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Trailer Park Boy

By brother lover paul

submitted October 8, 2001

Categories: Family Fun

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Growing up in a trailer park is not a lot of fun…unless you let the fun in. My mom deserted my dad and me pretty early in my life and we spent a lot of time moving from one town to another while my dad looked for work. We always seemed to move every six months and I never got to make close friends at the many schools I went to. I'm five ten, 80 kilos, work out every day, and have a nine-inch dick that is always hard. I have inherited my fathers' European features, dark hair and eyes and a hairy chest; I love running my hands through my soft chest hair when I jerk off.

By the time I was eighteen, we had been in the same trailer park for about 18 months and I had finally settled into a school and was doing pretty well. I had my sights set on joining the army and my dad was really happy for me. Problem was, I was having these thoughts about other guys. I had always had girlfriends and had been having sex with them for about two years, but lately my cock was getting hard for the guys I shared the showers with at school and in the trailer park. One day I just thought: I'm gay. It was funny because my cock just got rock hard at that thought. From then on all my fantasies centered on cute guys from work or around the park.

One guy in particular was making me real horny. He was married and living in the trailer next door. On some nights I could hear Adam and his wife, Jolene, just fucking their brains out. When my dad was working nights, I would sneak outside and jerk off listening to the sounds of them fucking. Twisted I know, but I just fantasized about being fucked by Adam or fucking him. I had the hots for Adam's brother, Tony, who also lived in the trailer park but was hardly ever around.

I took every opportunity to talk to Adam and Jolene and even asked them over to dinner. I would always go over when Jolene was working nights at the canning factory. I was helping Adam out with the restoration of his motorcycle, just doing some little jobs for him. When he finished the bike and asked me out for a ride, I was so excited, I had to jerk off before the ride!

After going out for a ride for about half an hour, Adam asked me over for a drink. I told him my dad didn't like me drinking, but Adam insisted because I had helped him out so much with the bike, and besides my dad wasn't home. I relented and went over. Jolene, to my delight, was at work, so it was just Adam and me alone, and then Tony turned up. Why can't the world be perfect? I got pissed off that Tony had turned up, but apparently Adam had asked him for a drink as well and he hadn't been around for while.

After a couple of drinks I decided to go home, but Adam insisted I stay and have some more and something to eat. Tony laughed out loud and said, "I know what I want to eat.” I looked around at him and he was holding his crotch. I turned suddenly and Adam just had a silly grin on his face. "Want to do a joint, kid?" he asked. Tony laughed again and said, "Try this joint,” still grabbing his crotch. I just mumbled, "No thanks" and made for the door.

Adam beat me to it and said really softly, "I want you to stay and maybe we can have some fun. Okay?" I looked up at him and he smiled at me. “I know you want to fool around. You've been checking me out since day one." I just stared at him, lost for words. Adam locked the doors and made sure the curtains were closed. By this time, Tony had thrown off his clothes and was stroking his own hard cock. He was every bit as beautiful as Adam.

"Get your clothes off, mate," he said. I fumbled with my shirt and eventually got everything off, my hard cock slapping my stomach and leaking juice everywhere. "Nice," they both muttered. Tony stood up and walked over to his brother. He started to unbutton his shirt and then played with Adam's crotch, before unzipping his shorts. I looked on in disbelief as these two gorgeous brothers kissed and fondled each other. Their cocks were both about ten inches and so fucking thick. They turned and walked over to me. Adam said, "You get to choose who has which hole first. After we service you, then you fuck both of us. Okay?" I just nodded. "I want Adam up the arse first. Tony, get up front." They obeyed and I felt the entry of their cocks in unison. Magic! Getting fucked front and back by two big cocked brothers!

My tight hole was sucking in Adam's big cock, and he was fucking me hard and deep. I felt his tongue probing around my ears and then my face. Next thing he's up front licking Tony's cock. Tony groans with approval as we double-tongue his thick cock.

"I can't wait for you to fuck me, Paulie! Tony, get behind me and ram it in now," Adam commanded.

Tony didn't move and said, "Sorry, little brother, but you are just going to have to wait. My cock is happy where it is."

I felt Adam pull his thick cock out of me. "Get in and fuck him now, Tony. I want a cock up my arse and if I can't have you I will have Paul. Now fucking do it!"

In a flash we had all changed positions and my cock was now plowing the hot straight boy and his brother was plowing me. What a fucking turn-on. Tony was chewing on my ear and playing with my nipples, murmuring how much he loved my arse and that he wanted to fuck me all day, every day. Adam was just moaning and telling me to fuck him harder. Adam yelled out to stop. He wanted to turn around so he could watch as we fucked each other. He slides his arse down my cock and grabs his own dick. We resume our fucking with Adam grinding his hips into my crotch. He can't get enough cock. My own arse is packed to the limit with Tony' big fucker. Adam says stop again. He must know we are close to blowing.

"Lift my hips up, I want to swing on my cock for a while." This I want see. Adam spits in his hand and cleans the knob before we lower his hips and his cock into his mouth. I have to fucking try this, I think to myself. "Get back into his arse, Paul.” Tony disappears and comes back with a cloth. He wipes down Adam’s and his own cock. I keep fucking Adam's hot arse while he slurps on his own cock. I watch as Tony bends over and starts licking his cock! This is too much. I tell them I am going to cum and this time nothing is going to stop me. Tony stops blowing his cock and comes back over to my arse. He shoves his spit-slicked cock back up my arse and that triggers me. I unload a torrent of hot cum into Adam's arse. I hear the two brothers grunting and groaning.

Adam is struggling not to choke on his own cock since I have pushed on his hips so hard. He whines and I know he is going to blow. I pull up from his body and he releases some tension but does not let go of his cock from his mouth. My cock is still plowing his arse. Tony screams out he is going to cum and I feel his load flood my arse. Right then Adam bucks his body and I watch as his balls tighten. I can see cum frothing at his mouth and know he has blown a huge load. Tony is gripping my shoulders as he unloads the last of his cum into my arse.

After we clean up I tell the brothers I want to learn how to suck my own cock. With glee, they tell me they will show me all the limbering exercises.

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