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Uncle Makes Me Say Uncle

By Lyle

submitted January 29, 2001

Categories: Family Fun

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I was eighteen. By that time I knew that I liked cock. I only had one experience before this day and that was sucking off one of my drunken classmates after a party. My hormones out of control, I always walked around on the prowl for my next piece of ass. I never knew where I'd find it. I drove to my uncle's house to mow his lawn. He didn't have a lawn mower so my dad (his brother) always let him use ours. I was running late because I stopped to watch some of the neighborhood kids play frisbee. None of the guys were wearing tops or shoes and I decided to watch the game.

Anyway, I got out front to my uncle's house and he was already outside mowing the lawn. The only thing he was wearing was a tight pair of jeans. He was about forty-five amber skinned, great body and a few days growth on his face. The sweat made his body glow as he ran the mower across the yard. I got out and he peered at me as I caught his attention. "You're late." He took the T-shirt that was tucked tightly in the back of his pants and wiped his forehead with it."

"Sorry, uncle Joe, I got caught up on something."

"I got friends coming over tonight to play cards, the least you could fucking do is be on time."

He was always grumpy like that but he was usually pretty nice once you got to know him. Today I realized however that I didn't know him as well as I thought I did. He invited me in and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I asked for a beer, because he always gave me beer. That's what I liked about him the most. We took a seat on he couch and started talking. I watched him slurp down his beer as his had casually landed on his lap. His cock had no reason to be hard, so you can imagine how impressed I was when I saw that he still had a big bulge in his pants. He caught me looking at his crotch and barked at me again, "What the hell you staring at boy?"

"Nothing, I just drifted off."

"I had to borrow a mower from the neighbor because you were late. Didn't your daddy tell you to get right the fuck over here."


"So what the fuck took you so long."

"Jean, we'll see how caught up you get when I tell your daddy you was joy ridin’ in his fuckin’ car when you should have been over here giving me a lawn mower."

My father was already pissed at me for putting a dent in the car, and only let me use it to go on errands for him. I asked my uncle not to tell my father and told him I'd do anything he wants. He smiled maliciously and put my hand on his lap. "You was starin’ pretty hard at this. You want to take a crack at this?"

I was completely shocked and didn't know what to say. My dick got so hard, I was afraid it would pop out of my shorts. I decided to comply and started chewing on his cock through his pants.

He moaned louder and louder. "That's it boy! That's fucking it." He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up. "You seem to be liking this boy. You a fucking faggot? A fuckin’ cock smoker? I'll show you how it's fucking done. Stand up and take your fucking clothes off."

I stood up and stripped naked as he rubbed his jeans. "Get on your fucking knees boy and take out my cock." I got down on my knees and unfastened his pants. His cock was more than a cock. It was a fucking weapon. It was ten inches easy. As thick as a beer can, veiny and oozing cum from the head. I would have stared at it forever if he hadn't grabbed my head and forced my mouth on his cock. He didn't even wait for me to go down, he started forcing his cock upward in my face. I could barely breath and choked several times but he didn't stop. Finally he shot his load in my mouth. It spewed into the back of my throat and filled my whole mouth. Much of it escaped and went dripping down my chin but I managed to swallow most of it.

I pulled my head away but my uncle grabbed my hair and pulled me up. "I ain't done with you yet boy. You ever have a cock in your puppy dog ass?"

I shook my head, as I couldn't talk with all the thick cum in my throat.

"Well you're gonna’ get some now. Stay here and don't fucking move." He ran out of the room and was gone for a second leaving me to sit there and play with myself. I was ready to cum just having flashbacks from his cock. He came back into the room butt naked with a jar of lube in his had. He sat down and greased his fingers with some of the lube. His fingers breeched my ass. I moaned as he ordered me to back up on his thick fingers. Soon he had, three fingers, then four, the finally all five fingers. It felt so fucking good I almost shot my load.

His dick didn't get soft at all it stayed hard. He squeezed a whole jar of lube on his dick and rubbed it in. "Alright boy you fucking sit on my dick. He sat back on the couch and I squatted over his cock facing away from him I slowly worked my way onto his cock. it stung at first but then it felt so fucking good. Instead of bobbing up and down on his rod, he forced his cock in and out with no mercy.

"Oh yeah take that shit you fucking whore! Take it. Oh yeah." He grabbed my hair and pulled my body up and down his cock until he shot his load up my ass. It was warm and thick, and bigger than the first. It oozed out of my asshole and dripped onto his lap. He pushed me off his cock and onto the floor. "Get dressed."

As I got dressed he told me that in order to make it up to him for being late I had to come back that night and serve drinks during his card party. I agreed. So I took the car home and later that night walked back. I could barely control my dick from getting hard at the thought of seeing him again. Maybe he'd take in the back room and fuck me while his friends played cards. I could only hope.

When I got there his friends were already there. Six of them. Two of them were friends of my father. Them and two others were married. The other two were single guys that hung out with my uncle a lot. As the night went on, my uncle was having a bad night and was losing terribly. His one friend told him he didn't have any more money to bet and he told him that I'd give him a blowjob if my uncle lost the next hand. As luck would have it, he lost and his friend was reluctant to stand up but the other guys egged him on.(not thinking he'd do it.) I got down on my knees and undid his pants. As I started sucking he started to enjoy it more and more. His wife must not have given him any in a while, because he came in three minutes--a huge salty load. I swallowed every last drop.

"Man Bill, I can't believe you let Ted's boy polish your fucking knob." one of them said.

Bill sat down, not even having the strength to put his dick back in his pants. "That was the best fucking head I ever had. You should try some Jon, you said your wife wasn't giving you any either."

Jon thought about it while the others egged him on. He unzipped his pants and made me crawl over to him and suck on his cock. I felt someone else come up behind me and pull my waist up so that my ass was in the air. He pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and spread my legs, knowing what was coming next.

Soon I heard everyone get up and felt them crowd around. Flies were zipping down. Cocks were being stroked. I felt someone's cock in my ass. It wasn't my uncle's. It was much smaller. He fucked me rough as I came all over the floor without even touching myself. The man behind me came in my ass and was soon replaced by someone else. They guy I was sucking of dumped his load in my mouth and was replaced by my uncle. In the time that I sucked him off, two or three guys had cum in my ass. It was running like water down my legs. Finally after everyone had their turn, my uncle grabbed me, threw me on the table, (On my back), spread my legs and rammed his cock in me.

He pumped my as for what must have been twenty minutes of the hardest sex I've still ever had. He was like a fucking animal, and I enjoyed every second of it. I saw everyone watch in astonishment cocks in hand. Finally he shot his load in my ass."

After that night my uncle and I became much closer. I'd often go over to his house and get fucked. Sometimes he'd watch as one of his poker friends would fuck me. Many of his friends would pull me out of school for a quickie at lunchtime. I didn't mind. I loved every second of it.

My uncle finally got married right before I went to college and gave me one last fuck in the waiting room before the ceremony, but that's another story.