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The Stallion Club, Part 2 'The Welcome'

By sinbad1@usa.net

submitted August 2, 1998

Categories: Men's Clubs

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Part Two - The Welcome

This story is the property of sinbad1@usa.net. Please do not post to the net without my e-mail and web site reference. 'The Welcome' comes from the August 98 edition of "Sinbad's House" (My free site with something new every month). http://www.dreamlands.net/freepage/sinbadshouse/index.html

Chapter Seven

Upon returning to their room, Robert helped Tom unpack before sending him to the small en-suite to shave. He soon followed his young charge into the bathroom and watched him.

"What do you think of Stallion's thus far", asked Horse.

"I'm not exactly sure, everything seems too easy", said Tom.

Robert stepped up behind the young stud and wrapped his muscular arms around Tom's chest. As he pressing their muscular bodies together, he told Tom not to worry, he would soon get used to the work environment and the conditions. He moved his mouth to Tom's shoulder and softly proceeded to bite the firm flesh.

Tom quickly finished shaving and after rinsing away the remaining lather from his face, turned to kiss Robert deeply on the mouth. Their tongues entwined as they probed each other's mouths. Their hands roamed freely over each other's body, pushing and pulling at the flesh. Robert could feel Tom's hardened cock pushing deeply into his thigh. His hand moved to the underwear pouch and cupped the elongating shaft within.

"It seems to me as though you need another servicing before dinner", said Horse.

Robert fell to his knees and began to massage Tom's cock with his mouth. As his mouth ran repeatedly along the length of the shaft, the thin cotton fabric became moist and clung to the hardened rod. Tom's cock grew larger and harder, as Horse intensified his oral attack.

"Yeah that's it boy, get your man dick hard for me", said Robert.

Slowly Robert teased the wet fabric away from Tom's stiff cock and slipped the head within his mouth. His tongue circled the crown over and over again, coating it in a thin film of saliva.

"You like me sucking your dick, don't you boy", said Horse.

"Yeah, I like it", said Tom.

More and more of the lengthy shaft was drawn into Robert's mouth, slowly penetrating him deeper and deeper. Instinctively, Tom hands moved to the back of Robert's head and he gently pounded the star's throat.

"Yeah that's it Horse", said Tom. "Ride my cock, make me shoot my load for you".

Robert found it easy to handle Tom's 8-inch cock. It slid effortlessly in and out of his mouth, penetrating his throat over and over again. Up and down the shaft He worked, savouring every millimetre from tip to base. Tom squirm with excitement and Robert realised that his young charge was on the verge of loosing his precious load. He reacted quickly and pulled at Tom's heavy balls so that the tightening sack moved downwards. The action caused 'the pressing need to ejaculate' to disappear from Tom's mind and body.

Again Robert began his oral attack, up, down, up, down his mouth moved, over and over again. Tom moaned with pleasure as the star slowly pummelled the flesh of his arse. Robert's fingers gently pressed at the twitching hole and slid easily into the narrow cavity. Repeatedly the rigid rods moved in and out of the tight opening, expanding the entrance with each thrust.

Being finger fucked and blown at the same time was too much for Tom, he immediately began to ejaculate his heavy load into Robert's hungry throat. As Robert swallowed the hot liquid, he urged Tom to empty himself completely. He thrust the cock-head deep into his mouth whilst impaling Tom further onto his fingers.

The ejaculations slowly subsided and Horse released the pulsating cock from his mouth. His freed hand now worked on his own rock hard cock, releasing it from the confines of his underwear. As Robert wanked himself to a fuller erection, he spoke to Tom.

"How about we get down to some real business", said Horse. "I want you to get used to taking my friend here up your arse".

Tom smiled and helped the muscle man to his feet. As he kissed Robert passionately on the mouth he could taste his own cum upon Robert's breath, the sensation made him aroused once more. Tom turned himself around and presented his waiting arse to Robert.

"Do as you please", he said.

Horse reached for the lube bottle on the counter and squeezed a small amount onto his fingertips. He ran his moistened hand over his cock and coated the lengthy shaft with a thin film of gel. Then he applied more lube to his fingertips and massaged it into Tom's waiting hole. In, out, in, out the fingers moved, increasing the size of the hole whilst also lubricating the narrow passage.

"Okay Tom, lets see what type of man you are", said Horse. "Just relax and let me do all the work".

Horse moved the head of his cock to the twitching arse hole and gently massaged the head into the tight opening. The rosy bud opened readily, allow the first few inches of Horse's thick shaft to penetrate the narrow passage. Horse stopped momentarily to allow Tom to re-gain his composure.

As Tom relaxed once more, Horse feed more of his cock into the tight tunnel, trying to make the experience as painless as possible for Tom. Robert worked quickly and in no time had some eight inches of his cock buried deep into the young stud's hole. Tom moaned with both pleasure and pain as Horse slowly began to slide himself in and out of the tunnel. The deeper he pushed, the further the tight channel was forced to expand. Tom moaned more loudly and Robert reached for the young man's cock.

As Robert wanked Tom in time with his inward thrusts, he had hoped that the extra attention would relax him. But the humongous cock was now buried deep inside him and all Tom wanted to do was scream. Tom felt as though he was being split in two. Horse quickly buried the final few inches of his cock into Tom as he bit deeply into the flesh of his shoulder. The stud began to scream and Horse quickly covered Tom's mouth with his own. He could see tears in Tom's eyes as he kissed his red cheeks.

"I'm sorry", said Horse. "You know I don't want to hurt you but you've got to get used to taking my large cock if you're going to make it here". "Now I'm fully inside you, things will be less painful, I promise".

Tom kissed Horse and told him to make him a man. The star slowly fucked Tom with his 13-inch cock keeping his strokes steady and continuous. Tom slowly relaxed and Robert began to wank him once more. He could feel Tom's cock begin to pulse and harden. He decided it best to allow Tom to release his cum load. Cum flew across the room hitting the bathroom wall.

"Yeah that's it", whispered Horse. "Let yourself go".

Robert's increased in tempo of his strokes. The thick shaft moved in and out of Tom's hole, penetrating him further and further. Tom had never felt anything like it before. The humongous cock was hitting him in places which he had never been penetrated before.

Tom's breathing became more erratic and Horse realised that Tom couldn't take much more of his deep probing. He reduced the length of his strokes and fixed his mind on the need to cum. As he concentrated, his balls woke from their temporary slumber and became more excited by his thought's. In and out he pounded, over and over again.

"You like my big dick ramming your tight hole, don't you boy", said Horse.

"Oh Ye...Yes Sir", said Tom. "It feels sooooo gooood".

That was all Horse needed, he was soon filling Tom's tunnel with his hot load. The extra lubrication allowed Robert to slide more freely in and out of Tom as he continued to pump him full of cum. Long after the ejaculations had ceased, Horse continued to pound Tom's arse massaging the crreamy load into the raw flesh Robert leat forward and kissed his young charge on the mouth.

"I'm truly going to enjoy moulding you into shape", said Horse.

Tom smiled and said, "I look forward to being moulded".

Horse reached into the cabinet draw and pulled out a large black butt plug. He brought it to his mouth and wet its surface whilst slowly removing his cock form Tom's arse. When it was nice and wet, Robert brought the plug to Tom's hole and slowly positioned it alongside the head of his cock. In one swift movement, he replaced his cock with the plug and tenderly fixed it in place.

"There we are, all done", said Horse. "No need in wasting good lubricant, you'll need it latter on".

Chapter Eight

Tom sat nervously at Robert's side watching the dinning room slowly fill with staff. As he looked around the room, he would occasionally recognise the face of a famous Stallion Star. Each face brought a happy memory to Tom's mind. Sitting some eight seats away he noticed Tom Katts. The star was deep in conversation with a fellow actor. As Tom stared at the muscular man, the star turned and looked directly at Tom, he smiled and Tom returned the gesture.

Tom felt Robert's muscular hand reach into his lap and squeeze his thigh. He turned to face Robert and kissed him on the mouth.

"What was that for", said Horse.

"No reason", said Tom. "I'm just glad you're here to look after me".

Tom noticed the shadow of a tall man sitting opposite him. He turned to see who it was and immediately recognised the face as belonging to Blade Thompson, 'Star' of numerous Stallion Productions as well as boyhood idol.

"Good evening everyone", said Blade.

The small group at the table returned his greeting.

"Blade, I'd like to introduce you to our newest recruit Tom Hynd". "Tom, this is Blade Thompson", said Robert.

Blade thrust his hand forward to shake Tom's hand and said, "nice to meet you Tom". "I hope you have a good time with us".

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Thompson, I only hope I can live up to everyone's expectations", said Tom.

"I'm sure you will", said Blade. "But before we go any further, I want you to drop the Mr Thompson crap, No one calls me that except my bank manager when he knows I have a large deposit to make".

Gradually, the rest of the staff arrived and after a few introductory speeches everyone sat down to their evening meal. Sitting immediately around Tom was Horse, Michael the manager, Blade, Robert the chauffeur, Doctor Menzies and Tysone Cane who Tom latter discovered was Robert the Chauffeur's current love interest.

The evening went along smoothly, with great food, good wine and interesting conversation. Tom felt himself being drawn closer and closer towards Blade. Besides having similar views to his own, he was very entertaining. Occasionally, during a quiet moment in their conversation Tom would feel his leg being stroked beneath the table, he was certain it was Blade's leg doing the caressing.

The meal went on for hours as course after course was served. By the time dessert arrived Tom was full and couldn't eat another mouthful. He whispered in Robert's ear that he was going for a short stroll and excused himself from the table. Blade waited a few moments and then did the same.

He soon caught up with Tom and asked if he could join him.

"Sure", said Tom. "I don't mind".

Slowly Blade directed Tom to the front of the Ranch and the lakes he had seen on his way into the Ranch that afternoon. All the trees surrounding the area where covered in hundreds of tiny lights. Each small blub giving the appearance that it was a tiny firefly. Blade sat on a rock by the lakeshore and invited Tom to join him.

"It's so beautiful by the lakes", said Blade. "I often come out here on a warm evening to stare across the water". "The swaying trees helps me relax".

Tom listened intently to the star and his non-specific rambling's, slowly falling further and further under his spell. As Blade spoke, he tenderly stroked Tom's thigh making him more and more aroused. Blade could feel

Tom's cock hardening under his touch and moved his mouth to Tom's lips. The star probed his moist mouth repeatedly drinking at his man-juices.

"You sure are one hot guy, for a novice", said Blade. "How about we see if you can use this hot body of yours".

Blade pushed Tom flat against the rock and moved his mouth to Tom's chest. He repeatedly bit at Tom's nipples making them harden and enlarge before proceeding lower and lower towards Tom's crotch. Tom's cock was hard and clearly visible within his tight underwear. Blade slid his hand under the fabric edge and cupped the hardening shaft within his fingers. Slowly he stroked the rod urging it to enlarge further.

"Yeah that's it Tom get hard for me", said Blade. "Show me that you want my warm mouth around your cock".

Gingerly, Blade peeled the fabric away from Tom's crotch exposing the shaft to the moonlight. He noted that Tom was uncut and tenderly pulled the foreskin back to reveal the glistening crown. After licking at a couple of seminal droplets which had formed on the head, Blade stared at the shaft with great interest.

"Dr Menzies' going to have fun with you", said Blade. "He's going to turn you into a very big boy".

Blade encircled the cock-head with his mouth and gradually proceeded to impale himself upon the shaft. Up and down his head bobbed, sinking the rod further and further into himself. In no time Blade had Tom's full eight inches buried deep in his throat and was giving the young stud a deep throating to remember. Over and over again the fat cock-head filled Blade's manly throat, drawing Tom closer and closer to an ejaculation. Tom's cock began to pulse and Blade allowed the rod to momentarily slip from his mouth.

Blade stood and began to remove his clothes. He stroked his own shaft and watched the expression on Tom's face.

"Not bad for an old man", said Blade.

Tom laughed and responded with "not bad at all". Blade lowered his crotch to Tom's face and asked Tom how he felt about seeing his boyhood idol up close and naked. Tom was momentarily embarrassed.

"How did you know", he asked.

"It wasn't too difficult considering the looks you were giving me at dinner", said Blade. "But I also have a small secret to tell you, I over heard you talking to Horse in the film studio".

Tom moved his head forward and engulfed the head of Blade's cock in his mouth. He circled the cock-head with his tongue as he pulled Blade closer towards himself. Slowly, the star began to fuck Tom's mouth, repeatedly pounding him deeper and deeper with his rock hard cock.

"Yeah, that's it", said Blade. "Show your hero how much you love his cock".

The oral attack continued for a few minutes until Blade decided it was more appropriate that they 69er each other. As he re-positioned himself on top of Tom, Blade buried the young stud within his throat once more. They worked in perfect unison, pounding in and out of each other with pace. When one pushed inward the other pulled out and visa versa, over and over again. Slowly building to a mighty explosion.

Tom was the first to loose his load but was soon followed by Blade. They repeatedly shot each other with their hot cum which they drank quickly. Not wanted the ejaculations to cease, they continued to milk each other's rod, endeavouring to draw more cum form deep within each other's balls.

The butt plug buried deep within Tom's arse began to twitch and Blade moved his hand to the hard rubber object. He gathered that the object had been place there by Horse and wondered if he would find a further load of cum within.

He twisted the hard rubber object, gradually withdrawing the black shaft from Tom's tight arse hole. As soon as it came free a flood of creamy liquid began to ooze from the gapping hole. Blade quickly brought his mouth to the area and drank the escaping liquid. Once the initial flood eased, Blade began to rim Tom's opening with his tongue. The young stud moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck me", said Tom.

But Blade ignored his pleas. In, out, in, out his tongue darted over and over again lapping at the escaping liquid, until he was certain that there was no more cream to be had. Blade replaced the plug and moved to Tom's mouth. Disappointment hung in Tom's eyes and the star leant forward to kiss him passionately.

"Don't worry", said Blade. "You'll soon get your wish, I just want Horse to join in our fun".

Chapter Nine

Upon entering Robert's Room, they found Horse lying naked on his bed reading some papers. Robert put the pages aside and looked at his two naked visitors.

"I gather you've been having fun", said Horse.

Tom dove onto the bed between Robert's legs and proceeded to suck on Robert's semi-hard dick. Robert beckoned Blade to kneel beside him, which he did.

The two stars kissed deeply and probed each other's mouth with lust, before Horse proceeded to suck on the crown of Blade's cock. Once he had cleaned the cock-head's surface completely, he began to impale himself on the shaft. Robert moan as the thick shaft slid further and further into his throat.

"I see you haven't lost any of your skill", said Blade. At which Horse rammed the final few inches of Blade's shaft deep into his mouth. It was now Blades turn to moan. Robert's mouth tightened around the thick rod and Blade proceeded to face fuck the star. In and out the hard rod pounded over and over again.

Blade's hand dropped to Tom's face and then Robert's cock. He helped Tom satisfy the hung stud by stroking the thick shaft at its base. Tom looked up at the two stars and thought they looked good together.

Slowly Horse lifted Tom's mouth from his cock and brought the young man's face up to his own. He released Blade's cock form his mouth and feed it to his young charge.

"Yeah that's it boy", said Robert. "Drink up your hero's cock".

Robert reached between Tom's legs and quickly removed the black plug from Tom's hole. His fingers played with the opening repeatedly, ensuring that Tom remained open and ready.

"You sure have a hungry hole, don't you boy", said Horse.

He looked at Blade and told him to move his cock to Tom's hungry arse hole. Blade moved to the end of the bed pulled Tom towards himself. Robert used the opportunity to re-position himself so that Tom could have easy access to his own arse hole. Tom instinctively moved his tongue to Robert's hole and proceeded to rim the muscle man repeatedly.

After giving Tom a light fingering, Blade raised the head of his cock to Tom's hole and pressed forward lightly. The hole opened quickly and allowed Blade to slide himself inside. He fucked Tom slowly, sinking himself deeper and deeper into the long channel.

Tom moaned in pleasure. "Yeah, that's it Blade, Fuck me". "Fuck me long and hard", said Tom.

In and out, Blade pounded getting Tom hotter and hotter.

"You like my dick, don't you Tom", shouted Blade.

"Yes sir", responded Tom. "It's so big and hard".

The hard shaft pounded Tom repeatedly, working it's magic deep.

Hearing Tom's moans made Robert want to also get in on the action. He lay on his back and asked the two studs to move up between his legs. He told Tom it was time to fuck his guardian. He reached for Tom's erect cock and guided it into his hole. It slid in easily.

Gradually, Tom and Blade build up a rhythm between themselves working in opposite directions to each other. In and out their cocks pounded, over and over again. The excitement for Tom was too great and quickly began to spray the interior of Robert's arse with his hot creamy cum. Robert was pleased at the extra lubrication but was far from finished with his young charge. He told him to keep fucking.

"You're a Stallion's employee now boy". "You've got to learn to keep on fucking after you cum".

If it wasn't for Blade still pounding his arse, Tom was certain he would have had to have stopped. The constant rhythm within his arse somehow gave him extra stamina, he was determined to pound Robert into a state of ecstasy.

Blade began to moan loudly and announced that he was about to loose his load. The flood soon arrived and Tom was filled with an endless sea of hot liquid. Tom turned his head and kissed the star on the lips, whilst Blade continued to pound Tom's arse. The more he pumped the deeper the cum sank within Tom's tunnel. The young man was in heaven and once again began to spray his cum into Robert's hot hole. As his orgasm subsided, Tom slowly kissed his muscle man on the mouth. He whispered in Robert's ear that he wanted to be filled with the huge cock.

"Please Master, fuck me", said Tom.

Robert smiled and said okay.

Blade helped the two lovers by bringing Robert's cock to Tom's slippery hole. He positioned the cock-head alongside his own and as he pulled himself outwards, he pressed Robert's dick inwards. The thick shaft forced much of Blade's heavy cum load to seep from Tom's tight hole. Blade happily lapped at the liquid even though he knew it was his own cum.

Tom tried to relax totally so as to allow Robert to bury himself full inside. Deeper and deeper the thick shaft pounded, over and over again.

"Yeah, that's it Horse bury yourself completely within me", said Tom.

After 10 minutes of constant pounding, Robert was ready to release his load. The huge cock pulsed within Tom's hole filling him with his precious nectar. It didn't take long for Tom's tunnel to be full and for the liquid to begin seeping from Tom's hole. Blade moved his mouth to opening and hungrily drank the thick film which was forming on Robert's cock.

Eventually the fountain ceased to produce any more cum and Blade moved up the bed to lie face to face with his partners. They kissed and held each other tightly before drifting off to sleep.

This story is the property of sinbad1@usa.net. Please do not post to the net without my e-mail and website reference.

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