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The Surf

By Ron Silver

submitted October 29, 1998

Categories: College Days

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This story is about two friends both swimmers and gay.

One night me and my friend Jeff returned from the pool after a long day of swimming. We came back to our house and started a friendly chat. We talked about life and so on. Then we started talking about the internet. We talked about the great adult sites there are.

We talked and he suddenly he suggested we started surfing. So we started surfing to all kinds of gay adult sites. Then, suddenly after about an hour or so, Jeff took his pants and underwear off and started to jerk off. I asked him "What are you doing?" and he told me "Unless you blow me or fuck me I'm jerking off"

I said "I'll blow you if you blow me". He said "Sure you go first". Jeff took of his shirt and revealed his beautiful masculine body his perfect chest and abs suddenly, after knowing him for 10 years, I found myself attracted to him.

I started to blow him and after that he started to blow me. This was our first time ever. Then we went to sleep. The next morning was Saturday. I came down for breakfast and saw Jeff with his little underwear and with an open shirt. I was so attracted to him, I ripped his shirt and underwear off him and started to jerk off.

He asked, "Are you attracted to me?"

I stopped and said, "Yes, a lot!"

He said, "Really, I'm attracted to you, too."

That night all we did was carry on, having wild sex.