers, unzip his trousers letting them drop to the floor, he paused showing well built thighs and a pair of tight briefs. He slowly stepped out of his trousers and putting a thumb in each side of the elastic band of his briefs eased them down and off.

Not to my surprise, his dick popped out of his underwear almost fully erect. Next, off came his shirt he was totally naked.

"Why don't you get comfortable?" He didn't have to ask twice. We stood facing each other, about a foot apart we were both very aroused and pointing upwards.

"Remind me what the doctor did" he whispered. I reached foreword and caressed his balls in my hands and gradually slid my hands up his shaft noticing as I did so that it was slightly thicker than mine.

We were both throbbing noticeably. He stretched out his arms and pulled me gently towards him. Our throbbing organs came into contact and were squeezed between our stomachs. Leading me across to his bed we both flopped down and lay back. I turned on my side and just kept staring at his body. His dick was beautiful. He had a tight ball sac, and his hand was holding his shaft.

My right hand had a mind of its own, it began to work its way over to his right thigh. I slowly and methodically stroked his thigh, while he continued to stroke his dick. The one thing I loved about his thighs was the fine hairs he had. He didn't seem to mind my stroking his thighs...since there was no objection his part, I then parted his thighs just enough for me to attack his ball sac with my free hand.

He realised what I wanted and he pushed his buttocks forward and allowed me perfect access to his balls. Suddenly he reached for my nipples and began to squeeze them gently. They hardened, and sent a

sensation to my loins, causing me to constrict my

buttocks and thrust myself foreword. Maurice detected this movement, and throwing both arms around me pulled me down on top of him so that our bodies were in full contact.

As my face came in contact with his chest I felt one of his nipples close to my mouth. Recalling how he had squeezed mine, and the sensation it had produced, I could not resist the temptation to brush it with my tongue, and nibble on it gently.

"Where did you learn that trick?" he whispered.

"I didn't learn it, it felt like the natural thing to do" He sat up, "lets finish our drinks". As I reached across him to put my empty glass on the bedside table, he again pulled me down on top of him. This time I found my face close to his navel. The drink had loosened my inhibitions, and as a result I had the urge to press my tongue into his navel and wriggle it about. From there it seemed a natural progression to move slowly downwards to the base of his dick, his fine pubic hair tickling my nose slightly as I did so. I found the act of licking him quite adventurous, he was obviously not objecting, as his only reaction was to clasp me more tightly to him, and spread his legs.

I took this action to be unspoken permission to do whatever I wanted. His rigid dick was within my grasp. Taking it in one hand I slipped my other hand under his balls and raised them slightly. I then commenced to lick his scrotum and slowly opened my mouth and closed it around one of his balls. I then gently sucked one ball at a time until I had both of them in my mouth. I sucked on them gently pausing from time to time.

After a little more action on his balls, and with his beginning to moan from my efforts, I decided to suck on his dick. Pressing his hand away from where he was holding it I placed my tongue at the base of his dick and began to work my way up to the head, noticing as the tip of my tongue reached the underside of his ridge that his whole body seemed to stiffen. I was enjoying this as much as he was. I had obviously hit a sensitive spot, more as an experiment than anything else I decided to see what effect it would have if I worked my tongue round his knob end.

His reaction was to thrust his buttocks upwards towards my mouth. I noticed a small dribble of clear fluid emerge from the tip of his knob. What a beautiful feeling as I ran my tongue down and up the length of his dick, then attack his already swelling knob. I clasped his dick between my lips and started a rhythmical stroking with my mouth. I basically stroked to his moaning and didn't take long to figure out he was close to exploding, a moment later he began to shudder and moan in ecstasy.

I released his dick, the volcano was erupting...hot sperm shot out of the tip of his dick and smothered his stomach. I collapsed across him, my own erection sandwiched between our stomachs. I felt my balls beginning to tighten, and almost immediately I shot my load and completed the filling for the sandwich.

We were both completely spent, and lay back together our bodies half turned towards each other. Maurice looked me in the eyes, "no doctor ever did that to you!", and grinned, and putting an arm round my shoulders pulled me closer to him. I felt a warmth inside me that wanted to say "I think I love you". Maurice released me and we both fell back. Echoing my thoughts he whispered to the ceiling

"There's something between us, don't let's share it with anyone else".

We lay silently, content and complete in each other's company, exhausted.

"What about our homework?"

"Leave your bag here, and come round in the morning"

The following morning, I arrived at Maurice's home to find him cutting the grass.

"Nearly finished, go in and put the kettle on". As the kettle came to the boil, he came in, sweating profusely. "Forget the tea, I need a shower, come up and talk to me" I followed him up to the bathroom. He stripped off, set the shower running, adjusted the water temperature and stepped into the cubicle.

"Why don't you join me?" he yelled. Needing no second invitation I stripped and joined him. He pointed to the shower gel, I soaped myself all over enjoying the discreet perfume of the gel. Glancing down, I noted that neither of us was horny.

"Let me do your back" he suggested. I turned round, he reached for the gel and soaped my back all over. Then starting at the base of my neck he worked his way slowly down my back, kneading my neck and shoulder muscles, on down pressing his thumbs gently into my backbone as he went.

This was wonderful, his hands reached my buttocks. They contracted as he massaged them and I felt the start of an erection. No need to hide it, I was enjoying this. I felt his hand slip between my cheeks, and his finger slid to the base of my scrotum.

He slid his finger back and forth in this area slightly brushing my anus as he went. Suddenly his finger stopped at my anus and I felt a very slight pressure upwards. His well soaped finger began to enter very slowly, he leaned against my ear and whispered "doctors do this sometimes as well". At which point he withdrew his finger and turned to face me "Now you do my back".

I reached for the gel, a poured a liberal helping on my hands. As best I could I mimicked his exertions of a few moments ago. When my hands came in contact with his buttocks, he seemed to spread his feet very slightly. This was surely an indication that he wanted me to finger his anus. Easing gently between his cheeks, I located the entrance with my finger and applied a slight pressure. I was amazed at how little pressure was required to effect an entry. I inserted my well soaped finger a short way, and not knowing quite what was expected of me withdrew it and contented myself with massaging the entrance.

As I did so, Maurice leaned foreword and presented his buttocks to me in such a way as to make it obvious he wanted me to continue. It must have been obvious to him that I had an erction as he could feel it brushing against him. Deftly he reached between his legs with one hand, located my throbbing dick, took hold and gently pulled it between his legs, placing the tip of it alongside my finger.

Words were unnecessary, as gently as I could I eased it into his entrance, it entered up to the ridge. Maurice eased his buttocks backwards inviting further penetration. As slowly and gently as I possibly could I let it slide further in.

It was warm, caressing. I suppose this is what it's like having sex with a girl I thought. Although I had never seen a naked girl, (apart from pictures), my instinct somehow told me that this is what I would prefer. By now my erection had eased itself in almost to its full length, I felt ashamed that I was getting all the pleasure. I knew I had to do something to in return. I reached round and located Maurice's dick. Past experience had taught me he was sensitive just below the base of the head.

Forming a circle with my thumb and forefinger I took his shaft in my hand, and slowly began to massage it, making sure that the ring I had formed passed over his ridge and helmet each time (just where he was most sensitive).

I soon observed the signs I knew indicated he was about eject, I was almost at that point myself, not wanting to explode inside him, I withdrew, turned to face him, and drew him to me as tightly as I could. We shot our load almost simultaneously. An application of shower gel soon cleaned us up.

We towelled ourselves dry. I started to dress.

"You only need your boxers, no one will see us"

"What about the homework?"

"We'd better do something about that now". We went downstairs and settled down to French and math. An hour and a bit saw it finished between us.


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