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Ty (Bronco) Hardin

By Anonymous

submitted June 28, 2002

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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***The following is PURELY a work of fiction***

It's July of 1971 and I'm lying in a hotel bed in Spain, next to the sleeping form of ex-TV star, Ty Hardin. He's sprawled face-up on top of the sheets, stark naked, eyes closed, mouth half-open. He's snoring and there's still a hint of liquor on his breath. His legs are spread apart and I find myself staring, as I did the night before, at his sex organs, which, even in sleep, are large and powerful.

The night before I'd licked every square inch of his sac at least a dozen times, and I'd sucked on his 8-inch cock persistently enough to bring him to three explosive orgasms. Even now, a good seven hours later, I could taste the flavor of his cum inside my mouth.

I nudged him gently in the ribs. "C'mon, Ty," I said. "Time to rise and shine." Ty moaned but didn't open his eyes. I nudged him again but he continued to snore.

"Okay, I'll start without you," I said to myself. Leaning over, I ran my lips up and down his bare, slightly sweaty chest, pausing to pay particular attention to his nipples and navel. I then spent a few minutes nuzzling the damp hair in his armpits before turning my attention to his mouth. I slid my tongue in between his parted lips and managed to give him a bit of French kissing, something he'd been reluctant to engage in before.

("Suck me, dammit," he'd muttered. "Don't kiss me.")

Thinking Ty's balls might have one more load of cum left in them, I moved my head down between his legs and closed my mouth over the head of his limp cock. He moaned again and moved his legs a little further apart but still didn't awaken. I swallowed his organ all the way down to its root till my nose became buried in his thick patch of pubic hair, but unlike the night before, he didn't get hard. Annoyed, I let his cock slide out of my mouth.

Ty now mumbled something and began to stir. I thought he was finally "coming to" but instead he just rolled over on his belly and continued to snore. I poked him in the ribs again, harder than before, but without result.

I now found myself staring at Ty's rear end and the thought occurred to me I could kiss his asshole if I wanted to. I'd tried to earlier, in between blowjobs, but Ty had pushed me away and given me a few slaps in the process. "No one touches Ty Hardin's ass!" he'd boastfully proclaimed.

Well, Ty may have been hot stuff ten or twelve years ago when he was doing the "Bronco" show on ABC, but now he was 41 years old and playing throw-away parts in European "B" movies. His high-and-mighty act had a hollow ring to it.

I spread apart Ty's buns with my hands, pleased to find them still firm and muscular. This gave me a bird's-eye view of his hairy crack and in the very center of this crack I could spot the small, circular shape of his sphincter. "Time for breakfast," I told myself as I wedged my face between his buns and went to work on his asshole with my tongue. Ty let out a long groan and squirmed his crotch on the sheet. I curled up my tongue and after a lot of pushing and probing, managed to slide it inside his body, which felt warm and moist and oh-so-inviting. It also had a kind of meaty taste to it. I twisted around my tongue as best I could, forcing more groaning and squirming from my slumbering partner.

Finally I had to come up for air. I spent the next few minutes seeing how many fingers I could push into Ty's rectum, and how deeply I could get them. Incredibly enough, Ty still remained in his drunken stupor. This gave me an idea. Why not fuck him?!

At first I thought this was just a bad joke. Scrawny ol' me fucking a big stud like Ty Hardin! But then I figured -- why not? And if he woke up before I finished, well, it'd be well worth all the slaps and kicks and punches Ty would be sure to give me.

Needless to say, I was hard as a steel pipe at this point, but I figured some lubrication wouldn't hurt so I went into the bathroom, rummaged around in the medicine cabinet, and came up with a tube of hair-cream. I squirted some on my cock, ("a little dab will do ya!"), and then I squirted a glob onto Ty's asshole. Tossing aside the tube of hair-cream, I then climbed between Ty's legs, aimed my cock between his buns, and lodged the head of my cock against the center of his sphincter.

"Ready or not," I said. Then I dropped down in full force and after a split-second of resistance, Ty's ring of muscle flexed open and I plunged all the way to my balls inside his ass. Ty groaned and I gasped and I waited for him to start thrashing about like an enraged bull -- but he slept right through it! I now knew I could fuck Ty to my heart's content so I began to slide my way in and out of his cherry-tight ass, all the while saying endearing things like, "Take it all, you dirty cock-sucking bastard!"

I must have given his ass about three hundred strokes -- three hundred hard, deep strokes -- while the bed beneath us creaked and bounced like a trampoline in an earthquake. I looked down toward my crotch and watched my gleaming hard-on pistoning in and out of that hair-ringed sphincter and I could hardly believe this moment. I was fucking "Bronco!"

All good things must come to an end, however, and on stroke #301 I didn't pull back up but instead remained nestled inside Ty's ass so I might empty into his guts every drop of cum I could squeeze out of my balls. I think I put half-a-quart inside him.

Ty still remained "out cold" but he must have had fun, too, because when I rolled him over, I saw he'd dribbled a fresh puddle of semen down onto the sheet. A large fresh puddle of semen. What would the maid think? I picked up from the floor Ty's discarded briefs and used them to wipe up some of his mess. Then I got dressed and used a felt-tipped pen to write on the bathroom mirror: "Hey, Ty, does your ass feel sore?"

Then I left the room, taking Ty's cum-stained briefs with me. I knew I could sell them to a "collector." I also took with me the Polaroids I'd taken of Ty the night before. He'd willingly posed for them since I told him we'd tear them up later, but each one would probably fetch me a tidy sum of money from those anxious to see Ty Hardin naked and with a hard-on.

I decided to keep the one I'd taken of him sitting on the toilet, however, just for old time's sake.

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