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Three Scoutmasters And A Boy Scout

By Tom E.

submitted August 13, 1998

Categories: Mature

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It was strange; being around all my boy scout leaders for the last time. These guys had practically raised me. They taught me wilderness survival, laughed when I did well, and yelled at me when I didn't. The three of them and I were in the scout hut, sitting in a circle. I was in love with each one of them.

Neil, the scoutmaster, sat to my right with his legs crossed smiling. Neil was a short man (about 49 yrs old), but for some reason I've always been partial to a powerful and masculine essence trapped in a short body. He wore a salt and pepper beard that made me drool, and always seemed to be wearing his shorts to high. I wanted to grabbed his light brown hair and kiss his bristly face.

To my left sat Bill, the big daddy. He was the huge man who terrorized the younger kids, and joked around knowingly with the older kids. He had a habit of getting right in your face with his own, breathing down your nose, and telling you how it was. On several occasions, he had stationed his crotch directly in front of my face as he talked to me, intimidatingly close.

He was about 55, had graying hair, puffy, pink skin. He was about six foot six, and his arms and legs were huge. I often caught myself fantasizing about how large his underwear must be (not to mention his cock). As a gay boy growing up, he was my figure of dominance whenever I felt like masturbating.

Directly in front of me, and never looking away from my eyes, was Hank. He was the one who had invited me, and the one who truly inspired me to stay in boy scouts. Hank was about 50, but his dark, black hair was only graying on the sides, and his thick dark mustache was as enticing as ever. He really had a beautiful face, a rugged, southern look--a constant sparkle in his eyes. He had the nicest dark coat of hair on his legs and arms, as well as chest and stomach, and his body was a pleasant shape that only middle aged men could attain with years of iron pumping followed by years of beer drinking and office working. His hands were hairy and thick fingered.

The fact that we were all in the same room for the last time was strange, but what was really strange was the way my leaders were acting. They were all glancing at each other and winking and looking at me strangely and shifting around in their seats uncomfortably. Hank was the only one that seemed to be calm.

"Tommy," Hank said, "Happy birthday."

"Oh yeah! It's your birthday!" Neil said, "How old are you?"

I knew they all knew exactly how old I was, especially Neil, but I answered anyway. "18," I said.

"Ohhh! You're legal now aren't you?" Neil said, laughing in the way that scoutmasters laugh with their kids.

"Yep. Just legal." Neil was smiling, Hank was staring at me.

Bill leaned closer to me like he always does, and abruptly asked, "Tom, have you ever had sex before?" At this my eyes widened in mock amazement and I feigned a gasp of disbelief.

"Nope," I said, laughing embarrassingly. An uncomfortable silence followed.

Hank broke it. "Well, Tom, we'd just like to say congratulations about getting your Eagle, and....you deserve it, we all think so, we..."

Neil broke in, "You're definitely the finest man we've had round here for a while."


"And we were just hoping we could..."Bill was looking for the words, "give you a....gift. A goodbye gift-or...just...y'know, bond one last time."

"Yeah," said Neil. I looked around at the three of them. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well, how bout we all just say one thing we remember about the other--OK?"

We did that. It was sweet.

"And now, say why we're gonna miss each other."

We did that too. When we finished, Neil stood up and walked over to Hank, grabbing him in a bear hug tightly. He was giggling. Next he moved over to Bill and hugged him. Then he came to me, so I stood up to receive him. He pulled me close, really close, rubbed his beard against my cheek. Our chests pressed together, and eventually, our cocks pressed together too. I could feel his bulge through his shorts, hard as a rock. Neil was sighing and his hands had moved down to my butt, something I really wasn't expecting. He had grabbed each cheek and was rubbing. I thought I heard Hank chuckle and say, "That horny dog."

I wanted to break our embrace so that I could rip his clothes off and lick every part of his body, but I still wasn't sure of where I stood. That's when Bill came in.

"Hey, that looks like fun. Can I try it?" Sure.

The big man engulfed me with his scent and strength. He was so tall that his cock was actually rubbing my belly, and my face was in his neck. "You've been a good, good boy," he was saying.

Soon after, it was Hanks turn. I let Bill go and saw Hank coming towards me, smiling slightly. He embrace for a long time. Hank is warm.. Suddenly, Hank lets go to watch something behind me.

I look around and see Bill and Neil kissing passionately, Bill leaning over to reach Neil, Neil licking and sucking. I mumble "What the Fuck?" under my breath, and turn to Hank, who is smiling broadly and searching my eyes.

"I can't stand it anymore," Neil says and he bends down and starts licking and mouthing Bill's cock through his boy scout shorts. Bill grunts a little, pulls Neil's head away from his crotch by the hair, unzips his shorts, and then shoves his huge cock straight into my scoutmaster's mouth.

Watching my middle aged scoutmaster take Bill's cock into his mouth made me shiver with lust. I turn back and look longingly at Hank-he's smiling again. "Don't worry," he says, "We'll all get some of that cock. Bill can do it for hours."

"That's not what I had in mind," I said, and trapped Hank against the table. We kissed roughly-I sucked his tongue and licked his now wet mustache and rubbed his manly, thick body, and inhaled his sweat and scent. Our cocks were pressed against each other tightly, but I needed more.

Suddenly, before I could continue with Hank, Neil grabbed me from the back. I turned around and laughed when I see his beautiful face smiling with pure happiness. We kissed-this habit of sucking my leader's tongues is pleasant if not strange. He mumbled something about wanting me for so long and we started to undress. I saw Hank and Bill also undressing behind me.

Finally we're naked and I made Neil like on his back on the rough carpet, and began working his body over. I kissed every part of his face, and then moved down to smell and touch his chest hair. I licked and sucked his nipples, while he ran his hands through my hair.

Finally I came down to his graying pubic hair and his cock. It was first cock then, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Neil was uncut and huge, his cock already peeping out dangerously from the foreskin and leaking precum. I placed the top half of it in my mouth and sucked. The precum tasted salty and warm and the feeling of this muscle in my mouth was overwhelming. I pushed more and more in, in the process pulling his foreskin further and further back. Neil started moaning and his chest was rising and falling with pleasure. Pretty soon his cock head was fully unsheathed and shining in my mouth, I licked underneath it and around it and on top of it. Neil was panting.

"Whoa--slow down a little, Tommy boy," Bill said, suddenly next to me. Naked he was a sight to see. His legs were in good shape and his chest was basically still fit, though sagging a little and covered with patches of hair. His belly was flabby and muscular at the same time, all this combined with a huge cock and massive set of balls was the most manly thing I had ever seen.

I looked up at him and said, "Hey, Bill," and then started on his cock immediately. I heard Neil laughing behind me. Bill's cock was cut and thick and there was definitely only one thing to do with it; take it down the throat. I sucked on that man's cock for what seemed like an eternity, until he rubbed my head roughly and with a loud bump sat his hairy ass down on the carpet. Watching this powerful man be so crippled by the pleasure I was giving to him turned me on and revved me up. I continued sucking with him lying back like Neil had, who now, had positioned himself behind my extended ass.

"Could I?" he asked. I nodded and kept sucking; I was thinking I would need the distraction when Neil shoved his huge cock up my ass. It wasn't that bad. Hank and Neil had been messing around with some lube stuff and he just pushed in kind of gentle like and then my ass felt really full. It felt great. Neil fucked my ass and kissed my back while I sucked Bill off.

At some point, Neil stopped fucking me, I stopped sucking Bill, and Bill started fucking Neil. I never thought one man could fuck and get fucked without shooting his cum everywhere like Bill did. He's a big man.

But that left me and Hank, which I realized then was the moment that I had been waiting for. He was sitting across the carpet so I scooted over to him and slid my way through his legs to lie flat on to p of him, kissing. This is what I really wanted, just to be touching this man, all over this man, loving this man. He rolled me over on my back and looked into my eyes and said, "Just relax," really deeply and quietly. He then started the best blow job I have had to this day. He knew exactly how to suck and where to lick and how hard and how fast and all I could do was sit back and watch. He even made me gasp by sucking my testicles and licking my ass.

I stopped him before I could cum, and made him lie back like the rest, so I could pay him back. He had the hairiest body, wonderful hairy muscle and flab and a scent that drove me wild. I sucked his cock for awhile when he said, "Fuck me."

This was something I was expecting--I assumed these men weren't gonna let some kid fuck them--but I could tell be Hank's eyes that he wanted me too. I took little convincing. I lifted his legs and probed around his asshole with my cock, feeling the hairiness. I gently pushed my penis in a little and found Hank's anus tight and fleshy. "Just push it in," he said, winking and smiling with his wonderful mustache. So I aimed for dead center and thrust my cock in to the hilt, pulling a moan from Hank's lips and a gasp from mine. Hank's insides were warm and wet and felt good as hell. I fucked him for awhile, our bodies shaking together, holding hands.

Pretty soon the inevitable happened, all four of us stood up and embraced in an orgy of limbs, kissing and licking each other. They had decided before hand that I would be on the receiving end of all cocks tonight, so we got started.

Neil was definitely first. That man was ready to cum for sure, so when I started sucking his cock while Bill fucked his ass and Hank shoved his cock into Neil's mouth, he came explosively into my mouth. He shook and moaned and I watched my scoutmaster shoot his cum and it tasted good. His thick cock filled my mouth and cum filled my throat. Soon, he was finished, and he lay back in exhaustion.

Bill was next. While he and Neil were busy kissing, Hank fucked him, and I grabbed on to his mammoth cock. This was an ordeal, and I sucked his cock for five more minutes before he growled loudly and shook Neil and Hank off to grab my head with both hands and shove his cock down my throat. I had never been filled with more animal lust than at that moment, and when Bill came into my mouth I just let it happen. SO much came out that it leaked out the sides of my mouth. Luckily, Neil was there, sucking my face, Bill's cock, and basically licking up all the cum that came out. It was very warm. Bill's still hard cock bounced between Neil's mouth and mine until we discarded it to kiss each other on the floor.

Finally, it was Hank's turn. I bent down to start sucking when he raised my head away from his cock. He made me lie down on my back and then he rotated around so his cock was directly above my face, and my cock was sticking straight up towards his mouth. It was wonderful. I sucked his huge cock as he pushed his thighs and stomach and hair into my face and chest and we were completely connected as he sucked my cock and his mustache brushed my balls.

I grabbed his back and ass and shoved him harder into my mouth, with each stroke receiving an equal amount of pleasure from him on my cock, involuntarily thrusting my hips up. It was hot and sweaty and smelly and hairy under Hank and it was wonderful. With a spasm and a moan I came into his mouth and a few seconds later, his cum came flowing into my mouth. I felt his cock get extremely hard as he came and extremely hot, and we swallowed each other's cum completely. My mentor and man, my mature and fatherly masculine man, finished cumming, and collapsed on top of me, barely turning around to kiss me wetly and like Neil and Bill across the room, we fell asleep with each other.

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