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Training A Ball Player

By Roger

submitted October 20, 1999

Categories: S/M

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I was driving along in my car with one hell of a fucking stiff in my pants. I wanted some action but I couldn't make up my mind where to go to get it.

I stopped the car to think about what to do. I fixed a joint of hash and started to smoke it. I was parked near to the local playing field and I noticed that the American Language Centre College baseball team had just finished a game. The team coach, Steve Brett, was a really good mate of mine. Steve is an active bi-guy and we have shared both boys and girls together. He was just like my Moroccan mates. Like us he was circumcised, hung real heavy and had the stamina to fuck and fuck and fuck.

I drove over to the changing rooms just as Steve arrived off of the pitch.

"Hi mate." I called out, opening the window of my car.

"Hi Adel." he answered. "Long time.No see."

Steve was always pleased when I dropped by. He was living in Morocco teaching English at the American Language Centre. The centre only paid him enough to pay his rent and eat, so whenever I turned up in my Mercedes sports car with money in my pocket, ready to take him out, buy him a good meal, buy him some drinks, give him some free coke and hash then pay for a boy to come home with us and take what we could give, Steve knew that he was going to have a fucking good time!

We talked for a couple of minutes then I invited him for a couple of drinks as soon as he was changed.

"Do you want to come and wait in the changing room?" he asked me. "I might be a while. I've got to discipline one of the lads."

I wondered what he meant by discipline.

I followed Steve into the changing room and almost creamed my underwear! The young teenagers who played baseball were peeling off their kit and walking naked to the open showers. My dick strained against my Calvin's as I watched the boys taking showers, drying themselves and getting dressed.

One by one, or in small groups, the lads finished and left the changing room until only one boy was left. Steve had stopped him when he had tried to go out of the door, telling the boy that he wanted a word with him.

Steve started to shout at the kid. It appeared that the lad, whose name was Ahmed, had played really badly and had caused the team to lose the game. Steve was furious with the boy. He screamed at Ahmed, telling him that he was useless and wasn't fit to be on the team. He wasn't even fit to be on a girl's team!

Finally, after he had scared Ahmed shitless by giving him a hell of a lot of verbal abuse and telling him that he was going to be taught a lesson that he would never forget as long as he lived, Steve gave the boy a choice. Punishment or immediate expulsion from the team. The lad chose punishment.

"I'm going to give you a thrashing." Steve told the boy.

My dick muscle twitched and my pre-come lube oozed out of my piss hole and onto the white cotton of my Calvin Klein's.

"Strip down to your under shorts." Steve ordered the terrified lad. "I'm going to show you what happens to boys who cause this team to loose a game."

Ahmed looked scared and confused.

"Come on boy. Shuck down." Steve told him.

Very slowly, Ahmed pulled off his light green polo shirt to bare his smooth young muscular chest and his well-developed pecs. He had a fucking sexy body and looking at him getting himself peeled down was making my prick strain continuously against the material of my white pants. Ahmed then bent down, pulled his Nike trainers and white socks off, stood upright and stood upright looked at Steve.

"Jeans off." Steve commanded.

Ahmed looked at me and started to blush.

Very slowly, Ahmed moved his hands to the waist of his white 501's, unbuckled his belt, pulled open the waist button followed by the button fly and pulled his Levi's down to his ankles revealing his hairy brown legs, strong thighs and his bulging white briefs. Ahmed stepped out of his jeans and stood in front of us wearing nothing but his pants. The boy's bulge was enormous and his cock was clearly outlined through the white cotton. The material was very thin and his long thick shaft and cut knob were fully visible through it.

Steve looked at Ahmed who was now shaking slightly with fear.

"Stop wasting time and get those fucking underpants off." the American told Ahmed. "I'm going to thrash you on your bare ass!"

Ahmed turned bright red! I think that, up to that moment, the boy hadn't realised that he would have to completely bare himself; I think that he had been expecting to be allowed to keep his underpants on. He had never imagined that he was going to get thrashed with his buttocks bared!

"Get 'em off" Steve commanded.

Reluctantly, his face as red as a beet root, Ahmed moved his hands to the waist elastic of his briefs and stood there as if undecided as to what to do next.

"I fucking told you to get 'em off." Steve ordered.

Ahmed put the thumb and forefinger of each of his hands around the waist elastic of his white underpants and very slowly eased them down to his ankles. He bent over, lifted his legs one at a time and pulled his pants right off. Now stripped to the nude, having been allowed no modesty whatsoever, and been made to suffer the humiliation of dropping his briefs in front of us, Ahmed stood with his hands in his crotch shyly covering his meat and two veg.

"Stand at attention with your arms by your sides." Steve told him. "And stop covering yourself up like a girl. You've got nothing between your legs that we haven't got. Both of us have got a dick and two balls the same as you."

Ahmed reluctantly did as he was told. I don't know why the lad had been so shy about baring his man-tackle because, when he had removed his white cotton underpants, he had revealed a heavy, hairy ball-sack and a long, thick brown circumcised penis that he should have been more than proud of. He was fucking well developed! I started to wonder if Ahmed ever got to use his dick. I imagined that he did. A good looking guy like him, hung like a horse and a member of the baseball team, should be able to get all the pussy or arse that he wanted.

Steve ordered the naked boy to do PE exercises. He had him running on the spot, jumping up and down, and jumping so that he spread his legs and raised his arms over his head. Then he made Ahmed do chest-expanding exercises. All the time I watched the lad's private parts, looking at his cock and balls jumping about. Then Steve ordered the lad to turn round, bend over and touch his toes. I almost creamed my pants at the sight of his firm young arse-cheeks!

Watching the young lad was getting me so fucking turned on that I started to rub my prick through my Levi's. Steve noticed what I was doing. He looked at me and smiled as he ordered Ahmed to get down on the floor and do twenty sit-ups. He followed this by twenty press-ups. The boy was being allowed no modesty at all. Every private part of his body was bared to our eyes.

Finally, Steve told the lad to take a cold shower. As I watched the boy shivering under the icy water, Steve walked over to a locker, opened it and took out a thick leather strap. He then ordered Ahmed to get out of the shower and stand at attention with his arms by his sides.

I looked at Ahmed, standing there stripped to the raw and shivering with cold and fear.

"I'm going to leather your bare ass." Steve told the boy.

Steve is a very good-looking American guy in his early 20's. He was wearing a white singlet, which exposed his strong chest, well-developed pecs and muscles, tracksuit bottoms, white socks and trainers. He handed the strap to me and pulled off his singlet.

"I'm going to strip to my under shorts to thrash this kid." he told me as he stood next to me with his chest bared.

Steve dropped his tracksuit bottoms and pulled them off. Now peeled down to just a pair of black boxer shorts plus his socks and trainers, he held out his hand and took back the leather strap.

"Have you ever taken corporal punishment before?" Steve asked the lad.

"Yes." Ahmed replied, his eyes lowered. "At school."

"Bare ass?" Steve continued.

"No. On my pants." the boy replied.

Steve laughed.

"On the underpants is a sissy's punishment." the American said. "Men take it on the bare. And members of this baseball team are men."

Steve was silent for a moment.

"What did you get at school?" he asked. "The paddle?"

"No. The cane." Ahmed told him.

"How many strokes?"

"Four." Came the reply.

Steve laughed again.

"How old are you boy?" he asked.

"Just eighteen" the lad answered.

"So, I'm going to give you eighteen lashes bare ass. " Steve told him.

"No!" Ahmed protested. "Please Mr Brett. No!"

Steve looked sternly at Ahmed. "Eighteen lashes bare ass or you're off the team right now." He said. "Now bend over that bench, spread your legs and get yourself ready to take your punishment."

Hesitantly, Ahmed obeyed him. I looked at the boy's firm rounded buttocks that were bared and sticking out ready to receive eighteen hard vicious stinging cuts of the strap. Through Ahmed's open legs I could see the back of his hairy brown bollocks and his circumcised knob, which hung proudly down well below his big Moroccan balls. He had a fucking long prick! I wondered how many offers the kid got at the urinal?

"Spread your legs boy." Steve ordered. "Spread those fucking legs wide."

Ahmed did as he was told.

Steve rubbed his man-tackle through his shorts. I gave him the thumbs-up sign. This was not the first time that I had watched Steve administer a thrashing. The previous time had been when Steve and myself had double-raped a young street kid at my place. We had stripped the screaming struggling lad naked, tied him up spread-eagled on my bed and Steve had belted his buttocks until bleeding red welts covered the skin. My bedroom is fully soundproofed so nobody had been able to hear the boy scream!

After that we had taken the lad's arse virginity. He had been made to take both of our big fat circumcised cocks simultaneously up his tight back passage. We had made his butt-hole bleed as we had mercilessly rammed his rectum with our two giant sex-organs. We had shafted the lad bare-knob and made him take our hot thick loads of salty cum up in his bowels. He had been pumped really hard and everything had been covered in his shit. Then, after we had fucked the crap out of the kid, we had fisted him and pissed on his wounded arse.

"Please don't belt me Mr Brett." Ahmed pleaded as Steve stood there, strap in hand.

I couldn't wait for the punishment to begin. My bare knob was rubbing up against the cotton of my white Calvin Klein underpants. I sure was fucking turned on!

Steve was teasing the lad, making him wait for it.

"Silence!" Steve ordered the trembling eighteen-year-old student.

I could hardly believe my luck at being invited to watch this kid's punishment. I sure owed Steve one for this.

"Get those buttocks ready for a dose of the strap." Steve continued.

Ahmed's body was trembling in dreadful anticipation and I was sure that his heart must now be pounding in fear. If I knew Steve, this lad was in for a fucking hard thrashing. I wondered if he had any idea of just how much Steve was going to hurt him. I was sure that he was in for more than just a strapping. Without doubt my American friend had plans to hurt this boy's arse on the inside as well as the outside. Ahmed was going to get the depths of his rectum creamed with hot Yankee spunk before he left the changing room!

"Get ready to take it right now." Steve said. "Take it and learn what happens when you daydream instead of concentrating on the game. On the field you think about baseball not about the minge you screwed last night."

Steve moved up behind Ahmed, raised his arm and brought the strap down with full force across the lad's bare brown arse-cheeks. It cut viciously into the bare flesh of his buttocks. Steve thrashed him hard; very hard! Ahmed's whole body jerked forwards, his cock and balls jumped up in the air and he let out a groan of pain.

"Two." Steve said and once more brought the strap down across Ahmed's arse. The cut of the strap left a red welt across the lad's butt.


I couldn't help noticing the size of the tent in Steve's black shorts as he lifted his arm in the air and, using all of his considerable strength, brought the thick heavy leather strap down across Ahmed's young arse as hard as he possibly could. The strap cut into the boy's bare flesh causing him to scream out. His whole body jerked in agony.

I pulled open the fly of my black 501's, put my hand inside and down under the waist elastic of my white Calvin Klein's. I grasped my hot rigid Moroccan manhood in my fist, pulled it out and started to toss myself off. As I wanked my throbbing fully erect penis, Steve administered the fourth stroke of the strap as hard as the third. Once more Ahmed screamed and jerked about in agony.


I masturbated hard, really going to work on my solid circumcised ten-incher. Steve was also rigid inside his shorts and so was Ahmed! All three of us were fully erect!

The strap landed on Ahmed's buttocks in exactly the same place as the fourth stroke, cutting the skin and causing his arse cheeks to bleed.


Steve rubbed his hard-on through the black material of his shorts with his left hand and started to raise his right arm to administer another lash of the strap. Ahmed jumped upright, grasped his wounded buttocks in the palms of his hands and turned to face his team coach. The lad's dick was on the hard and he was hung like a fucking horse! His prick was even longer than mine was! His man-sized cock had been limp when he had dropped his underpants but each time it had jumped up in the air and jerked about during the thrashing it had got bigger and bigger until finally it had become rigid. On the hard, Ahmed's dick measured up to at least eleven inches of solid thick Arab man-meat! His swollen knob was really huge! I wondered once more if the boy was still a cock virgin. I'd sure like to see him in action!

"Please stop." Ahmed begged. "Please Mr Brett. I've learnt my lesson."

Steve looked severe. I quickly stuffed my cock back inside my pants hoping that Ahmed hadn't seen it.

"Bend back over." he ordered.

"Please Mr Brett. I can't take any more. It hurts too much." Ahmed pleaded.

"It's supposed to hurt." Steve told him. "Now bend back over."

"No. Please." Ahmed begged, tears becoming visible in his eyes. "Please Mr Brett."

"You've got another ten lashes coming to you." Steve answered. "Now bend back over the bench right now. I won't tell you again. Do as you're told or you're off the team."

Reluctantly, Ahmed resumed the punishment position, bent over the bench with his legs spread wide. My dick was so fucking stiff inside my underpants it was hurting me! I looked again at Steve whose prick was straining against the material of his black boxers. It looked as if he had a fucking banana stuffed down inside his shorts!

"Six." Steve exclaimed as he lifted his hand high in the air and used his strong muscles to bring the leather strap down good and hard onto Ahmed's bare arse-cheeks. Ahmed screamed! Once more he jumped upright and, with his back still towards us, grasped his buttocks in his hands.

"Get your fucking hands out of the way boy" The coach shouted at him.

"Please." Ahmed begged and turned around to face us, tears starting to run down his cheeks. "Please, let me take it on my pants. Please, Mr Brett. Please let me put my underpants on."

Steve laughed.

"I've never given a boy a thrashing through his underwear and I never will." Steve told him. "This is a man's baseball team and, if you are man enough to be on it, then you get punished like a man."

Slowly, Ahmed turned round and bent back over the bench. Steve just stood there looking at him. Ahmed's body was trembling in fear and he was sobbing.

"Fucking cry-baby." Steve said. "If you can't behave like a man then I won't punish you like one. I'll punish you like a wimp."

Steve turned to me.

"Hold the fucking cry-baby down for me will you mate?" he asked.

I moved forwards, grasped Ahmed around his shoulders and pulled him away from the bench. I roughly bent Ahmed over, pushed the lad's shoulders right down then pulled Ahmed's head between my legs and grasped his neck with my thighs.

I held Ahmed firmly in his armpits and squeezed his neck with my legs as Steve resumed thrashing him hard.

"Seven." Steve exclaimed and brought the strap down across the tops of Ahmed's legs.

The lad screamed and struggled against me as the seventh stroke cut into his bare flesh.

"Eight" Steve called out and thrashed Ahmed across his buttocks.

Ahmed screamed yet again and struggled against me even harder as he was really made to feel the agony of bare-arsed discipline.

The thrashing continued. Seven more times the strap cut into the flesh of the screaming, struggling and sobbing boy's buttocks, drawing blood and leaving red welts. All the time the lad screamed and jerked about in agony, trying in vain to escape the vicious lashes of the leather strap.

Ahmed spunked-up on the eighteenth and final stroke! As the strap swished through the air and cut into the tender flesh of his young arse, his cock jumped in the air and he shot a huge load of thick white sperm from his dick-hole.

Steve, the strap still firmly clenched in his fist, moved forwards, grasped Ahmed's left buttock in the palm of his left hand, spread the boy's arse-cheeks and spat onto the lad's anus. He then used his right hand to pull his black shorts down to his knees. His long thick circumcised American cock stuck out proudly from his thick black pubics. He was fully erect!

"Hold him real tight mate." Steve told me. "I'm going up him."

The coach grasped his solid fat shaft around its base with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand and held his big bare blood-engorged dick-head up against Ahmed's butt-hole. He was about to screw Ahmed and he was about to screw him bare! No condom would be used!

"No! No!" Ahmed screamed, realising that he was about to be fucked. "Please, Mr Brett. No! Not that! No!"

Steve laughed and, with one good hard thrust, shoved his long fat cory right up the boy's anus. Ahmed was no longer an arse virgin!

The kid screamed and struggled violently to get away. His virgin shit-hole had been stretched wide as Steve had penetrated it with full force and rammed the entire length of his circumcised penis right up it!

Steve continued to shag the screaming struggling eighteen-year-old student with long deep hard thrusts of his huge Yankee cock! He began to ram the lad harder and harder, getting stronger, fucking faster, moving his cock up and down his crap tunnel, pushing his circumcised glans deeper and deeper inside him, shoving it right up into Ahmed's bowels.

"Take that cock and learn boy." Steve told Ahmed as he punishment raped him. "Take it! Feel the size of it! Feel the heat of it! Feel my big cut knob right up inside your ass! Feel how much it hurts! Suffer and learn what happens when you let your team down."

Steve built up his rhythm and shoved his tool up the boy harder and harder. He was raping the boy without mercy, punishing him and hurting him. Ahmed sure was paying the price for letting the team down! The coach pulled his long cut prick almost all the way out of the boy, leaving just the tip of his huge bare dick-head inside the lad's anus and then rammed his rigid, throbbing fat American cock right up inside the boy as hard as he fucking could. Steve's thighs slapped up against Ahmed's bare buttocks, which were covered in bleeding red welts. Every time he thrust his ten inches of hot circumcised man-meat deep inside Ahmed's butt-hole, Steve really rammed him hard.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Steve screamed, withdrew his prick from Ahmed's butt hole and ejaculated over the lad's wounded buttocks, his salty spunk going inside the boy's wounds.

Steve pulled up his black shorts and ordered Ahmed to kneel down and lick his spunk off of the changing room floor!

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